“A Reason For The Season”, posted for OneShotPoetryWednesdays

I posted this in the beginning of December and thought it a good sentiment to end the month and the year.

Merry Christmas, or the politically correct form: Happy Holidays, though the Winter Solstice is in there somewhere.

Lady Nyo


I saw the Cooper’s hawk this morning. She landed on the chimney pot, probably looking for my miniature hen, Grayson. Four years ago she was a starving fledgling who mantled over while I fed her cold chicken. She’s back this holiday, my spirits lifting. A good Christmas present.

In the middle of the commercialization of Christmas, Nature closes the gap. I have noticed squirrels with pecans in mouths leaping the trees, hawks hunting low over now-bare woods, unknown song birds sitting on fences, heard the migration of Sandhill cranes as they honk in formation. You hear their cacophony well before they appear. Their chiding cries float down to upturned faces.

There is brightness to the holly, washed by our late autumn rains and the orange of the nandina berries has turned crimson. Smell of woodsmoke in the air and the crispness of mornings means the earth is going to sleep. We humans should reclaim our past and our fecal plugs and join the slumber party of our brother bears.

Jingle Bells will fade and our tension with it. Looking towards deep winter when the Earth is again silent will restore our balance and calm nerves with a blanket of peace.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2008, 2010

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19 Responses to ““A Reason For The Season”, posted for OneShotPoetryWednesdays”

  1. Claudia Says:

    i like the thought of nature, closing the gap – and i love the words you describe this beautiful nature – can almost smell the woodsmoke..


  2. Laura Hegfield Says:

    Beautiful…nature does have a way of drawing us to the present moment and out of our thoughts, anxieties and planning.


  3. moondustwriter Says:

    Thanks Jane for the reminder of nature and it’s beauty during the holidays as well as its striving to survive.
    When shopping did we notice the animals trying to survive??

    Appreciate your writing and your friendship

    Moonie smiles


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Moonie!

    LOL! I avoided shopping this year….did it online…which is cheating, I know…but only one store. LOL!

    Regarding animals trying to survive: Though I love the cold weather and the snow, I also know that animals are out there, deprived of warmth and when their mothers are killed on the road or succumb to other wildlife….they too die.

    I guess it’s a balance of nature, but damn it! I have been feeding a litter of feral kittens for about 6 weeks with their mother. Noticed that one of them has been missing for 1/2 a week…a little calico. I mourn her, in part because she allowed me to pick her up and cuddle. Sushi is the one I was able to bring home. I wish I had done so with the little girl. Too late now.

    I appreciate your friendship, Leslie. It’s a wonderful boon to life when we meet others of like mind.

    Blessings and thanks for reading.



  5. ladynyo Says:

    Yes, it does, Laura.

    I wish I could remember this all the time..what is important is what is around us…this eternal and transpiring environment…not our passing anxieties.

    You got it right, Laura.

    Thank you for reading and being so kind as to leave a comment!




  6. ladynyo Says:

    I can just smell the woodsmoke, too~ Oops, the woodstove is back-firing again! LOL!

    Nature does close the gap. It puts before us the important things, and perhaps we attend to them most in a time of silent, muted nature. Stripped bare of it’s luxurious splendor, we can attend to the bare bones of life. The things we can grasp.

    Thanks, Claudia, for reading and leaving a comment.



  7. dustus Says:

    Such wonderful observations of nature! Love it. Could picture it all vividly, and you invoke other senses as well. The ending has a peaceful, calming effect. Excellent writing, ladynyo.


  8. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Adam…

    Don’t we need some sort of calming effect at this tinsel time?

    Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

    Lady Nyo


  9. hedgewitch Says:

    Nature is frequently my only source of sanity, Years ago I wrote down a quote that I’ve never been able to source–it was supposedly Goethe, but I can’t find it now–anyway, it went “The love of Nature is the only love which in the end does not disappoint us.” Whoever said them, the words ring true. Very fitting year end one shot, ladynyo.


  10. brian Says:

    i am a nature lover…so your beautiful descriptions sucked me right in …and i wish it could close the gap a bit more…but we would proabably tear it down to build houses to foreclose upon so they could sit empty…whew…sorry cynical moment had to some out…smiles.


  11. ladynyo Says:

    I understand Brian. I think we are all on edge about the worldwide economic situation and very real human situation.

    But I think we are better off to err on the side of Nature. To do what we can, even if it seems insignificant to the larger picture….

    I live in Atlanta, in an urban environment….three miles from Downtown Atlanta. I live around people that have no ecological consciousness: they believe that the world and the environment is made for them to dispose their garbage and trash wherever they want. They throw tires and couches and construction, renovation garbage on side streets because they are too IGNORANT to go take this stuff to a dump. Actually, they are too cheap to care to do so. They wash their cars openly when we have a water ban, they dispose of their unwanted animals in another neighborhood, or just throw them outside to starve or to be killed by cars. They deny any responsibility for their increase and demise.

    I prefer nature over these ‘human’ elements that are bent on pursuing their selfishness and ignorance. They slap a hat on their heads and go to church to be assured by preachers that what they do is ‘righteous’, that they are the inheritors of the Earth.

    I would rather spend my time and money succoring the environment and those abandoned animals than the humans who create this defeated and destroyed environment.

    Sure, the lure of $$ is a hard thing to go up against, but small steps can account for so much, Brian, as you well know.

    I will say here that I don’t believe in such a power of destruction: I want to be part of the movement, even if I am the only one on my block….to heal the wounds of Nature. Small and insignificant steps, things that are sneered and laughed at by the mob, but they ultimately mean something.

    Over the years I have exchanged seeds with my neighbors, plants, food, etc. We have grown closer and more conscious with these small steps. We have created a love for Nature, something that is deep in the DNA of the majority of us, it just needs to be collectively supported. Small steps, again.

    You close the gap in small, seemingly insignificant ways. Composting garbage, leaves leads to a pure and healthy soil….feeding strays and neutering them, making room in your hearts and life or a few…even if you can only do one a year….and turning a deaf ear to the tv crap that sez buy, buy, buy…that you aren’t ‘cool’ if you don’t have this or that.

    Closing the gap means simplifying our lives…doing with less and understanding the richness that comes from doing so. All riches comes from the Earth…and Nature is leading the charge to health.

    Lady Nyo


  12. ladynyo Says:

    Hey Hedgewitch!

    A very fitting quote and I think you are right…I believe it is Goethe. (Nay…googling gave me nothing on this)

    “The love of Nature is the only love which in the end does not disappoint us.”

    Marvelous words, and true. Humans, because they are so….will disappoint. Nature gives and gives, year after blessed season, after year. I think it’s paring down our expectations of wealth, prestige, acclaim, etc…and attending to what truly matters and satisfies.

    It’s simplifying our lives, getting rid of those things that obscure the beauty around us….those very human, false values….looking up to the sky at the beauty of the clouds, the birds, those wildlife that exist by their own means….survive without the hoopla that we are told we must expect in life.

    All good that we eat, supports us, etc…comes from Nature. And for us, the wood that we burn to keep warm in the wood stove. We take for granted the bounty.

    Thanks Hedgewitch, for reading, and offering up that wonderful quote.

    Finally, we are never powerless. Our strength is not only in numbers, but being mindful of what is possible around us for a greater good.

    Lady Nyo


  13. Desert Rose Says:

    Nature, the purest most genuine thing.it has its ways to deliver us the signs of life at times. nothing can be as true..loved reading you as always Lady..enjoyed the spirit of your lovely piece!

    Happy new year to you..:)


  14. ladynyo Says:

    Hey Rose!

    I think you said it exactly right: Nature, the purest, most genuine thing. I keep forgetting this from time to time, because we have it right in front of us all the time, and we forget….It does deliver us the signs of life….and barring a baby born, it is the most powerful example of regeneration. It gives Hope, regardless the season.

    Thank you, Rose, for reading and for your insightful comment.

    Happy New Year to you!

    Lady Nyo


  15. Monkey Man Says:

    Many of us have long lost our ability to listen to nature and our inner selves. To pause, as you suggest, is one way to bring us back to ground. This is a lovely post and beautiful sentiment.

    Fate created my One Shot.


  16. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Monkey Man!

    I think we can all relearn lessons we forget….if we care to.

    Thank you for reading and leaving this good comment.

    Lady Nyo


  17. Steve Isaak Says:

    Read this before, still love the exit paragraph. 🙂


  18. ladynyo Says:

    Yah, me too.

    Sometimes a flasher (because it’s 200 words) writes itself. You just hang on.

    Thanks, Steve.



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