“Mystery of the Moon”

A friend, Bren, has challenged me to write a poem this weekend, given that the Moon will be 14% larger appearing, and close enough to touch. I’ll try tonight, when it rises like an orange VW in the eastern sky, but there are no guarantees with poetry. But I’ll make the attempt for my friend. The poem below is in the new “White Cranes of Heaven”, just released by Lulu.com.

Lady Nyo

Mystery of the Moon

Tarnished moon,
Cottoned in dark, settled clouds
Still-wintery branches striated against its gleam,
A ghostly beggar’s light spills
Upon a fallow ground.

This pale spring orb,
Cast on a placid lake,
Mirrors mysteries of countless years
Reflects an empty alone-ness,
Yet pulls at the courses of women
And opens the womb to need.

Jane Kohut-Bartels
Copyrighted, 2010

from “White Cranes of Heaven”, Lulu.com

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6 Responses to ““Mystery of the Moon””

  1. Margie Says:

    Nice moon poem, Jane! I’ll be very interested to see how you rise to Bren’s challenge, as I’m sure you will. I can hardly wait to see tonight’s moon myself.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    I should have shut my mouth, Margie….LOL! I don’t have a clue in my head for tonight…

    Thank you, Margie…I challenge you to write a poem for tonight~!!

    Just passing it along…



  3. Katie Says:

    Beautiful, Jane. The moon doesn’t have to be significant, though it is, doesn’t have to be mysterious, though it is, doesn’t have to draw us to it, though it does, in order to be beautiful and powerful. Maybe that’s why it is such a universal symbol for women! Tonight, it will be even more breathtaking. I hope you step outside and enjoy it. I will. Thank you for the wonderful poem that reminds us of its power.


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Katie!

    I like the way you think! The moon has such evocative power, in all cultures, and some much more than ours. We have gotten away from this through our various religions, our attempts to distance ourselves from some of the earliest practices of humankind.

    I did go out, and was riveted by the rising of this moon. It was huge and orange as it first rose into the sky, and I couldn’t get over the size. Truly eye filling.

    I wrote about three poems but none of them could extract the splendor of this moon. I will post them or one, or two on this blog after I do some rewrite.

    Last night the moon was amazing. My husband said that the setting moon was even more astounding, but alas, there was a cloud cover that obscured this. Perhaps tonight?

    Thank you, Katie, for reading and your lovely comment.



  5. Jingle Poetry Says:

    haunting..well done.


    Week 27 Poetry Potluck is open, welcome/Thanks (4) joining us…share your poetry with us today…

    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!

    Happy Monday,
    Bless you!


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Jingle.

    Lady Nyo


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