Human Easter Bunny

Don't ask.....

There’s an even cuter photo, but it’s frontal.

And yes, I got permission.  Packing some nice eggs…..

Lady Nyo

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6 Responses to “Human Easter Bunny”

  1. Malcolm Miller Says:

    I love it! Nice buns, as could be said. Not at all unflattering. Brave Fred!


  2. ladynyo Says:

    LOL~! Yes, I have a very brave husband. And modest, too.

    He is a sweetheart. I wish I could have put the other pix on, but public decency prevailed. Probably would lose this blog spot, too.

    He’s a lot of fun, Malcolm. And did I mention handsome?


  3. shia1 Says:

    Ugh.. What can I say? I wish a naked man was bringing me eggs too! Something to see and bringing gifts. Gotta love it.



  4. ladynyo Says:


    Fred’s a scream. He’s such a modest man, but obviously he doesn’t have a hang up about nudity. Which is good.

    Those eggs are so lovely (besides the buns). They are a combination of different breeds, and the green-blue eggs are from a South American chicken breed. They look like hawks in coloring.

    It’s always good to pause and realize what you have in your hand….life can throw such chunks! Those of us who are married are blessed….we just have to realize that what is out there usually will make us very uncomfortable. Avoiding potholes is a full time job.



  5. Margie Says:

    Great picture! Buns and eggs, makes me laugh! How many chickens do you have, that looks like quite a lot of eggs!


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Fred is SUCH a good sport. I have to say that he is so confident as a MAN, that he doesn’t care how he appears, Margie. He’s amazing in that way.

    People have asked me how that came about…the pix…not the confidence. It was just last week, and it was HOT. He had just come home from a trip to Las Vegas and he stripped and was sitting around the den. I asked him to go collect the eggs in the CAT HOUSE…(the hens lay there…). He had white socks on. There is also a funny pix of him but it’s a frontal and he looks like he’s swinging a bat! LOL!….it’s blurry…in the right place…(movement ) but I decided as funny as that pix was I probably would lose the blog.

    Decency and sanity prevailed…just.

    I have 12 chickens….different breeds and they give different colored eggs. They are sweeties…and with the French Breakfast Radishes, the eggs and soon the tomatoes….we are almost self-sufficient for breakfast.

    Need a goat.


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