Autumn colors from my bathroom window today

Working in the backyard all day, I’m dog tired. But the property looks better, with hens corralled and rye grass sown in expectation of that beautiful Irish green come early spring.

What sustained me was what was around….the full blown beauty of the fall, still color dripping on this canvas, the heavy rains of last week merciful to the trees and their jewel-like glory. I took this picture from my upstairs bathroom window. The light was good and though almost dusk, the colors stood out. A flock of Sandhill cranes were high above, honking mournfully and it looked like their GPS was broken as they circled repeatedly in formation. The winds were carassing my tired bones and for once, the three hounds were laying around sunning themselves and not underfoot.

Much to be thankful for, especially the good advice of dear friends.

Lady Nyo


Stuttering winds blow across
Clouds tinted by the failing sun.
Brittle air softens,
Now a faded blue–
Shade of an old man’s watery eyes.

A late flock of Sandhill cranes lift off,
Pale bodies blending in the
Twilight with legs
Flowing dark streamers,
Their celestial cries fall to
A harsh, chiding rain.

The trees in the valley
Are massed in darkness
As waning light leaches
Color from nature,
Creeps from field to hillock
And all below prepares for the
Rising of the Corn Moon.

Even frogs in the pond
Listen between croaks
For the intention of the night.

Jane Kohut-Bartels
Copyrighted, 2010
From: White Cranes of Heaven, 2011

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2 Responses to “”

  1. Spiros Zafiris Says:

    ..very enjoyable read..especially the poem..the
    ending [last 2 lines] are simply beautiful..>>spiros


  2. ladynyo Says:

    hello Spiros!

    I guess you are referring to the lastesst poem.?? “The intention of the night”? LOL!

    Yes, that was a brief burst of inspiration!

    Thank you, Spiros, for reading and your lovely comment. Hope you are well…

    My best!



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