“A Fortunate Fate”

(From A Seasoning of Lust,  lulu.com, 2009)


Hana Takate was nineteen years old, a courtesan in old Edo. When she appeared in public, men’s eyes turned like sunflowers to her sun.

Lovely Hana had bones like melted butter and skin shaped from powder. She was a creature so luminous a flower of purest jade could not compare. When she rose from a nap, wearing a simple gauze robe, free of makeup and perfumes, she floated like a spider’s web. A vision of culture and desire, her laugh was a tinkling bell, her hair of bo silk, her movements like cool water.

One day during cherry blossom time, she was entertaining, her robes folded open like gossamer wings, her rouged nipples suckled by another. A young daimyo was admitted to her rooms by mistake. This new lover was so angered he cut off the head of his rival with his long sword in one swift blow.

Hana knelt before him, head down, exposing her swan neck, awaiting death. Seeing her trembling fragility, her obedient meekness, he could not take her life and disappeared to write some bad verse.

She became known as “The Immortal Flower”, a courtesan of first rank. She prospered and became fat.

Jane Kohut-Bartels
Copyrighted, 2008, 2010

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6 Responses to ““A Fortunate Fate””

  1. Malcolm Miller Says:

    Maybe that’s life. Courtesans and prostitutes are people who have to cope with ageing like the rest of us. I have great loathing for those who want to treat them like animals, or see them as less then human with fewer rights than they have themselves. It’s another case of male patriarchal oppression of women simply because they are women. It all comes back to sexual dimorphism, which means that men are on average bigger than women and can physically overpower them and use them. Civilisation and democracy struggle feebly against this genetic heritage we all bear.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Boy! You are a buzz kill….It’s a funny piece, Malcolm….not meant to be a political statement.



    Lady Nyo


  3. bren Says:

    Hi Jane … I liked it, but I guess I am shallow as I did not read so much into it. I just thought how great she did so much better than he did as they aged.

    BTW, I still can not get emails to go to your address. I just got The Zar Tales and beginning to read. Thank you!



  4. ladynyo Says:

    Hey Bren!!

    You…of all people I know….are not shallow!

    No, I think people read into these things as they want. I also thought it was funny, especially the ‘going off to write bad verse’. Must have been an epidemic then because EVERYONE wrote verse….National past time.

    Glad you are reading Zar Tales…..I hope you like it. I am struggling with reading (so far 22 chapters) of “The Kimono” and hating every chapter.

    Serious rewrite there…and that is 50,000 words…and it ain’t through yet.

    Luckily, others who have read it, and are good, published authors, are very encouraging….otherwise, I would slit my throat.

    It’s just working it out…and putting a LOT of energy into the rewrite…and time…

    …and patience.



  5. mode20100 Says:

    A+ would read again


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you! Not everyone’s cup of tea.

    Lady Nyo


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