New Family Member….Wrabbit.

Our son, who is trained from birth to bring home all strays, brought a rabbit home today.  Our vet got it at a fair two years ago, and it’s been in a small cage since then.  That’s no way to treat a rabbit, so we gave it a  home.  Doesn’t have  a name yet, but is such a beautiful creature.  Such a lovely pelt, and loves the sheep’s pelt along with all the critters here.  We have to wash this pelt a couple times a year and it’s a long process.

We also stole a tiny kitten yesterday from a home of a man who doesn’t take care of the animals on his property.  This is a tiny black kitten, about 8 weeks old but TINY.  Sneezing, with worms, starving, but we can take care of that.  He’s already perked up and playful.

No names yet, and any suggestions are appreciated.  With 9 other hissing cats and 5 dogs very interested in the rabbit, we are plum out of names for the moment.

Hasenpfeffer came to mind….

Lady Nyo


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6 Responses to “New Family Member….Wrabbit.”

  1. Berowne Says:

    I suppose Darth Vader would be inappropriate; something about the color, and those eyes… Imagine if the black sheep of your family turned out to be a rabbit.


  2. Nick Nicholson Says:

    What a beautiful little rabbit! Already, he looks right at home. And the name is terrific! I worked out that it means “Pepper rabbit”, is that right?

    And another rescued kitty!! Post a picture, let’s see what he looks like!

    Thank goodness for people like you Jane who are willing to take these furry friends in, care for them and give them a second chance in their lives. If I was a stray, I’d want to live at your place too!



  3. Margie Says:

    How very cute! Don’t have a name for the rabbit, but several years ago I had a goldfish on my desk at work and I named it Sushi!


  4. ladynyo Says:

    NOOOOO!! Never Darth Vader! But those eyes are BIG and the coloring is rather unusual, or perhaps I just don’t know about rabbits…which I don’t.

    We are moving into new fields here.

    He/she is lovely, and not that nervous….but with 15 chickens in the same back/backyard, things could get hairy. We always have an alternative with this rabbit….we have 9 acres of kudzu field and woods behind us, so we could let him/her go and live the wildlife….

    Though rabbit is domesticated…though what that really means, I dunno.

    He is really pretty….looks like someone took a buzz cut to his back…(think Cocker Spaniel cut here) but son says that the natural growth of his coat. Very pretty, sort of salt and pepper.

    Wonder what rabbit tastes like??

    I think the black sheep of my family is a goat.


  5. ladynyo Says:

    I don’t know what hasenpfeffer means…but pepper rabbit sounds right. My ancient (now) Aunt Barbara had a rabbit in her house for many years….named Hasenpfeffer….I think 12 years or so…hopping around the house at will…eating baseboards, etc…at will.

    Kitty: Lovely little male kitty…will post a pix tomorrow.

    If you were a stray Nick you could come and fit in easily. If you WEREN’T a stray, you would still be welcome.



  6. ladynyo Says:

    Sushi!!! PERFECT!!


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