Some Cinquains….



"Maine Coast", jkohut-bartels, watercolor, 2006

I admit cinquains are not my favorite form.  Sometimes they are expressive of what you want to say, but I  still find them  awkward.  Of course, cinquains are 5 lined, with syllables building upon each line: 2,4,6,8,2.   My cinquains either follow this or diverge from the rules.  No matter.  It’s an interesting form, and a good exercise to ‘write short’.

Cinquains (in french…5 lined) were first developed as a poetry form by A.  Crapsey, an American who died at 36 in 1914.  She was inspired by Japanese haiku and tanka.

Lady Nyo



The brook murmurs,

It shames us with knowing

Secrets we have kept well hidden.


All are

Deeply asleep.

There is nothing to keep

The moon racing to open arms.


Try it.

Soften your heart.

See what solace it brings.

A velvet glove that caresses,


The Soul,

Like the new moon

Refreshes, born again

And I write down:  “Live in the light”.

I begin to obey,

Shedding shame, joy-



Washes my fear

Away like small, pale sins.

Then I begin to go naked,

Shedding doubts like snake skin,



Cranes, spring appears

Like white arrows the sky

Is pierced with their honking tribute



Bend their white heads

Polite bowing to the ground

Like courtiers that seek favors


I live

In sadness on

This pale spring moon-lit night,

My body thin, like a

Flower dropped from heaven

Petals scatter,


Jane Kohut-Bartels,

Copyrighted, 2010

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5 Responses to “Some Cinquains….”

  1. bluebee Says:

    This is beautiful – I particularly love the sentiments in ‘soften your heart’


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you. I wrote a lot of them a couple of years ago; linking cinquains, mirror cinquains, etc…but wasn’t happy with the form. Now I understand something about them, I can appreciate their unique nature.

    Thank you for reading and leaving a comment, bluebee.

    Lady Nyo


  3. Jingle Says:

    love this.


  4. Jingle Says:

    I am working on placing your link to Jingle Poetry blog roll,
    I have been occupied by so many stuff, sorry for being late. it will appear within a week.
    your poetry rocks.
    keep it coming…

    write a poem related to 7 sins, link to our potluck today.
    Thanks for the support.


  5. ladynyo Says:

    Thanks! Cinquains are easy looking, but they call for work.

    Lady Nyo


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