New Friends And Some Enticements….

I just had a longgg lunch with a new friend,  Carol.  She is a woman who is  a strong feminist, someone who has  a finger in every pie, and she was delightful person  to spend the afternoon at a new restaurant just opened in our neck of the woods.

Kabobees sounds silly, but it’s a new Persian restaurant, once an old fish fry place.  Anything new on this side of town is welcome because we usually just get the same old wings and soul food jaunts.  A real Persian restaurant, run by real Persians  (and good looking men, too) is a special treat.  The plans are for an outdoor patio with awnings, and already the space is filled with planters, wrought iron fencing and  it’s on the way.  Inside there is enough room for more tables and the owner has plans.  I’m looking (of course) for the potential belly dancers, and walking the distance between imaginary tables, there is plenty room for a dancer. Or two….or more.  I’m thinking about my students if they ever get the courage to dance in public.  It will take a while, but perhaps by this late fall, this idea will be up and running at Kabobees.

I’m working on the owner and even if this isn’t possible….there is such a good energy in this new venue that it doesn’t need much.  He does have the piping for music and of course, it better be Persian.

Carol and I talked for over 3 hours about the Atlanta political scene..mostly about our combined neighborhoods.  We (and others) agree that the present council seat (District 12) needs more opposition to the present person.  We need someone who really cares about our neighborhoods, who is full of committment and not tied to the usual political same ol’ same old.

A bit about Carol.  She’s about my age, a little younger, but she is a dedicated Peace Activist and has a resume that would choke a horse.  She’s been politically  active for most of her life and has lived around the country.  She’s got fingers and toes in most liberal political organizations and she’s one savvy gal.  She’s smart, full of energy and can talk circles around anyone.  The only liability she has is that she’s new to the neighborhood, only one year, but I think that is a benefit.  She’s fresh, not jaded and has that energy thing going.  Plus she’s got uncommon sense for a liberal.

She wants me to run.  Fat chance.   The only thing I have going is decades in this neighborhood.  I dropped out of the local political scene years ago because it ate up my life.  It really was before this influx of new blood, energized citizens from other regions of the country not struck prostrate by heat and ennui.

There is new blood flowing now and I feel bled dry.  I found my balance in this issue of private life and community service, and being a writer and dancer has fed me back up to strength.

I bet that Carol will be the best representative our District could have.  She’s not jaded, she has good legs, she has committment, but more:  her eyes are wide open.  She has hope.

I can help behind scenes, I can feed her history if that helps.  I can write copy for her campaign.  I can hold ” Meet the Candidate” parties as I have many times done before.

I haven’t had such a good lunch (burp) nor such a good lunch companion in a long time.  We are going to continue to prevail upon each other.

Meeting Carol was just the tonic I needed for the election blahs.  Our neighorhoods need people like Carol.

Hell, Atlanta needs people like Carol.

Check out Kabobees at 606 Whitehall Street….right corner of Metropolitan Parkway and Whitehall.  It’s a great addition to the ‘hood.

Lady Nyo

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7 Responses to “New Friends And Some Enticements….”

  1. Berowne Says:

    What does “Kabobees” mean in Farsi? I’m guessing some cognate of “kebab” but I can’t place it.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    You got it. But the restaurant might be spelled “Kaboobees”….which is even sillier.

    But nice place. Atlanta is just spotty in these issues.


  3. Berowne Says:

    Kaboobees; now that *is* odd-sounding. Sort of a cross between baby talk and Persian hooters.


  4. Margie Says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch and a new friend as well! What could be better than that?


  5. ladynyo Says:

    Hey Margie,

    She’s a live wire at that…..with a lot of life experience. A very strong woman, she is a video photographer and works….or did I believe on movies, etc. She’s a Peace activist and a good person, very tolerant of many issues, but with some good common sense.

    She’s got a lot of energy and is very funny. Oh, and she talks more than me.


  6. Margie Says:

    Oh, to be a little mouse under THAT table! I miss lunch! In NJ I have several friends and we met once a month or so, do solve the problems of the world. Not a typical “ladies lunch” – we did not discuss manicures or sales at Nordstrum’s! Since moving here, that’s probably the single thing I miss the most. I have awesome friends (and relatives)!


  7. ladynyo Says:

    Margie! I can’t think of a better person than you on top of the table….

    You would love Carol. She’s had such an exciting life, has been a member and participant of so many radical/liberal organizations, travels to Paris, London, Italy by herself…*(the best way) and is a person that bounds out of bed and feet running daily.

    Oh, oh, oh! I miss friends in NJ, too…but it’s been so many years….now? Well, we grow older and get so involved with our lives and careers and where do friends come in? Carol is great because she is the first girl friend I really feel comfortable with. My students are great, but hell, they are younger, and our lives are different…different interests. And being the teacher ….well, you have to maintain a little authority. LOL!

    Actually, I have more close male friends here than I do female friends…..and that has it’s own benefits….(snort).

    I wish you were closer, dear girl.



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