Tornadoes across the South, continuing a deadly pattern 2012 and 2013

UPDATE: This is Spring, 2013 and the news out of the Midwest is horrific. Over 50 tornados in the last 48 hours have hit Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and other midwest and southern states. In Moore, Ok, an elementary school has collapsed with students in it. A daycare also was near by. One of these tornadoes was almost 2 miles wide and looks to be F4 catagory. Just when it seemed to settle, another one reformed and went over basically the same ground. It looks, from the news reports like a war zone in several states. What can we say? There has been death (so far 37, with more expected) from these storms, and probably will be more before this season passes. I pray that people are spared and our nation pulls together to help the recovery. God Almighty, this is just horrible.

Lady Nyo

One year later, Spring 2012, it seems that the weather patterns are still going to torment the south, and the rest of the country.  We had no real snows this year, as opposed to last winter, but the tornadoes that have come out of Texas, Kansas, etc. are picking right up and doing their damage to life and property. The only ‘good’ thing that has changed is  the sirens, and early warning system seem to be curtailing the deaths and injuries this year.  However, 140 plus tornadoes in one day/night, as we saw this week basically in one state, is rolling with a deadly dice.

Here in Atlanta, we seen to be reentering a period of drought again, and there has been little rain.  However, the spring thunderstorm season has hardly begun here. We need the rain desperately, but the destruction of tornadoes, sheer wind bursts and flooding we don’t.  If any one would be so foolish to deny that Global Warming has something to do with our severe and erratic weather across the nation, they are living under a rock.

Lady Nyo, April 17th, 2012

The following was posted on April 28th, 2011:

A month ago I was shocked and thrown by what had happened in Japan.  This morning I again visit that numbing emotional place.

This week violent thunderstorms swept across the Midwest. Yesterday, we saw the same, with even more violent tornadoes sweeping across Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Alabama seems have been hit the hardest.  There was over 160 tornadoes reported, though there are suspected many more in actuality.  What is called straight line winds do as much damage it seems.

The death toll has risen beyond 300, with more to come.  Whole neighborhoods have been flattened, blown away, with people missing and still unaccounted.  Many were imprisoned in their cellars as news stations  are telling us. And the kicker to all of this is May is considered the worse month for tornadoes.  April certainly has done enough damage.

We were spared in Atlanta…this time.  Immediately south of us, in Griffin, two people were killed… many more in the northern crescent of the state.

The destruction across the South looks like a bomb hit total communities and wiped clean any semblance of life.  There was little mercy to be had, but even in the midst of this destruction, 5 newborn puppies were lifted up and scattered, to be found alive, shivering and afraid.  Life, and death….is very strange.

The power of these tornadoes were enormous, F4’s and 5’s.  Some were over a mile wide.  The pictures are almost unbelievable, but the effects of them are all too real.

I got a call from a cousin, Donnie, in New Jersey. (Marge! Donnie sends his love.)  Donnie saw the news reports and thought about his cousin in the ‘unknown territory’ of the South.  He was worried that I might be blown away like the Wicked Witch of the West.  Not to worry, Donnie,  but I did clean out a 1/4 of the basement yesterday and took a whole day to do so.  The junk of 26 years of marriage and a husband who saves useless stuff down there was hard enough to make disappear…at least enough room to have a sanctuary from any violent storm.  I packed up everything I could find that would go into 15 garbage bags took them to the usual dumpster behind a church.   I set up two camp chairs, a cooler for our feet, a large plastic container of water, breakfast bars, blankets, reading material and a ‘sand toilet’….a plastic bucket with sand.  Who knows what might happen?

Thankfully nothing to us but at least we are prepared for just about anything now.

My husband realized I was exhausted, sore and on edge.  He gave me a muscle relaxer, and I slept through everything, even the violent winds and rain.  I couldn’t  have made it to the cellar if there was a tornado lurking  over the house.

The news gets worse and worse and there is a point when you can’t absorb any more.  I think I am close to that point.  And I just don’t know what I can do to help.  Perhaps it will come to me later.

Right now the winds are sweet and the air cooled. The sky is a soft, azure blue.  I am not fooled.

Lady Nyo

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8 Responses to “Tornadoes across the South, continuing a deadly pattern 2012 and 2013”

  1. bren Says:

    It has only been a few hours since you sent me the first draft of this poem, my how it has grown!


  2. Margie Says:

    I understand the exhaustion of becoming prepared, although we were not (prepared) two weeks ago. I’m glad you did not need to take sanctuary in the basement. We had a few tornado warnings today in surrounding counties and I was too on edge to think straight – not like me at all – but I think I’m just shell shocked — too soon. But the weekend should be beautiful, and I’m going to take full advantage! I hope you can too.


  3. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Margie…..I know you must be shell shocked…..two times in two weeks….but we all have survived, and now? Well, what worries me and others….is this: April is not the worse tornado/spring thunderstorm, it’s May, and what a lead up to May!

    Now the toll is over 300 people dead, mostly in Alabama, and here in Georgia about 15 but they are still trying to find people. Horrible stories of babies ripped out of arms and disappearing. Son holding onto mother and she is blown away. Etc.

    It will be a long time for people to recover from everything that has happened. And we still have the threat of May to come.

    Glad you are ok…and I was too on edge to think straight, too. Donnie said to send his love to you, he misses you.



  4. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Bren!

    The poem? LOL!..well, it is such a slight poem, and it needs a lot of work….but it’s hard to concentrate on poetry when there is so much destruction in so many places. Griffin now has 2 more dead….Ringgold was hit hard and the majority of deaths in Georgia came from that town. But Alabama has over 200 dead now…and the toll will rise because there are still so many missing….gone with the wind.

    Bless you, Bren, and stay safe.



  5. Siannaphey Says:

    When events like this hit close to home, you sit on edge, not knowing what the forces of nature will bring. In Australia, I’ve experienced cyclone threats and flooding and it’s a scary! I’m glad your area was spared, but saddened for others loss. Thanks for your beautiful words


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Siannaphey,

    Your country has suffered a lot in the past months, and people have suffered in some of the same ways as here.

    Yes, flooding and cyclones are scary indeed. I am not sure what the difference is between a cyclone and a tornado, but I bet the destruction is the same.

    The force of nature is not benign, nor merciful, nor anything we can control. Hearing people tell of their terror at the approach and sight of these tornadoes is horrible: the effects of their destruction is something that is unbelievable. Stories of children snatched out of the arms of parents, of people surviving in bathtubs lifted high in the air, the total destruction of a life time of building and possessions, and the terrible death toll, well, it’s overwhelming.

    I think we all are in shock, and it’s not something that we can get over easily. Just 20 miles south of me, where I go to get my chicken feed, people were killed. But Alabama lost over 200 people and there are so many more missing.

    This is the course of life, surrounded by death at the drop of a hat. People will recover, but it’s so much more than brick and mortar….the impact emotionally of these things will last the rest of a lifetime.

    Thank you for reading and for your compassionate comment.

    Lady Nyo


  7. bluebee Says:

    Terrible devastation, Lady Nyo – can’t imagine what it is like living in the path of these monsters of nature – your words give insight


  8. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Bluebee.

    Any insight is from a far distance. The devastation of this week is unimaginable. It’s like a A bomb was dropped on whole towns….rubble reduced to matchsticks.

    And this is only April….May is when the ‘real’ storms hit. Can’t wait.

    Thank you, Bluebee for reading and your comment. The need is horrific and it goes way beyond the giving of money.

    Lady Nyo


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