“July Moon”


A pale moon rises,

Unheralded, surprising us

With its presence so early at dusk.

The summer heat makes it waver

Like a ghost under water.

The cicadas hold their breath-

Their leg-fiddles muted,

And the earth turns quiet

If only for a moment.

Brushing  lush green tree tops

It floats upward into a still-lavender sky,

Gaining presence, strength, gleam

As it balances in the darkening light,

A well-trod path– fascinating eternity.

A world-weary face appears

And casts a bemused gaze downward

Before sailing through the night

Into the harbor of Dawn.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2010

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4 Responses to ““July Moon””

  1. Malcolm Says:

    It amuses me the way we see the Moon differently. I see a dead planet, its surface blasted by the impacts of what we call the Late Heavy Bombardment. But I still enjoy its apparently silvery light on a clear night, even though I know full well that its true surface colour is brown!


  2. ladynyo Says:

    But we are standing on the surface of the Earth, and we are both poets.

    Brown or silver, it is truly miraculous to me its effect on the human psyche.

    I am sitting here watching it rise. Last night, which brought forth that poem, it was pale, rising early in the dusk. Tonight, it is startling! Bold, a gleaming beacon that covered lovers, thieves and washed the Earth in wonder.

    “So taken with
    The faultless face and radiance
    Of an alluring moon,
    My mind goes farther….farther…
    To reach remote regions of the sky.”

    If Saigyo saw the moon as a dead planet, he wouldn’t have reached for such sublime poetry.

    Thanks for reading and your comments…always appreciated, Malcolm.


  3. Malcolm Miller Says:

    I hope I can be poetic in my own way, still inspired by Saigyo, Silvery moons are a lot more poetic than cratered plains in a vacuum!


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Well, Saigyo, whether you have come to him recently or not…is certainly a good inspiration.

    I first stumbled across Saigyo in 1990, but for some reason, he went right over my head. I can’t say at all that he inspired me but then I don’t think I was a poet at all. I was struggling to write my first novel, and that turned out to be quite a mess.

    Tanka for me is so much a better form than haiku. I’m glad Saigyo’s writing became much more prominent in my life, especially the last two years.

    Moon aside….his poetry is something for those of us who love a deeply resonant verse.

    Lady Nyo


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