“Diary of a Changeling” #8

Another installment …..ANOTHER NON_FLASHER

Diary, #8

I have settled in with S. for three days now. I thought it best for I can’t get back to England now because of the war. S. has a magic wand to produce the good cheeses and we actually have a bottle of wine at dinner.

I saw MN yesterday for the first time since I moved. He looked drawn and tired, but he was hungry, and it wasn’t for food.

S. has given me some blouses, silk, and some skirts. She is taller but the skirts I can hem. The silk feels lovely and she gave me some beautiful lace and silk brassieres. They make me feel sexy.

Had an effect on MN when he appeared at S.’s. He grabbed me up and pushed me against the wall, palming my breasts. I would have raised my leg around his hip, a la Tango style, but the damn skirt was too narrow. Didn’t matter too much because he grew pressed against me and put my hand on his cock.

We heard S. come back down the hall, heels tapping on the polished floor. I broke away, settling my clothes.

I didn’t fool S. one bit. Her smile said it all.

Jane Kohut-Bartels
Copyrighted, 2008

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2 Responses to ““Diary of a Changeling” #8”

  1. shia1 Says:


    I love the Diary. Keep writing it and don’t get discouraged. There are people out here reading it all the time.



  2. Jane Says:

    Thanks, shia…but I’m about to make a general annoucement on the blog.


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