“The Etruscan Jar”

A Very Early Poem…..

We saw it the same time,

standing on a sterile white plinth

in an alcove,

a dome of glass

Guarding it

from outside life.

A simple clay jar,

fecund with love handles

jutting from hips,

Ass  shaped with

tapering buttocks,

in front the folds of  clay

a definite mons venus.

The lips of the jar–beestung,

puffed and swollen with lascivious


the opening a slit

pushed  together

by two loving thumbs

molding the clay.

A mud vagina so lovely

the glass could not stop

me from tracing  it.

Our love was  new,

awkward and tongue-tied.

Lust simmering below surface,

neither one  sure

how to dig through

to more fertile soil.

Bending down to read

the description before me

I felt him poke.

The Jar vibrated

with silent laughter-

I shivered in answer-

my own denied lust.


I turned

whispering softly:

“I’ll be the jar,

You be the stopper.”

We raced to

his bedroom,

tearing off clothes,

slamming doors,

falling into

the unsullied sea of his bed.

It took  an ancient Jar,

Etruscan in origin,

found buried in soft, staining earth.

He filled his new jar with his honeyed mead

and grabbed the love handles on top of my hips.

stung my lips with his swarming kisses,

the buzz of my senses lost to my ears.

Closing together my thighs

wanting to capture this sweet liquor,

that seed coursing like a white river

through my own subterranean depths-

he nuzzled my stomach

making me laugh,

the milk of our lovemaking

spilled over the dam,

and I lost him.

That Etruscan Jar

was wise beyond years,

taking two lovers

unsure how to dance,

making them

two vessels

in the service of love.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2007

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4 Responses to ““The Etruscan Jar””

  1. Malcolm Miller Says:

    A lovely, sexy poem about an unusual source of stimulation! When we are ready for love, all kinds of things might act as the trigger to set off the fuse that ends with the explosion in the loins. An Etruscan jar, in this case! Delightful!


  2. ladynyo Says:

    You know what?? That was the very first poem I wrote right before I came to ERWA…over three years ago. There are various tense issues, but so what. They can be fixed…however, the imagery holds up from this distance.

    LOL!…I did delete from the original poem a stanza that didn’t need to ‘show’…and I think we can easily go over old stuff and reform. Sometimes.

    Poetry is such a personal statement, but it has to also have resonance in others experience. Or….we can be singing to ourselves. My husband loves the naivete of this poem, and I think it’s because it’s not deeply psychological….LOL!…

    Malcolm, thank you for reading and commenting here. I’m lost in the research of “The Kimono” and unearthing pieces of writing from the last few years. They will vary in merit. But that is fine…because we grow…or we stay in the same place and ‘refine’ the same piece of work over and over.

    I would rather do something else with my life.

    Lady Nyo


  3. Michele Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and am enjoying reading through it, this poem was really enjoyable! Thanks for sharing it!


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Oh! Thank you, Michele!

    I think it was the very first poem I wrote…3.5 years ago. I was new to a writers and readers site and I was taken up with all the excitement of erotica. That passed…LOL!

    Thank you so much for reading the blog and especially for leaving a comment. It’s wonderful for me when people do, because making that connection….finding out about their own worlds…is what pushes me on to write.

    Hope you continue to read!
    Lady Nyo


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