A short plug!

between classes…..

A friend, another belly dancer, and Hungarian to boot, gave me a cd called “Turku: Nomads of the Silk Road”

Oh My God. Rarely do I find a cd of music that is so perfect and so lifting to the spirit.

I have never heard of them but that isn’t unusual. Apparently they have been around for years.

Turkish and Kurdish music. Some 12 string guitar playing, or sounds like it….and I am striken with joy!

This music is VERY different from the hideous pop music that prevails in Belly Dance. As the masses fled west, trying to avoid the Mongol hordes….they brought their music and culture and mixed it up with their new western homelands of Persia, the Caucasus, and Anatolia. The music of Turku reflects all this nomadic migration.

As some here are reading, “Tin Hinan” is set in 6th century Algeria, in the Haggar Mountains. This music would have been around that time.

I am pumped! It is TERRIFIC belly dance music. Not the cabaret pop with bangles and sequins…but music that is danced with passion and bare feet. Beledi, desert music, the howl of the winds and the scream of the Golden Eagles overhead, undulating sand dunes and a touch with a cosmic force that we in our cities can only imagine.

“Turku- Nomads of the Silk Road” is produced by Hittite Sun Records, in, (of all places…) South Carolina, USA.

Amazing music and amazing musicians. Amazing world before us.

Lady Nyo

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