“Metamorphosis II”

Continuing this series…. 


“Laura, come to bed!  What are you doing out there?”

Laura was doing nothing.  Just drinking tea and looking out the window, humming to herself.

She had lost weight, grown taciturn, seemed sexless.  Harold, confused, was getting on her last nerve.

Laura entered the bedroom. Harold, bald and boring, glared at her.

“What is wrong with you? Didn’t you hear me?”

*Oh yes, thought Laura.  Thirty years of this marriage didn’t stop up my ears, just my mouth. And my heart.*


Laura opened the closet to hang up her robe.  Inside, on a hanger, was a giant bat, its dull black wings wrapped tightly, hanging upside down.  Laura shoved it aside, looking for a hanger for her robe.  She got into bed and turned off the light.



The police looked at the carnage on the bed.  Blood everywhere, a real massacre. Something was wrong, damned if they could figure it out.  The wife, mute, had to be in shock. Weird, batty woman. 

Laura, her gown bloody, drank her tea and looked out the window.  Under the tree was a big dark man, standing with his arms wrapped around his chest. He looked up and nodded. 

Laura smiled and winked.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2012

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4 Responses to ““Metamorphosis II””

  1. brian miller Says:

    wow…so was there a first part to this…because of the II i was wondering…her non chalance with the bat hanging in the closet threw me off a bit…a little humor withe the ‘batty woman’ line as well….intriguing piece jane…


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Yeah Brian…it’s a series….IF I remember…. it’s 8 pieces that proceed one from to the next.
    Part #1 is mostly atmosphere…setting a stage…no humor. Part #11 brings in the humor with her ignoring the bat (her nonchalance in sliding him on a hanger while looking for another) …and I hope it all builds. It gets very silly later on.

    I realize that many readers won’t get the nuances about Gorean/bdsm/shibari/d/s stuff in this…but what the hell. It was written when I was in ERWA, and a LOT of those folk were the above…or made reference to this stuff. I tried to turn it on its head with using what is usually approached (by many) in a ‘serious’ way. I just didn’t buy it…though I will say that all these things referenced were interesting but ultimately BORING (and not so creative). In fact, the ‘role’ playing IF you were female could be pretty oppressive. I try to turn that on its head, too.

    This series is totally light and with no philosophical intent. Its purpose was just to entertain…probably me, mostly.

    Thanks, Brian…for reading.



  3. Steve E Says:

    “…he looked up and nodded.” And that’s all we needed to know.–grin! (or GRIMM!)


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Yep, Steve, and so the series begins.



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