I reverse myself and it’s good to have friends who know what to do.

Ok, I’m wanky. I admit it.  I deleted almost all of “Devil’s Revenge” because I was advised it would be best.  I jumped the gun actually.  This novel isn’t up for any review, or to be published soon…tremendous rewrite necessary…after all, it was written almost 3 years ago and sat on the computer almost forgotten.

I consulted friends,  and I got the same advice:  take it down.  Then I discussed this with a man who has become a friend, Dr RK Singh.  He writes this to me this morning.

Dear Jane,
I don’t think it affects much to publish your work that is already on your blog. Yes, an item already printed in a journal may not be re-printed in another journal. But whatever we place on our blog can always be submitted to use in a print journal.

Finally, another editor came in with this advice:  “Let her post, but take it down, if she finally submits to us.”

Ok….that works for me.  And, the novel will be significantly different when finished.  It better be.

I received a number of emails when I wrote  I was taking down the novel.  I suspected  it wasn’t my charming commentary drawing them to read, it was the novel.  And they confirmed that they liked the novel, in some cases, were PASSIONATE about the wanky story….!  LOL!

Who can resist this? Not most writers and certainly not me!

So, because they entertain, but more so, because readers here have been very, very helpful in their pointed queries and questions about where this story is going, characters, etc….I will ‘judiciously’ post some of “Devil’s Revenge” here.

And because it also pleases me to do so.  Hell, this trip has to be a two way street, or why bother?

Lady Nyo


Chapter 35,  Part 1

“So, M. Demon”.

Madame Gomosy raised her head from her cards and addressed Garrett across the table.

“Tell us a bit of who declared for your side.  Mon Dieu!  This house was so full of those Devils that day!  They have left soot marks on the walls and some dents in the floors.”

Madame Gomosy was having her fun.  I am assured by the Demon nothing of the sort has happened downstairs.  However, it is a couple of days before I was allowed outside of this room, and perhaps there was a kernel of truth in Madame’s comments.

Garrett looked up from his hand.  He was losing, but that was because Madame had subtle tricks with the cards.  She cheats.   Faro was her game and she was hard to beat at cards.  Garrett has not caught on yet, but he will.  His pile of coin was lessening and Madame’s was growing.  My old trick of launching my shoe to the side of Madame and peering at her cards was not working today, for she was not indulging my trickery.  That was tolerated only when we are alone.  I am not winning a coin here.

Garrett looked up at her and thought a minute.  “Almost enough for my side of the board.”  He referred to the impending warfare as the Chess Game From Hell.

“Ah! And who are these Demons coming to your side?”  Madame coyly kept her eyes on her cards.

Garrett uttered a low curse, and threw his hand on the table.  He was a poor loser at cards, and not gracious  about it.

“Madame”, he said sharply.  “Will you indulge me and allow me some time with this woman?”

He cast his eyes at me and Madame smiled slyly.

“Of course, Monsieur le Demon.  I have other work to attend.”

Madame got up and left the room gracefully, my Demon bowing her out the door.

I put my cards down, suspicious of his behavior.

“Were you losing that much money this morning?”  I know he hates faro, and isn’t the card sharp Madame is to best her.

He turned from the door, his expression hard to read.  “We have things to discuss Betsy this morning. You can play with Madame later.”

He moved to his chair across from our tea table.

“I have talked to Abigor.  He agrees with my plans.”  He sat there, not looking at me, and I could see he was struggling with something he had  to say.

“And if they include me, would you at least tell me my part?”  I saw him hesitate.

“These dreams you have, Bess.  Abigor thinks they are important.”

Ah!  So Abigor, an Arch Duke of Hell thought them important, never mind my sleep was wracked with images that frighten me.

“Aamon has bound me to him.  I have promised to follow his counsel and visit the otherworld.  You’re going with me.”

He looked at me, and I could see from his eyes that he would not brook an argument. I remembered his handling of the whip a few days ago.

“Then tell me what this ‘otherworld’ is, Garrett.  At least allow me the favor of this.”

“You know the dreams of the Morrigen and Cernunnos?  They are not idle events.  They speak to a kinship that I have known for a while and have avoided for various reasons.”

At least this is a start!  It gave some shape and comfort to what happened here and some answers to his origin.

“But this otherworld you speak of.  What is it exactly?  Is it like Hell?”

“No, it actually would be something you would have studied perhaps.  Let’s call it the Mystic Isles for the moment.”  He looks at the floor, deep in thought.

“Somewhere in Scotland?”  I think of a previous dream, that first one of Culloden.

“Close.  But more distant, too.”

Ah! He’s into games this morning.  But I’m not following.

“Avalon?”  He smiles, he is humoring me.

“Avalon is only a small part of it all.  The two worlds, the present and the otherworld have portals.  Your visits from Morrigen and Aine had meaning to me but until I discussed them with Abigor and Aamon, I didn’t know how important they were.”

He sucked on a thumb and spit out a piece of a nail.  “I am to seek support and forces from among my own kin.  Obadiah has his forces from Hell, as do I have, but I also have the magic of  this particular otherworld to plunder.”

He finally turned to me and looked at me closely.  “Abigor thinks you essential to this.  The Morrigen is going through you to reach me.”  He pauses and scowls.  “As is Cernunnos.”

It seemed to me both Cernunnos and the Morrigen had no qualms in how they reached him.  If I was a vessel, the price I paid here was a costly one.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2009

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