Something crashed into me, into my thoughts when I was trying to research something totally unrelated. Something a bit vile and brutal.

Does a Masterful Lover know, can tell, taste the temperature of a woman in heat?

One man claimed  he could, but I doubted him. Perhaps I didn’t want to believe it. Perhaps this was too much invasion, too much the possession.

A woman does hide behind veils after all. At least a large part of her, and not exactly the heart.

Does this mythological Lover know by the heat of her thighs, the melting of the skin around her buttocks, the arch of the small of her back when she is receptive to what he is or what he does?

Can he taste the degrees of arousal in her cunt by the scent and is there an actual temp? Does the taste of her cunt change depending upon her arousal? Can he know the state of arousal just by the ache of the parts that must give some outward sense of her readiness?

Erect nipples and a sex flush are the easy markers for any man.

Only the most refined Masterful Lover would know to slow down the action, to tease to the edge, to make a woman pant with a desire that would make her blush in the sunlight.

We are covered by such refinement, yet at the bottom of it all, we are made of animal passions, and only the best of men would know how to rip that final veil where we lie in his arms, totally stripped, totally naked, totally his.

Lady Nyo

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15 Responses to “Seduction……..”

  1. phoenix Says:

    Okay, Jane, this really, really turned me on. All this talk about cunts and taste, and touch just really did it for me. Don’t see anything vile and brutal about it though.

    I’ve never met a man who didn’t know when i was aroused and to what degree and yes slow teasing did follow. My last Master used to love to tease me when we were en route to the dungeon by stimulating my pussy with slow, gentle strokes and stopping just when i was about to cum….over, and over, and over. He could gage exactly what level of arousal i was in without fail so yes such men DO exist.



  2. Jane Says:

    LOL! phoenix….

    the ‘vile and brutal was referring to the research I was doing (unnamed) about the Nazis marching into Paris and the French Resistance..


    I am very glad this was a turn on, because I usually don’t write such ‘stuff’ in public, and a blog, after all, is very, very public.

    You are very lucky in life and lovers…

    Ah…so such men DO exist? I thought it all a mirage…

    Quel dommage…perhaps I will meet one someday…



  3. Smotp Says:

    Hello Jane

    My Goodness Me! What can I tell you?

    I cannot properly comment on the scent and taste or indeed the heat, as you are very well aware, but as for the rest…..


    I is about AWARENESS, about NOTICING and giving first so that in the end the taking is so much more satisfying.

    My regards



  4. phoenix Says:

    Oh okay, i really couldn’t see where vile and brutal could possibly have anything to do with this subject…and indeed they don’t.

    I’m not always so lucky, i once met a man who was so small i literally couldn’t tell when he was fucking me….at least til he came. My ex-Master wasn’t a lover, it just amused him to torment me during those trips, lol. It also amused him to deny me the right to cum for 6 days at a time so i would class him as more of a torturer than a lover, lol.

    yes such men exist but imo they are rare…

    you should teach hubby how to do such things, i think they are teachable.



  5. ladynyo Says:

    The saddest situation for a man and a woman (ah! she has ‘only’ to bear the frustration…) is when a man has been short changed by nature and birth.

    What is one to do? Of course there are ‘implements’.

    Perhaps worse. much worse, is the man would can’t work the mechanics…

    and can’t get it ‘up’ in the common language.

    But I don’t know. P. is right in this…It IS in the Awareness and the knowledge that perhaps this rush to satisfy one end….is rather…gauche.

    And missing both parts in the end…


  6. avatara Says:

    Interesting topic dear heart!

    After spending far too many years taking my basal temperature before arising every morning and researching fertility issues, it is indeed true that a woman’s bodily functions, moisture, probably hormone content, etc., do change.

    I have no way of knowing what, exactly, a man senses, or knows about the state of a woman who is, hmmm…in heat? (grin) But I do know that men who are in total touch with their nature, and who are aware and interested in such things, can definitely tell when a woman is ready for sex, or fertile. The need, and the ability to sense such things is as old as the first animal or human.

    In phoenix’ ex-master’s case, I would say that he knew enough about what turned her on, and what it took to get her to that point, that he could easily manipulate her into the level of arousal he wanted.

    Very thought provoking…


  7. ladynyo Says:

    A man who is truly interested in women would want to know all these things, what her ‘heat’ is, the changes, etc.

    But it’s not just pure mechanics. A real man would want to know these things not just for a ‘level of power’ or expertise,

    but because he truly loved that women are such complex and changeable creatures.

    And we are. The total package is much more than what looks outside.

    And I would believe the same would be for men, however, their sexuality seems rather….upfront and uncomplicated.

    I think this is only the surface with them, too.

    Lady Nyo


  8. phoenix Says:

    Hi avatara I think it was more that he knows and understands women altogether because he knew how to do that right from the first time we got together. I think he is a “real” man, as you put it, who is attuned to all women.

    Jane, men may be more out there with their sexuality but they are still turned on by different things. It’s not a one size fits all situation, the woman still needs to know what turns on her man.

    I agree with avatara, i think there are physiological changes in women when they are aroused, certainly there are changes when she is fertile, but also when she is turned on. I believe that there is something that tells men when she is ready, that she gives off a scent, no different than when a female cat or dog is ready.

    Very interesting topic, Jane



  9. Jane Says:

    “I believe that there is something that tells men when she is ready, that she gives off a scent, no different than when a female cat or dog is ready.’

    Ok….that’s cool to know…at least men don’t have barbed penises as I am told dogs do….which is the reason they get ‘stuck’ together until the swelling goes down.

    Lady Nyo.


  10. shia1 Says:

    Ok….that’s cool to know…at least men don’t have barbed penises as I am told dogs do….which is the reason they get ’stuck’ together until the swelling goes down.

    someone told me that they get stuck together because the female won’t release the male. Only when she is ready to release him will she let go. ROFL.. eitherway, sounds good to me..



  11. Jane Says:

    LOL! that is soooooooooo funny,,

    As it should be….as in nature….

    “Only when she is ready to release him will she let go. ”

    (as in….’gimme back my dick!”)


    I kind of like the female spider route…they mate with these little male spiders….and bite their heads off.

    Now…THAT’S a climax to remember!

    Lady Nyo….


  12. phoenix Says:

    Actually it’s cats not dogs (as far as i know) who have barbed dicks..maybe it’s the masochist in me but i can’t help feeling just a bit turned on at that thought…



  13. Jane Says:

    Ouch…whether dogs or cats…


    developing painsluttishness aside…..


  14. phoenix Says:

    *snicker* Jane you wuss…i dunno there’s just something about it that really turns me on and compared to some of the experiences i’ve had it doesn’t sound so bad…but then i AM a painslut



  15. ladynyo Says:

    I AM a wuss…but childbirth gotta be worse.

    Yes, from what you told me about that boiled rice, yes, I could see other things wouldn’t be so bad.

    Shoot…I have promised people (my BIG mouth) the Pain and Pleasure discussion…and I guess I should get that formulatin’.

    We certainly are getting a collection of Pain Sluts lately around abouts..

    comin’ out of the woodwork….

    But even moreso….the questions on pain/sex are raising their consistent heads….Oh! “Nine Inch Nails” just popped on.

    Talk about pain….

    OH! Angie Cameron’ new site: Sex and Truth is great….and makes men blush so far…and that is a good thing…

    Maybe I should write something on the blog face???

    got any suggestions here???



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