Breasts….USE ’em!

Ok,……small rant here.  How much do breasts weigh?? About three pounds each??? I guess depending on size.

Sigh.  We all have them, but are they just stuck up there, like the prow of a ship???

Well, in belly dance, they are not just nice knockers, tucked into sequined bras, pumped up to look ‘cute’ or lascivious…


They are a zone in belly dance.  They are expressive (when used) elements that add to the dance.

Sigh….my students are all ‘older’ women…women who are advanced in life in many ways and are not blushing roses….but try to get them to do breast work in class?? And all the blushes and uncomfortable giggles come out.

Breast work is important.  You can develop a whole drum solo around breasts….well, not really, but breasts are a zone that you can use to add relief to the hips and other areas.

And they can be developed easily.  Well, easily if you MOVE them.

The underlying muscle must not be much used in our society, because most women don’t know that they can be ‘lifted’ from the muscle work alone (no hands!!) , and also they  work well in their own ‘infinity’ movements…those figure-eight  movements  we do with the hips/pelvis.

These breast movements can be ‘boxes’ to the count of four, or infinities, or circles…but it takes practice.  It’s just not a thing of shaking them.  You need control of these body parts.  You need to use them elegantly.

The best way to develop breast work is sitting down.  Perhaps brace your knees under the desk…and sit up straight.  Practice raising (by muscle alone, please!) both breasts and then do the circular movements together.  Try to envision only one breast moving…and then the other.

One of the things that happens in the beginning is your shoulders are moving and so is your torso.  Stop that.  Just concentrate on the puppies in front of you.  In a couple of weeks you will be amazed at how much control you have over this zone.  And you will be able to incorporate it  into your choreography.

OH! the best example I can come up with is this:  Sadie, Belly dancer doing the Drum Solo….I have it at home and have been circling it warily.

Amazing use of the breasts and Can Be Learned!!!  One trick  she does….watch how she holds her arms when she is doing breast work.

I wish my students would read this….I am going to take a flyswatter to them when they start laughing in class.

Teela/Lady Nyo

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12 Responses to “Breasts….USE ’em!”

  1. Berowne Says:

    The things I learn from reading this blog…

    And may I say how glad I am to be outside the range of your flyswatter.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Don’t bet on it…..I have longgggg arms.

    Plus, you aren’t carrying the right….ah…ammunition to swat at.

    I hope people glean some information about belly dance from this blog. I am gravitating more and more to writing about this, just because I am in the midst of the gorillas….

    There is a lot of controversy amongst belly dancers …..and this blog is bound to add to all that.

    And it’s a damn relief to writing other “stuff”.

    Lady Nyo today, though I am checking….


  3. Malcolm Says:

    As a mere male, I am interested in the ‘use’ of the breasts as part of a belly dancer’s equipment. Also, as a male, I wonder how the exercise and ability to make use of those neglected muscles might enhance sexual delights for both parties!


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Ah….I dunno???

    LOL!…well, the breasts are just a point of interest in belly dance. But they shouldn’t be allowed to just lie there….they can be a great point of dancing. And deserve to be.

    I am constantly amazed how all parts of the feminine body can come to the dance. And should. Especially the ankles.

    Lady Nyo


  5. Berowne Says:

    Jane, if your flyswatter uses ammunition I shall take particular care to stay out of range.

    Would *not* like to be a fly on the wall at your classes.


  6. ladynyo Says:

    LOL! Not quite what I was meaning by ammunition, but……

    if you were a fly on the wall in the classes, you better be a female fly.


  7. Stefano Says:

    When is “open house?”


  8. ladynyo Says:

    hah! Perverts…..


  9. shia1 Says:

    Just don’t use that fly swatter on those poor womans breasts. That would be considered very naughty. However, I like



  10. ladynyo Says:

    No you don’t, shia!

    I have been hit on the back by a well swung fly swatter…and it STINGS!!! Badly.

    That was all in play, but seriously…..pain there is no laughing matter.

    Find naughty in books….


    Lady Nyo being stern today.


  11. katiewritesagain Says:

    Jane! I am intrigued with this last blog about using breasts! I love my breasts. They are one of the few parts of my body I have always been proud of. Please give me more information about exercising them. I want to make them dance!


  12. ladynyo Says:

    Katie! You made me fall on the floor!!

    But that’s nice you love your breasts! Many don’t. I think we ‘grow’ into those knockers, big or small.

    I’ll write you off this site and tell you more what I am doing in belly dance classes.

    They just firm and tone the breast muscle that is underneath our breasts. I think they probably make them lift more, too.

    Being aware that we HAVE a muscle under there is what is the first step and then connecting with the muscle and making it move….and work.

    That is about the only thing I am aware of, I am sure there is much more.


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