Busy Workshop! and a Poem from Nick Nicholson…

Nick sent me four, and I want to put them all up,  but I want each of them to receive a good reading.  They are rich poems, and like many things, we can gobble them up and lose ourselves in the richness.

So, I will parse them out…one by one, and make them last all week. I will also post some of my own, later,  and others…(hint, hint) but I want to take this a little slower.

My profound thanks to all who are sending in their poems, to the readers,  and also to Dr. Singh in particular who gives us newer poets such great guidance in this heady issue of poetry.

Lady Nyo


I want to shiver on the edge of your mouth
gasp at the sight of your breast
swim in the wet sugar of your flesh
drown like a fool in your whispered words
crucify myself on the cross of your body

these are the things I want to say
but I don’t

Nick Nicholson

Copyrighted, 2009

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6 Responses to “Busy Workshop! and a Poem from Nick Nicholson…”

  1. shia1 Says:

    Wonderful Poem. It makes me want to scream out. “SAY THE WORDS” Leaving me breathless Nick..lol



  2. ladynyo Says:

    yep..me too. JUST SAY THE F___G WORDS”


  3. Nck Nicholson Says:

    Thank you, Mary and Jane, I think such words have to be spoken at the right time, in the right place and to the right person!

    Glad you enjoyed the poem 🙂



  4. Susan Says:

    He did say the words. I heard him. Gorgeous Nick, sets hearts pounding.



  5. ladynyo Says:

    Down Girl…I saw him first! LOL!

    No, I’ll share….



  6. Nick Nicholson Says:

    Thanks, Susan!

    Making hearts pound is not exactly my strong suit, but it’s nice to hear this poem had that effect!



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