Belly Dance and Radical Shifts in Approach…

These are not tanka, obviously, but they are a neat form of poetry.  I haven’t researched them for a while, but I believe they are American, turn of the 20th. century.

I am shifting gears again…have to.  I have a deadline to Montreal, in late January, for a heavy workshop on Tribal Fusion with Audra Simmons.  Today is exactly 2 months from when I will be there and there is a lot of preps for this workshop….especially because Tribal is very different from my training in Turkish.  The body, arms, everything is very different, so I am trying to  make sense of it all.

These next two months will be quite a challenge because I learn slowly.  There is resistance in mind, body and soul to new things, but this Tribal stuff REALLY hurts!  It’s in the positioning of the arms, mostly, but I get over it.

Teela/Lady Nyo….damn, it’s cold outside.


(N.B. Habibi is Arabic for Sweetheart… and a number of other things….)

CINQUAINS…alternating methods I and II

Ruling Demon
Resides in wombs
Leave my heart alone!

Desert tempo
Quick! Break out whirling hips,
Move heart and body, dervish-soul

Joy Cry
My petit mort
Zar births women’s pleasure
Slip down into arms enfolding

Masmoudi beat
Fertile cresent blazing
Spirit carried by desert winds

Blazing eyes
Arms clutching tightly
Ah! I surrender fully,

Hips shake
Breasts push forward
Belly rolls with desire
Cocks waving to a dancer’s grace

Jane Kohut-Bartels
Copyrighted, 2008

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