“Take a Breather”

I was thinking of doing so, but then remembered there were a couple of things that would go against this.  Age for one.

I am getting older.  Not old/old, but old enough.  I think of what I want to do, and write is on the top of the list.  I am supported in this by my husband who only asks for paired socks, dinner and that I continue to write.

I add things to his  ‘wish list’, but I write now for my ‘profession’ or at least that is what I am trying to see this time  set aside as.

I am still piling up corrections on “The Zar Tales” but dear Bill has guests so I know he won’t be getting to them soon.  LOL!

THAT’s my breather.  Calling Mary in Ohio was another one as we gossiped and had a good time on the phone.  Email is fine, but a phone call is much more fun.  Especially with a long term girl friend.

It’s Spring, and the Spring Forward Festival is going to actually happen in Perkerson Park this Saturday.  It’s the brainchild of Vern, a great guy here, a social worker who goes back up to his farm and drives his deceased father’s tracker around and around  the fields.  That’s HIS breather.

Vern is a hoot.  Half country, half urban man with a lot of golden heart gilding his insides.  I have composed and will read the “Spring Forward” poem to open the Festival.  I will also be wearing a formal black kimono, with a pink under- kimono, and an obi sash that is a riotous mix of spring flowers and colors.  I am supposed to wear a crazy Spring/Easter Bonnet….but I think it would insult the kimono.  Perhaps I will go home and change into jeans and sheepskin boots and then wear the bonnet.

A less complicated cultural statement.  LOL~

It’s Spring, though it is dark and gray outside with a few snow flurries this morning, but I am turning my energies to “White Cranes of Heaven”.  It’s to be an all poetry venture, and I am curious.  I am curious to see all the poetry of the last 2 years at least in one place.

Over the year I have moved from erotica to more poetry.  Of course, sex still figures in my stories and novels….God Forbid that ever stops….LOL!….but I realize that striving for an erotic content in most writings is a bore…and not really a good thing.  I think thinking with our heads between our loins will limit our view of the world.  There is erotic poetry, and there is poetry that expresses other things….views.  I’m doing something different now, and I feel a sort of liberation.

I made the break from some sites where I learned a lot about the craft of writing…..but the sites were (rightfully so) limited mostly to erotica.  But a class is over in a few years…and you have to look up and outside and find other things to write about.

I feel a sense of freedom.  Liberation.  I have left an old stomping ground and I have made a precious handful of friends.  They are the core of ‘respected writers’ and a great influence and hell…just damn good friends.

Spring is a time of rebirth, and right now…..I feel a quickening.

Lady Nyo

Opening Poem for Spring Forward Festival

Hush! Listen!

Do you hear it?

It is the sound of Winter limping off,

Ice falling from desiccated limbs,

the rattle of old bones grown too brittle

To support  further existence.


Look up!

Do you see the azure sky?

How clear and fresh with  promise!


Let’s go knock on doors,

Ring bells,

Call out to neighbors,

Gather our dogs,

And head into the soft, spongy

Grounds of Spring.

Let us marvel at the tight buds tipping  branches,

Tender greens that harken to a mysterious seasonal code.

Let us fill our lungs with fresh air,

Not stagnant with the too- close months of Winter,

But  a wind which blows away

The sadness and loneliness of our seasonal hibernation.

Let us welcome Spring, and spring forward

Into a season of rebirth, renewal and hope.

Let us welcome with upturned hearts and faces–

This great, promised turn of the Earth.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2010

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6 Responses to ““Take a Breather””

  1. Malcolm Says:

    I’m looking forward to your new collection, and to the complete ‘Zar Tales”. Writing erotica has never been my aim; most of my poems are about love. Erotic poems are too difficult to bring off and still satisfy me as poems. I wonder if you read my post in ERWA on Monday 22 March about my own struggle with self-publishing. I suppose that the course you follow is best if it is the one which brings the longest-lasting satisfaction. It’s important to feel that one has done oneself justice rather than satisfied some picky readers who may have very different tastes .Don’t ever stop writing; you have a way with lyrical thoughts turned into lyrical words.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Malcolm.

    Yes, I did read your post on ERWA about your own struggle with self-publishing. I didn’t know how to answer it because sometimes there we are talking to ourselves….or there’s an echo in there…lol!

    Did anyone there bother to answer you? That would be nice.

    I think the point is this: Write, and when you feel it necessary…for what ever reason…publish. And Self-Publishing is rather sneered at by people who have NEVER published a damn thing. They think it a minor and terribly secondary publishing issue.

    I have listened enough to people who consider themselves writers yet mull over and over this issue of publishing….fearful of putting their damn toes in the water….and still they prattle on.

    I know a man who can’t make up his fuckin’ mind….about anything. He hems and haws and muddles over issues until you want to scream. I had to break away from him…and he’s no writer. He’s a person who will take up your energy and time.

    As for publishing: I say, “Jump In.” There will be an audience of building numbers but it takes time and PATIENCE.

    Over the past year I am astounded at the audience from the blog. There are some people who are reading everyday, and these are the people I am interested in. They are probably kindred spirits. We whine and bitchith together. We feel each others pain. And what can we ask of life except to find this connection?

    I left ERWA ….all parts of it. I didn’t belong there. Little response to the poetry, but this isn’t a poetry site. Not at all. Gary Russell did a wonderful job as editor, but he seems to be MIA. There are some great writers there, but they know buttkiss about poetry. My work has turned heavily to poetry over the last year. I needed poetry sites.

    There comes a time where you need to leave the comfort and security of ‘friends’ and go out on your own. Trust your own judgment about what you are writing….seek advice when you need it, but don’t let anyone bully you into their vision or views. I ruined a perfectly good story because I tried to make it more…’erotic’. LOL! Unfortunately I published it that way too in the first book. Now I will republish it without those stupid additions. When I have a better handle on short story I will collect them all and publish them together….more like a filing system for me and of interest probably only to a few readers.

    But the bottom line is this: You are the creator of your work. No one else. You have the responsibility to write as best as you can…and hopefully over the years, you will get better. IF you love your stories…and your characters…..if you can trust them….you probably will find others who will also love them. Sales of the first book show there are some people out there who do love these stories. And entertaining in the publishing of them is a wonderful thing.

    It feeds the soul…and what in hell are we to do with these things anyway???

    Lady Nyo


  3. shia1 Says:

    Hi Lady Nyo,

    I posted a post to your last post on my website. Yours was great.
    Now back to your post here.

    The poem is WONDERFUL! Oh it brought me to the way I feel about Winter and Spring. Though, I think you are luckier than I. Our winters are horrible and especially this one.

    You are right to break away of things that only give you negativity and make your writing feel inadequit. You are an inspiration and I wish I could write as well.

    You have such a creative mind. You write so others can relate to your poetry. Not an easy thing to accomplish. You should be very proud of what you write. I know, as your friend, I am proud of your gifts. I mean your artistic gift.

    Perhaps God ( if anyone believes of him or not. I do.)

    Has given you a rough road to travel at times has made you more creative. Share your gifts and your lovely talent.

    Your friend



  4. ladynyo Says:

    Heya shia!

    I’ll check your blog out this morning. What I wrote was very, very early this morning…rather a rant, neh? LOL!

    This long winter of discontent had to end. I found there was little dialogue, so why keep trying? I think that with a few sites….what happened is I changed…and of course, they didn’t have to! They are what they are, but I had to see that I was self-limiting….in the work I was submitting, and in the thought process of what I was as a writer.

    Where does creativity come from? Well it certainly doesn’t come from doing the same thing over and over. Nick Nicholson and I have discussed this a lot. He breaks out and not only in form but in content. He is remarkable in this…and that is true creativity in my book. Going into murky stuff that you are unsure of your footing….I’m talking about writing here…but spelunking probably fits, too.

    And this: Reading…and reading broadly. What makes a writer? Influences, environment, a particular view upon things, but that only goes so far. You have to READ a lot…and I am surprised when writers tell me that they are not well read.

    Why? Is this an excuse or what? I’m not talking about the classics, etc. I’m talking about getting down the college books on stylistic forms…etc…and trying to wrap your head around stuff that might be quite a challenge, but has something to offer NOW when you are trying to be a writer. Who in hell remembers what we attempted to learn in college or before on literature? It’s a process to continue to become a writer…and taking a lot of chances.

    Heh. My writing IS inadequate. I know this more than anyone. That’s why I have to break out from the vises I put myself in. But writing to the same form, or rules and regulations of a particular site…is not going to really make me grow in the ways I want. For some…that is enough and they probably are smarter than I. But I bet we are different writers…and approach life differently, too.

    Thank you, shia….for you praise on the poem. I dashed that off very fast, mainly because the audience I would have were not the literary types who would be too critical. LOL!…Some are friends, and a neighborhood populated by runners, beer drinkers, pot smokers, dog lovers, gossips, political activists, politicians, and the usual who make up a very diverse area. So I had freedom and fun. It doesn’t always work out that way…but for this poem…..I just attended to the seasons changing and how it made me feel.

    And I think that is just about what poetry does….or should. If you can reach into your messy inners…. and fabricate something that has a glancing blow towards what you know…but perhaps an eye to others experiences…well, you can make a poem just about out of anything!




  5. Berowne Says:

    I loved “We whine and bitchith together”:

    Spring is icumen in,
    Whineth we and bitcheth me…

    And “they know buttkiss about poetry”.

    Perhaps you meant bubkes? Then again, perhaps not. 😉

    I like the poem; just the thing for a spring festival. I was thinking that
    “How clear and fresh with its promise” might flow better without the “its”. My two cents here.


  6. ladynyo Says:

    I agree…I think I changed it, but I’ll have to look.

    No…I meant buttkiss. LOL!

    and they don’t. I hate it when a critic starts a critique with: “I don’t know anything about poetry….but…”

    Well, IF you don’t know anything about poetry…..then why do you attempt to critique it?

    This is crazy. I know NOTHING about neurosurgery, but I’m not going to start to whine: “I don’t like that knife you are about to use,…though I know buttkiss about this branch of medicine.”

    LOL!. When one dear critter said: “This poem has no destination”….. I lost it. Since when is that a deciding factor in a poem?

    And what is a destination???


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