Some new developments….

Some readers and friends have asked me what I am doing.  And why am I coasting with posting chapters of a novel I wrote two years ago? And why haven’t I gone in and rewritten in places it obviously needs?

I AM coasting.  The Montreal trip was exhausting in a number of ways.  I was bombarded with much stimulus of new ideas, observed new creations of other dancers, and then there were other people (non dancers) involved.

It just takes time to sum up and sort it all out.  On top of it, the release of “A Seasoning of Lust” and the suggestions of promotion.

For the release of a first book by an unknown author, I am told things are going well.  Right now, they seem to be, but who knows what the future holds?

Well, actually, I do.  Bill Penrose, a good friend of a couple of years, actually someone who functioned as a writing mentor in a small private group….is back onboard for a second book…Volume II of “Seasonings”.  And there is also planned a Volume III.

Most of the writing is done, collections of short stories and more flashers and poetry.  It’s just a question of what goes where and why.

Bill has a better eye with experience for all that.  I just do the easy part, write the stuff.

There are many people that contribute something to a book being written.  It’s not such a lonely, solitary business as most of us want to make.  There are many friends who read, crit and encourage.  There are people who give up blog space to promote your writing.  There are some who play the role of Muse, and there are others that are sometimes…nasty irritants.  They also fuel the fires and must be at least, privately, acknowledged.  There are people who send you lists of books to read, or websites on some particular area of research.

And there are also people who, across the world…sit up late at night and give personal guidance, soothe wounds and restore humour.

So a book doesn’t necessarily get written in isolation…sometimes it’s more than a group effort.  Sometimes it’s a crowded affair.

And I am grateful.  For all who stick their fingers in the pie.

Lady Nyo

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