More Spring in Bloom, and Steve Isaak.

I bought Steve Isaak’s new book:  “Can’t Sleep”, poems, 1987-2007 and this is such a dense collection of poetry, I am having to go through it very, very  slowly.

Steve must have made movies before…in a past life, behind some huge camera.  His poetry is like snippets of some dream-movie, but I won’t blow this review right now.  It’s just an issue of so much imagery to plumb and to pack in.  Review to follow next week when I can get a better perspective on this marvelous and first book by a truly original poet.

The pictures are of my back garden….over a fence and archway.  I believe this rose bush…actually two rose bushes, are “Bonicas”…Nope…they are NEW DAWN) .but they might be something else, because they certainly are climbers.  I love pale, pink roses, and these 5 year old plants certainly are giving their all.  They are ‘constant’ bloomers and you only get that by heavy feeding…which I don’t.  I will have to remember to feed them and all the others, because they are such spectacular plants they deserve the effort.

Lady Nyo

Bonica Rose Bush...we think

more of the same bush

more roses


She stood quietly in the garden, dappled sunlight falling like a tattered golden veil, crushing a Graham Thomas in her hand.  The silky texture slipped through long, bony fingers. A seductive perfume carried upwards, the feel of the petals reminiscent of something she vaguely remembered in the past.

Yes, she remembered now.  It was her sex, soft and puffy, with powdered lips awaiting the frisson of arousal. The man who once kissed those lips was long dead, a pale ghost to her memory.

A tower of rose heads nodded their encouragement.  They watched her season after season, the cycle of bush-life matching her own. Grown thin during the years, all gnarled canes beneath and gall, too. Within years both had become feeble. Soon the bush would cover her grave, dropping its petals in remembrance until it, too, faded from earth.

Now Graham Thomas was pleading to cover her mound with his perfumed beauty. He would nestle within the deserted folds of her abandoned sex. He would make her juicy again.

He promised to leave the thorns on the bush.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2008

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4 Responses to “More Spring in Bloom, and Steve Isaak.”

  1. Margie Says:

    Oh my Ms. Jane! I find myself fanning the heat from my face after reading THAT! Beautifully done, and what lovely roses. I like pale, pastel roses as well. I have many roses on this property, they are ALL red! LOL! I decided to love what I had and not lust after what I want. They really are pretty.

    Happy Mother’s Day! Have you heard from your son? Has he had leave yet?


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Oh Margie!
    I forget I wrote a lot of erotica back a few years. I should post with ‘fainting goat’ warnings…


    No, rotten son has not had leave yet, but we expect it soon. He might be posted to Japan. Which would suit me fine.

    Red roses! They are beautiful! You can always plant pinks and whites in front…lower.

    I am taking myself (Fred is in Las Vegas this week) to buy 5 new pots and 5 new rosebushes……bushes, not climbers, etc. Some rose that can be contained in a planter in the middle of a veggie garden. That’s the best area for sun on my property, and it’s not big. I almost roasted my 5 orchids last week…forgot they were front and center for the sun.

    You can climb roses up the back wall….and plant another lower rose of a contrasting color in front. If I had more room, that is what I would do here…but since I don’t…I have blueberry bushes in front of my poor climbers….I’m opting for the wall of the garden for pots.

    If you want, if I can find a sprout, I’ll send you a couple of pieces with roots of my ‘communus’ rose….tiny ruffled pink that only blooms once a year but well worth it. It was on the property when I came here decades ago. It’s a climber…more like a smotherer.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, coz.



  3. Margie Says:

    Thanks, that would be great!

    I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed “The Zar Tales” – I had read a lot of it on this blog, but holding it in my hands, and turning the pages made it more cohesive somehow.


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Thanks, Margie for reading the book and giving your comments here. Yes, having it in your hands makes a world of difference.

    Putting up chapters on the blog is ok, but nothing beats a book. That is also why I don’t especially like downloads…print on a computer….it’s hard on the eyes, and you don’t have anything to squash spiders.


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