My Husband is a Scream…

He came back from NYC and apparently he ate very well up there.  Seems  the clients did a full round of different cuisine and each night had a different cultural offering.  One night was spent in Little Italy, another at a French restaurant, etc.

Although he came home sick with something, his tastebuds were not at all sick and he rattled off the different meals.

His is not a cook.  When we first married, our kitchen was too small for both of us working there, so I took over all kitchen duty.  Four years ago he made it a very large kitchen…almost too much so, but then again, when you can place a wing chair for reading, plus an island and table and 4 chairs….. with all the cabinets and counters, etc. that a normal kitchen has….it will find it’s purpose eventually.

I like to cook because he has a large marble slab as a counter top in one place  and this is great for rolling out dough and kneading breads.  Unfortunately, the general counters are copper.  I don’t recommend this at all.  They stain and the green patina that is nice on roofs just don’t look sanitary in a kitchen.  Every so often, I scrub the tops (actually a lot…) with steel wool…and that makes (for a while) circular patterns in the copper.  They look like crop circles in England for a while before the whole process needs to be done again.

I am convinced that copper, steel, etc…are masculine ideas of a kitchen, which would be good if he ever used it.

We have a small den off the kitchen, with a wide entrance so he can bark orders to the cook while he watches tv.

But since he has come back from NY, he seems interested in cooking.

Today he asked me to buy the makings for something he had up there:  Asparagus and Shrimp soup.  He doesn’t know anything about the exact ingredients  but he wants to make this himself.

Now, we generally are more concerned with health, and when he rolled off the ingredients, I started to wonder.  Asparagus and grilled shrimp are fine, but I am bothered by the HEAVY cream, butter and olive oil.  We use olive oil a lot, but not butter and heavy cream.

I am concerned also with his reciting the ‘necessary’ spices for this soup:  Sage, rosemary, bay leaves, all fresh.  Well….my dear non cooking husband doesn’t understand that fresh herbs can be very strong and the combination can completely overwhelm the soup.

So…Here is a close version, as close as I can think would be right, and frankly the internet didn’t help one bit.

Cream of Asparagus and Shrimp Soup

1 bunch of asparagus,(green not white)  peeled and cut into 1 inch chunks.

3 cups of vegetable stock

2 cups of Heavy Cream

1/4 lb of butter

1 package of cut mushrooms, fresh

1 tablespoon of flour

1/2 cup of sherry

8 oz. of cocktail shrimp, sauteed in butter

Puree the boiled asparagus, combine with the stock and simmer for 15 minutes, add the flour (actually make a roux..otherwise you have lumps) shrimp, mushrooms,  heavy cream and also 1/2 cup of sherry.  Simmer very low heat and season to taste.

I would say that parsley , cut up , a good handful, would be the only herb you would need here…except for a grating of fresh nutmeg.

I’ll report back with the results….but I think I will make this myself, because he will use every pot and pan in the kitchen and I will be left to clean it up.

Plus, I can always bribe him with the sherry.

Lady Nyo

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4 Responses to “My Husband is a Scream…”

  1. Margie Says:

    Sounds good – very rich – I’d probably change the ratio of stock to cream, maybe 4 cups stock to 1 cup cream, or maybe even a little less. I agree re: herbage. I wouldn’t anything too overpowering – nice to see someone else who recognizes the power of nutmeg. Hail the nutmeg! (I use it in anything creamy.)

    Post an update after you make this.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Margie! TOO rich….and I agree..more stock, less cream by half.

    It was wonderful…but good god! too rich by far…plus butter in the soup… You can take just so much richness and then everything overpowers the senses….LOL!
    I used it on poached eggs and munster cheese on English muffins…topping as a sauce for this egg breakfast…it was wonderful! You don’t need much either, just a tablespoon or so on each muffin.

    Love Nutmeg!! I put it in cream sauces, with carrots (cinnamon, too), any cheese dish….lots of soups are good with nutmeg!

    I’m with you, cuz~

    Love and Hugs…..made split pea soup tonight…terrible..too many veggies in the broth. That is one soup that carries with little besides a good stock base, onions/garlic and a bit of ham….or bacon. I had celery, carrots, garlic/onions, parsley, tomato sauce, sherry…nutmeg…I’ll do it again with just the onions/garlic/sherry and nutmeg.


  3. Margie Says:

    Split pea is my favorite soup, and I agree – less is more. I usually make it vegetarian, only onion, celery and a little carrot, garlic, bay leaf and a little dried tarragon. We love soup and I make it all year round, even in August! That’s why air conditioning was invented, wasn’t it?

    Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Hello Cuz!! This is becoming quite the cooking central, right?

    LOL!! Well, I will break that down when I post the next cycle of issues….about religion and cyberpaths! Not a sweetbread in the bunch of that!

    Yes, I agree, about split pea….I love it too….less is more….better.

    I will try again…But! I made creme brulee today…and it was so easy..I always make custard….in a Bain Marie….simple enough…but I make it with whole milk and full egg instead of just egg yolk. I haven’t made the caramelized crust because I was afraid of the blow torch…LOL!…or propane torch, but my son lit it for me…and it was easy and fast.

    Wonderful end to a great supper. Husband wanted to take me out…but I had a lovely flank of salmon and used the previous Asparagus/Shrimp soup as a sauce for the salmon, and also toasted the brown rice, with a little sherry and toasted sesame oil….then cooked in veggie stock…was wonderful…little salt and pepper…and a very simple salad with slivers of Parmesan cheese, and olive oil.

    Oh…Fred brought me home some huge blackberries, and I smashed them up with some raw sugar for the custard…but not really needed when custard transformed into creme brulee…but a spot on the side was lovely.

    Damn….that was a good dinner….simple but elegant enough for today….and they loaded the dishwasher….LOL!

    Hope you had a great Mother’s Day, too!


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