A Healing Miracle…..


Last night I received an email from a lovely gentleman who reads this blog.  He mentioned a ‘healing miracle’ he had experienced years ago.  Last night we experienced something of our own healing miracle.

We have a 15 year old cat, Rose (amongst others….) beloved by us and especially my husband.  Rose is his ‘little girl’ and climbs into his lap whenever he sits down.  They are inseparable, watching TV together and both purring up a storm.

Yesterday evening we gave Rose a flea bath and a few hours later found her panting heavily on the slate hearth.  She moved to the wooden floor beneath a ceiling fan and it seemed she was dying.  She was breathing hard, cold in the ears and feet and things didn’t look at all good.  I wouldn’t have given a plugged nickel for her survival then.  She was almost comatose, unresponsive.

I took a pillow and lay down besides her, trying to comfort her.  I have a horror of an animal dying alone and have gone through this many times, even on a sidewalk with a dying stray animal, and Rose seemed to be on this list.

My husband and I decided to dig a grave in the best front flower garden and he went out and did this.  Rose seemed to quiet down and I thought she was at the end stage of dying.  She closed her mouth and I was sure we were at the end.  Husband came in, said goodbye to Rose and went back to the football game.  We didn’t know if she had a stroke, a heart attack or was suffering the effects of the chemicals in the flea bath, but she seemed near gone.

When we are faced with death, we bargain.  I don’t know what cat-goddess, Buddha, Lord Jizo or Jesus Christ was holding the reins of Rose’s life, but suddenly she stood up and pointed herself towards her daddy.  I yelled for him to come and see this, and he scooped her up in his arms and went with her back to the football game.  Within an hour she was ‘normal’ and eating the fish I couldn’t for dinner.

We were shaking our heads in amazement, laughing together, relieved that Rose had pulled out another cat-life.  She slept on my chest trying to smother me, or moved to the curve of my sling, trying me mightily.  I got maybe 2 hours of sleep, but this morning Rose is up to her old tricks.  She is fine.  She is better than fine.

Last winter we nursed her through pneumonia for a month, waking during the night to comfort her in her racking coughs.  We have a traveling vet and she wasn’t optimistic about her chances. She was 15 after all.  But she pulled through.

Lying next to her on the floor, I cajoled her about other cats that had lived to almost 20. She had at least 5 more years with us, our beautiful, Cleopatra-eyed Rose.   As I said, I was bargaining with all the tools of persuasion I had.

This morning I went outside to look at the grave.  It was deep, a double decker you could bury two cats in.  I asked my husband why so deep? He had picked out a potted rose, a beautiful salmon colored, beautifully fragrant rose to plant over her. 

We are still shaking our heads, looking at each other in awe and wonder.  The life force is powerful, and Rose was sticking around.  There will be no more flea baths for her, as I found out that this can be very dangerous for elderly cats.  It will be a flea comb from now on.

Rose is sleeping in her favorite window right now, purring up a storm.  She dodged a bullet, pulled out another cat-life to move on, but we are shaken.

This was a perfect example of a ‘healing miracle’.  Thank you, Spiros.  And thank you friends who got an email last night begging for your healing thoughts.


Lady Nyo


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8 Responses to “A Healing Miracle…..”

  1. Pat Hatt Says:

    Sometimes miracles do happen, wonderful that she pulled through, hopefully she still has plenty of lives to spare for a little while longer too.


  2. Spiros Zafiris Says:

    ..that’s wild, Lady Nyo..i’m pleased your Rose pulled through..and your writing about this chapter, in your life, was a most interesting
    read..but please don’t thank me..and, now, when i ask for the strength of you and yours i will mention your pets too..there is another lady for whom i ask for her pets too for she would be
    truly sad without them..be well..>>spiros


  3. ladynyo Says:

    I will thank you, Spiros, because kindness in this world can be few and far apart. It is wild how things worked out. And when I was attending to our Rose, you gave me hope.

    Thank you, dear friend. Our pets are truly part of our family. We have 11 cats and three dogs…all throwaways…and without us they would suffer. We would also suffer without them.

    Rose is a remarkable, intelligent cat. Her loss will devastate us, you really can’t prepare for these things, but there will come a time.

    She has a temper, and if she doesn’t like how things are going around the house, she will knock things off a table to show her disgust. I call that communication and intelligence. LOL!



  4. ladynyo Says:

    Pat! It’s so good to hear from you. A long time, neh?

    I know that you will have sympathy for our Rose, and I know how much you love your own cats.
    Yes, sometimes miracles do happen, and in unexpected places.



  5. johnallenrichter Says:

    Lovely story…. Pets can become incredibly special to us…. Perhaps you can fill the hole with a Rose of Sharon bush, which will grow quickly and perhaps give her shade when the time does come…


  6. Nick Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Rose has recovered so quickly and so well! That’s really good news.

    Rose to Jane: “Ha! If you think I’m going to that grave any time soon, you gotta another thing coming! Meow.”

    Did you get the email I sent you yesterday?


  7. ladynyo Says:

    hi nick….you know that rose has her own way of proceeding….but we are watching her closely.]

    Yes, I did….but haven’t had much time to respond. trying to get things ready to leave for new jersey and 100 year old aunt jean.



  8. ladynyo Says:

    hi john…..you are right about pets….i have one rose of sharon…and it is huge! it would overwhelm the space…but it’s a lovely idea.

    thank you, john, for reading and your kind comment.



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