Poems from Dr. RK Singh

RK Singh has appeared here before and it is a joy and delight to post his poems  which he has  graciously allowed permission.

RK has many websites, is a prominent and distinguished poet from India and through many months of  correspondence, we have struck up a friendship.

Although already a published poet of over 34 books and 162 critical reviews,  RK has a great enthusiasm for new writers and I am deeply honored he reads my poetry.   I find his so fresh and provocative in the best sense for a poet:  reading his deeply visual poems, they propel me to write more, not to imitate, but to have courage that small poems can have the impact of those with  many more words.  RK’s work is so powerful to me, that clearly here, ‘less is more’.

It’s the Monsoon season in his part of India, and he is awaiting the rains.  The temperatures are soaring and humanity there barely breathes, awaiting the cooling, life giving rains. A few tanka that reflect those conditions but others of a different nature.  Dr. Singh is prolific to say the least.  It was hard to choose only  these, but like a box of Godiva chocolates, they are so rich  we best go slowly.  There will be many more later.

Indeed, the power of ‘small’ poems.

Lady Nyo


Layers of dust thicken
on the mirror water makes
the smuts prominent:
I wipe and wipe and yet
the stains stay like sin

When I have no home
I seek refuge in the cage
of your heart and close
my eyes to see with your nipples
the tree that cared to save from sun

In the forest of your hair
my finger searches
the little pearl of blood
that stirs the hidden waters
and contains my restlessness

When I inhale in
your mouth and exhale stroking
hair or caressing
I ride you into joy and
make you hail morning like earth

Winter is caught in
waves of narrow discussions
under the blanket
fingers move by nipples erect
without sensing sinsummation

Life limits between
whence the sun rises and where
it goes to relax:
joys of a fleeting moment
I see Aditi in her eyes

Will you marry my soul?
or lend me your body?
I’ve used it to the core
the rament is tattered now
even ghosts despise it

Burning without warmth
one more hot and sweaty spell
of summer, restless
down with stroke, without light, fan
exhausted, alone in bed

Slung-jawed awake
two grinning skeletons sit
bolt upright in bed
hear the shrieks next door but
too scared to call the police

The nightly ghosts crowd
my mind’s passage to forge
gods’ names in disguise
I fail to scan the face
of thought and life in the dark

Night’s prisoned friends
keep me awake with planes
flying over the Ashram
every now and then I watch
the direction matters

A cloud-eagle
curves to the haze
in the West
skimming the sail
on soundless sea

The chill outside
deprives me of the bright moon
I breathe in my fears:
asthmatic bouts haunt and
jealousy itches the throat

RK Singh
Copyrighted, 2009

Some websites of Dr. Singh’s to read more of his poems:

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7 Responses to “Poems from Dr. RK Singh”

  1. Berowne Says:

    Very evocative; I enjoyed reading them.
    And a very gracious introduction, Lady N.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Dr. Singh’s poems are always enjoyable, even where the cultural differences might make one stumble. However, the world is wide and we are expanded when we learn more than our culture.

    Thank you, Berowne.

    Lady Nyo


  3. R.K.SINGH Says:

    Thanks Jane for your nice intro to me. I must say you have selected some very good verses.
    The rains still elude this part of the country but monsoon seems to have arrived in Mumbai.
    R K


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Hello RK!

    I am sorry the rains still elude your part of the country but it must be only a matter of time.

    Your verses are evocative and provocative and I picked them for those reasons! However, it was hard to choose because they all have those designs. Like picking a favorite …impossible!

    We also are dry and hot here, in the high 90s, but what can one do except hope?

    My best!


  5. R.K.Singh Says:

    Yea, we all seek our solace in hope. I would also add, faith and love. The three make the triad of Christianity.
    It drizzled this afternoon for a short while and filled us with hope that the temperature will fall and we will be comfortable. I have been feeling very uneasy for the last two to three weeks. Our life is not in tune with nature and so, nature takes its toll.
    I liked your selection of my tanka and it is always encouraging to read fellow poets’ comments.
    R K


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Hi RK,

    Christianity has taken some hits, mostly from the Orthodox side of the aisle, but I think you are right. Hope, faith and love get the short end of the stick from a lot of people, especially those who have a bone to pick with this religion.

    It is not to say that any religion is diseased beyond redemption. It is the PRACTITIONERS of these religions who are at question. Jews along with Christians, Muslims, etc. have no ‘get out of jail free cards’. I have recently heard some of the most prejudiced rationalizations for hatred and contempt of Christians that turned around would not be tolerated. It took me by surprise, but fundamentalism is fundamentalism in all religions….. There is no doubting that. That is where wars start and develop.

    I hope and pray for rain RK…for both of us. We are heading back into a drought it looks like….and Atlanta is landlocked. But I pray for the monsoons to hit soon, because that is the only answer. And I understand your discomfort. Me too….feel weighted down with lead.



  7. R.K.Singh Says:

    I agree with you, Jane, that no religion is diseased beyond redemption. And it is the followers of religions, and their gurus, that corrupt and debase humanity to the lowest level. We see all around us in India the naked game of what you call “prejudiced rationalization for hatred and contempt” by the right wing political parties and groups, but the silent majority only suffers. I have been UNCOMFORTABLE with institutionalization of faith/religion/ideology as it ultimately corrupts and degrades humanity. Politicalisation of all such groups, without excluding fundamentalists, in the name of democracy has ruined the prospect of living in the environment of tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Sometimes I wonder what will happen if the current trends continue for another five to ten years.
    I have always thought I am a misfit in this world and have been living a life of helplessness. As I composed the following haiku this morning:

    Not a day without
    begging gods to solve problems–
    faith in helplessness

    We like it or not, the game of convenience has been taking its toll, and willy-nilly, we all have been participants in it.



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