Kitten Blog! Kitten Blog!! Complete with pix!!!

babies with son the rescuer

babies with son the rescuer

curious kitties

curious kitties

NOTE:  A whole bunch of email addresses are missing somehow from my address book in the transfer from one system to this one. So….If I seem to be ignoring  friends, I am not.  I have just lost access to your emails.

Write me if you want and I will answer.  In fact, I will write them down in the old fashioned way, with pen and paper.

Ok, this has been a bad three days:  my computer imploded, and my son, the computer geek and one of his geek friends have had it in parts all over the floor.  The motherboard fried…and they put in 4 Gig RAM which I probably will never need, 2.7 GHz AMD  simpron CPU, and a whole bunch of other names and numbers that mean absolutely nothing to me.  They have retrieved my documents but all sent emails are missing for some unknown reason.  And for some damn reason, the address book has loads of people I don’t know or have anything to do with, and loads of others missing.

But the computer works, though it feels rather strange, with the new OS… but the stress of being in mid-rewrite and having nothing suddenly has hit hard.  Well, actually, I decided that perhaps the Gods wanted me to leave off this troublesome land and just read…forget email and documents and blogging and all the other stupid things we do with our modern lives.  I actually wrote a handwritten letter to my 97 year old Aunt Jean who will not be able to read my script and will not be pleased at the brevity of the letter.  I also wrote a poem last night that this morning I can’t read.  Perhaps it wasn’t so good anyway.  I’ll never know….

Combined with a new keyboard that cradles my fingers and you actually can read the letters, well, this is a strange situation indeed.

Right before I went down…or the computer shot craps, a couple of friends suggested a “Kitten Blog”.  We picked up two new babies from the top of the hill…running back and forth in the street.  They are ‘pecan sandies’, about 6 weeks old, but very tiny.  And not feral.  They obviously have been handled by kids probably and were used to human fondling.  How they got outdoors is a mystery.

Our son is very well trained:  he’s been taught to bring all orphans and strays home, and he does a good job of it.  I can tell from that particular lilt in his voice:  “Mom, got something for you” and not too magically appears puppies and kittens.  These babies were ‘loose’ in the belly, meaning that they weren’t weaned and had milk belly…nothing solid, and we watched them tromp through the dish of formula, blowing bubbles and growling.

They are doing fine and are big eaters, and sleep in a wire cage during the night and anywhere they want to during the day.  We have to close all doors because we also have 5 dogs and these bad boys will see the kitties as a movable snack.  So we are rather paranoid about things right now.

So, for Mary and Berowne and others who love kittens, these pix are a lot more interesting that the damn computer drama of the last few days.  One thing though…in transferring all this crap from one hard drive to the new system, I found a LOT of things I didn’t know I had:  like requested pieces of writings by other authors (some good, some bad and some just horrific) and a few videos.  I probably won’t watch or read, but they are blasts from the last 3 years.

KITTENS!!!!  Blue eyed babies who are all over the place, climbing curtains, legs, and racing around like they own the house:  which they do. More entertaining than most videos and books.

6 week old orphans

6 week old orphans

Tiny Kittens....unnamed as of yet.

Tiny Kittens....unnamed as of yet.

Lady Nyo

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12 Responses to “Kitten Blog! Kitten Blog!! Complete with pix!!!”

  1. shia1 Says:

    adorable kittens. Not a bad looking son too..:)

    Sorry about your computer. Hope it is well by now and up and running ok. You use it so much, what would you do without it.

    I guess you have yourself new kitties. Aren’t we suckers for a cute face?



  2. ladynyo Says:

    Thanks, Sweetie!!

    Funny how much we depend on this stupid technology. Well, it’s essential for writing books, but damn! When it blows it’s scramble time.

    Yes, we are all a sucker for a cute face…and these ones are the cutest….I can’t believe how tiny they are. I will post more pix as I get them to stand still…which isn’t possible. Perhaps when they are asleep?

    Good to hear from you, shia. I had your email in my head, but that is about all.

    Hopefully, my geek/techie son will be able to restore stuff and I won’t have so many holes in the address book. Live and learn.



  3. Berowne Says:

    Oooohhh, kittens… Welcome back online!
    This is not for posting to the blog, but I wanted to mention that your e-mail to me today had an invalid return address, “janebartels” which was rejected when I tried to reply; the correct address seems to be “janebartels3” or in full “janebartels3″@yourISPname. If you didn’t get my re-sent message, let me know. Look forward to hearing that you are back up and running.


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Oh, Hi, Berowne.

    Today has been a mixed baggage: back on line, and correcting the mistakes that the two geeks did…trying other things to retrieve some data…etc…

    But most of the day was spent moving a 4500 lb Jaguar from one driveway to the back of our property. By muscle power….of which neither my son or I had much to give. We finally went and got Dad’s truck and pushed it back….now we have to replace patio furniture, restore the permanent plants (rose bushes and blueberries) in the garden, redo the walk and parterres, replace the fencing, replace the huge doghouse in the middle yard….put back all the stuff we used to protect the soil when we did the car/truck tango…etc, etc…etc.

    Quite an exhausting day. I’m heading for a cool bath to relax…and then playing with the kittens….and taking a late nap.

    Weather here is muggy….surprisingly hot and rain expected tomorrow. I am looking forward to some rewrite….funny, not allowed to do so by circumstances, you get rather…antsy.



  5. Margie Says:

    How cute are those kitties! Enjoy them – I just love kittens.


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Margie!

    Kittens…I don’t know what it is in most of us, but being able to identify with kittens …with photos, etc…is pretty powerful.

    I love puppies, too, but it’s not the same ‘fix’. Maybe it’s in the eyes, the soft fur, etc…or probably it’s the personality that develops in the kitten. They are independent, affectionate, silly, ‘wise’…in fact, they are a bundle of contradictions. They are not as unconditional as dogs….but a kitten purring in your arms gets that silly look on their face, and you just melt.

    My dear husband is allergic to cats and other things but he takes shots monthly. And the cats adore him. A couple will sit on his chest watching tv and will only tolerate me.

    I have a big, manly husband who will carry around a cat draped around his neck when he comes in the door. In fact, Rose will jump up on his back and stay draped around his neck for hours. He has to move carefully, but they both adjust. She also insists on sleeping on the top of his pillow at night and any attempts by me to remove her makes her growl. This cat is about 10 years old now, and we got her as a tiny kitten from our vet.

    There will be more kitten pix coming because…well, they are adorable. I think they reach down for something inside us that should be cultivated.



  7. Margie Says:

    I so agree! I love dogs/puppies as well, but I think dogs are so affectionate and willing to love anyone, as long as they are not mistreated, that it kinds of makes them “clownish” for lack of a better word (actually that’s probably not a word at all!). Lovable, but quite frankly, exhausting! Cats leave you wondering; I love their independance, their mystery. When a cat comes to sit in your lap, or sleep in your bed, you know you are accepted by a discriminating creature.


  8. ladynyo Says:

    LOL! yep, I agree.

    With dogs it’s mob rule.

    I’ll post more kitten pix later this weekend…the weather is gloomy and they mostly are asleep right now.


  9. R.K.Singh Says:

    Hi Jane: it’s DIWALI today here in India. I read in the newspapers that President Obama also celebrated Diwali in his White House.
    I wish we had more light than dust that has been rising from the trucks that collect earth from the construction site at the back of our house and dump in the adjacent free space , which has been home to a variety of birds,snakes, scorpions, and jackals.
    My respiratory allergy has aggravated with the change of climate and become problematic with the dust I am forced to inhale day in and day out. Even at night there is so much noise and dust that I am now solely dependent on anti-allergic medicines and sleeping pill. They say it will continue to for about a year!
    I have never felt so helpless as now.
    HAPPY DIWALI to you, your family and friends
    R K


  10. ladynyo Says:

    Dear RK!

    Happy Diwali to you! your family and your friends. I am so sorry I missed your message, as my computer had a malfunction last week, and then I noticed a message from you and lost it.

    I am so sorry you are experiencing this respiratory distress and hopefully you will find some relief before the whole year!

    But this is not to be tolerated at all , and I hope you get some soon relief.

    I remember the pastries called Jalebi from my Indian friends during the festival/harvest, and I remember them fondly.

    A fried batter with a syrup coating, and we ate many of them…tooo many of them. We have a ‘funnel cake’ in this country about the same batter except we don’t have cardamon seeds for the oil, and we cover the funnel cake when drained with sugar.

    So, a very happy Festival of Lights to you, dear friend!

    My best to you and yours.



  11. Cats Says:

    great set of photos, I have always wanted a ginger tabby!


  12. ladynyo Says:

    Welcome! and thanks for reading the blog.

    And go get one! A ginger tabby is a wonderful cat. I have three….besides the rest…and these babies..though thrown out into the world, have a place here forever. They are little devils, and my legs have holes in them. They like to climb up and hang…..LOL!

    There are so many abandoned/unwanted animals in the world. Surely you can go to the rescue and find a tabby baby.

    You will fill two holes at the same time… in your heart, and another in hers.

    Lady Nyo


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