“Autumn Coming”

Well, it is.  Finally. 

Here in the south, we try to disappear during the months of July – August, try to find cool cover from the high temps. This year was unusual. Oh, we had hot weather enough, but August has come in as a surprise.  This is the month most dreaded, yet  the temps have not really risen above the mid 80’s for a couple of weeks. Morning lows are in the mid 60’s and that is rather unusual.  Perhaps we will have a ‘normal’ winter?

I broke my left wrist July 4th, and I am still recovering.  Typing has been just about impossible, but this morning I awoke with at least the title of a new poem-to-be:  “Hollow Eyes”.  Whether the rest of the words follow the title will remain to be seen. This lagging pain has stopped any poetic creativity for a while now.

I have a dear friend in India, Dr. RK Singh, who has not been feeling  well.  He is a famous poet, with many books and critical articles to his name. In my whinning to him about my own ‘lack o’ poetry’, he said the same thing.  Right now he didn’t feel moved to write poetry, and in the same email, he sent a wonderful, biting poem, that belied his condition.

And that is the way, I think, of poets.  This down time has forced me to read poets that I should have read before, or at least read them with more resolve.  Auden, Stevens, Pound, Marianne Moore, etc….and the Big Book of Poetry….”American Poets From The Puritans To the Present”….by H. Waggoner.  I can’t say I like them all, but it’s important reading, and reading something about their lives, I can see that some measure of pain brings forth some of their poetry.

I already know that “Hollow Eyes” will be about the darker side of humanity: about a black man running down the street in an Atlanta neighborhood, shooting at houses; about a ‘religious’ Jew who hates most of humanity and turned to sadism and depravity; about a relative who just hates. These people or events are all within my experience and I struggled to put a ‘face’ on this kind of violence.  The best I can do I think, is to see down into their hollow eyes and  perhaps see why they are so twisted.  Perhaps by seeing into that darkness, I can see through to some light of ‘understanding’.  Remains to be seen.

Lady Nyo


Autumn Coming


Bullfrogs bellow a different pitch

Autumn’s fast approaching.

And though they soak in a rocky pond

Summer’s heat they can’t escape.


Full moon reflects in half-sunk eyes

Perhaps fish mistake the moons of Mars

And in their algaed depth by night

They travel the cosmos past the stars.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2012

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6 Responses to ““Autumn Coming””

  1. dieta Says:

    Visiting Las Vegas the color of the terra cotta roofs and the fat woman at the slots reminded me of what Frank O’Hara wrote: “how terrible orange is, and life,” except that her dress was blue, and I would have felt the same I bet but unable to put into words had he written how terrible some other color is, because what is really terrible and beautiful is life, and for all of us who can’t be poets all the time and those of us who can’t be poets at all, words are what wait for us in poems, and not just captions for a cartoon contest based on the delights and sorrows of others, not just names for our illnesses – instructions for their cure, or lines to help us get lucky, but directions to where we are, which is the desert, let’s face it, and what we need to get our hands on like Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller at the well is water.


  2. CZBZ Says:

    So sorry about your wrist, Jane. What lousy luck, breaking a bone in the summer. It’s never the right time to break bones though it seems better to sit by the fire with a wrist in a bandage during cold winter days.

    Beautiful poem, as always…”Fish mistake the moons of Mars”. Beautiful…



  3. ladynyo Says:

    Hi CZ!

    Good to hear from you. Actually this whole year has been the pits….first, severely sprained right ankle in the end of Dec…then vertigo that lasted for 5 weeks…and that was just scary…then this on the Fourth. Actually, this morning could grab a pen for the first time and pay bills….lol.

    You are right…would rather this happen in the winter when things are right and proper to do little to nothing…summer is such a tease…with all these flowers and gardens, etc…and of course…mosquitoes. Actually, i would wish this on nobody.

    The worst is this: you have no energy…sapped by pain, to even read seriously. I had almost completed two books to be published this year, and now? no steam for anything.

    Hope you are well, and thnak you for reading…always…and your comment. As I said…the creative brain is a piece of mush right now…hopefully things will improve.

    Hugs back…


  4. Steve E Says:

    Famous haiku:

    “Of an early death
    showing no awareness
    the cicada sings”

    I love your writes, Jane!

    Hope your pain subsides, and creative focus returns, although I cannot visualize your poet-matic brain as “mush”.
    PEACE, dear Jane.
    Steve E


  5. ladynyo Says:

    hi steve….beautiful haiku you send here. Thank you so much.

    mush it has been for a while, but I am starting to clear a bit. pain dominates at times, but it will subside in time. hopefully.

    however, this situation has served to make me more cautious, and it also has brought about other ‘good’ things.

    Thank you, dear friend, for your well wishes….and your friendship.

    peace and hugs,


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Agree totally. And Thank You!

    Lady Nyo


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