“A Seasoning of Lust” is going to be published in a couple of weeks,

it’s out of my hands now, mostly, and I hear  it is going to have to be chopped in two….two Volumes instead of one book. The guy who is functioning as the prepublishing editor suggested a number of names for the second book…can’t remember them now, but I am thinking of “Another Seasoning of Lust” or crap, something that refers to the first book. Perhaps Volume I and Volume II???

This poem isn’t in either volume and for some reason it strike me as something good to reopen the morning.


I asked directions of the high road
got shrugs and blank stares
yet I knew there were two roads
both led into infinity
both coursed through
all manner of life, both with pittfalls
and trenches where legs were broken
skulls rattled loose from their moorings
like ships in high winds, dangerous waters.

I wondered what was the difference
and why should it matter?
The efforts cost
energy no matter the choosing.

An old man sat at the crossroads
he looked like a bum, grizzled gray hair
sprouting like a porcupine’s quills upon his face
rheumy, pale eyes that stared out on the world
little interest in what passed by.

I asked him the way to the High Road
and with a toothless grin
he stared at my feet, my hands
lifted his eyes to my face.
I thought him mad and cursed myself
(asking questions of a fool!)
was moving away when I heard his voice.

Did I know of the eagle and crow
how they soared upon thermals
higher and higher
until dark, formless specks upon a limitless sky
lost to human eye, invisible even to gods.

I thought him crazed and started away
he cackled and spat on the ground before him.
Something made me turn, startled
the fruits of Solomon in his
now- shining eyes.

“The crow harries the eagle, the eagle flies higher.
Vengeful, annoying crow flies round eagle’s wing
turning this way and that, yet the eagle flaps upward
soars upon thinning air until the crow
breathless and spent, drops to the common ground
falls to his death.

The High road, the path of the eagle.
The low road, the path of the crow
mingling with dullards
daring nothing, with eyes cast downward
only saving a bit of energy
learning nothing of worth.”

He sat now, a tired old man
eyes glazed with age and fatigue
a nod to his wisdom, a toss of a coin
I gathered my strength and pushed onward
Upwards, the lift of eagles under my limbs.

Jane Kohut-Bartels
Copyrighted, 2008

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2 Responses to ““A Seasoning of Lust” is going to be published in a couple of weeks,”

  1. Patti Says:

    Congrats, Jane!!


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Patti..

    there is a lot of work to do ….and today, I did some..I had to cull out 20 pieces….from the original book. The editors have said to chop , and I would rather hold the ax to my first baby than let them do the damage.

    It was not that hard, because the pieces not in the first volume goes into the second…geez.

    I had planned on only one small book of poetry..but others had other ideas, and now I am looking at two.

    Well, we will see. They don’t have to come out together, but the second one will be a continuation of the first.

    So many people from ERWA have shaped these two volumes over the past two years. Most of the writings though come from this past full year.

    No wonder my butt is wider and my eyes hurt. But I am blessed to have such a circle of people who are actually reading the collection and writing the blurbs, taking the photos, doing the artwork, etc.

    I got the easy part of it all.


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