“A Kapitany”, Chapter 27

Not so much a warning for this chapter. I’ve had a lot of fun writing this book, especially these later chapters. I began “A Kapitany” in 2007, but deserted this novel after Chapter 14. BDSM is an enormous field of study and frankly? Other work got in the way. However, with the support of friends and readers in this lifestyle, I was encouraged to finish this book. The theme has changed over the course of writing this book and I feel on more solid ground now. I hope to publish this in the spring, or perhaps early summmer. Thank you John Taurus and others who are reading and giving advice. Their experience in this world is a great help in writing this novel. There is a sex scene i have eliminated towards the end of this chapter. Don’t want to raise any hackles.

Lady Nyo

“Soffia, I need a favor, darling. Yes, I know, your Vadas only calls when he needs a favor. Soffia, listen to me. I must come to Budapest.”

Vadas grimaced and pulled at his cigarette. Soffia could be a hard ass and right now she was being just that. He shifted the phone on his shoulder and stretched his legs.

“I have several things to do in Budapest. What I need is you to come here and stay with Elizabeth. No, she is much better, she is walking around. Yes, she is better, but I don’t want to leave her alone right now. I still don’t know where Miklos is, and I don’t want him showing up here when I am gone. No, I have men posted to watch, but I don’t want to alarm her.”

Vadas held the phone from his ear. Soffia was full of grievances this morning. He wasn’t in a mood to listen.

“No, darling, I haven’t told her yet you are coming. I thought I should ask first. Yes, I know, Soffia, I take great advantage of you. I will make it up. What? You pick. You know your Vadas will buy what you desire. I always have, darling.”

Vadas blew smoke towards the ceiling. “Listen, Soffia, Elizabeth has agreed to marry. Yes, I am speaking the truth. No, I didn’t burn her passport. No, I didn’t break her arm, funny lady.”

He rolled his eyes. Soffia was chattering on. “Look, you can help with planning the wedding. What? Yes, it will be a wedding. A big wedding. You will be maid of honor or whatever they call the woman next to the bride. Where? Some church in Eger. You take her around and show things. You can buy the dress, and another one for you. Yes, like last time. I trust you, Soffia. She will be a pretty bride. You both will be pretty brides. What? I’ll marry you off to one of my men, ok? You will like living in the countryside. No, I am teasing, Soffia. I know you are too sophisticated for these men around here.”

A few more minutes and Vadas got what he wanted. Soffia was coming out by car and would stay with Elizabeth for a few days. This would give him the time to go to Paris, see his lawyers and visit the old aunties. They were his only living relatives. It was crucial he at least visit and invite them in person. They held some important purse strings.

At lunch Vadas asked Elizabeth what should be done with the frescos.

“For now? Nothing, Vadas. First secure the roof. Anything done before that would be pointless. Then fix the plaster in the ceilings. It’s rather scary lying under that ceiling in the bed. It could all give in at any moment. But the frescos should not be touched. They are too valuable and historic for any hands besides professional conservators. And that would cost a lot of money.”

Elizabeth pushed around her salad. She still wasn’t eating much.

“Probably the damp in the house doesn’t help. Fix the windows in the rooms where there are frescos. Where there aren’t, board them up properly. They will be costly to fix anyway. Those sashes have to be custom made.”

Vadas smiled over his coffee. “You have been thinking, no? You speak good sense, Elizabeth. Now, I have a plan. You do that stuff on the internet, you know, press those buttons, and find the people who can fix the roof first. You can go into Eger and ask. I would start there first.”

Elizabeth looked doubtful. “Vadas, do you remember I don’t speak Hungarian? They would laugh at me first, and then throw me out.”

“Well, I have a solution. I have asked Soffia to come up for a couple of days. Now, listen to me, Elizabeth. I have to go to Budapest for a couple of days, on business only and no you can’t come. I will be racing all over and you will not be able to keep up. Plus, I have to call upon my old aunties and invite them to the wedding. You and Soffia can plan the wedding, you two girls. This is woman stuff, and it best left in your capable hands. Four capable hands.”

Elizabeth still looked doubtful. In fact, she looked upset. Vadas guessed what was worrying her.

“Listen, Elizabeth. Soffia has promised to be good. She has promised not to get you under her or whatever she does. Ok? No hanky panky from her. Plus, she is Hungarian and can help arrange the workmen. It will be fun. You won’t even miss me and I will be back before you do.”
Elizabeth said nothing. She continued to push her food around the plate.

Vadas sat back and watched. “Do you remember, Elizabeth, when I told you I would feed you? That you would eat from my hand only? Do I have to do that now? You are going to look like a scarecrow at your wedding. What man wants to sleep with a woman who is skin and bones? The winter, Elizabeth, is hard in these hills.”

Vadas had no trouble with his own appetite. He cut up his meat and held out his fork. “You come here, Elizabeth. You eat this. Then you eat another mouthful.”

Elizabeth looked at him, her eyes filling with tears. “Vadas, I’m scared.”

“What? You scared of meat?”

“You know, you must know. What if Miklos comes back when you are gone? What if he comes here? Soffia is no defense against him. You know that.”

Vadas sat back and patted his knee. “You come here Elizabeth and I will explain something.”

Elizabeth knew his behavior made her look like a child, a ‘good girl’ in his terms. But she was scared and the news he was going away put her on edge.

She sat on his lap and Vadas wrapped his arms around her. He had this habit of humming off key when she was close by, and Elizabeth found it strangely comforting.

“Now look, Elizabeth. You and Soffia will be safe. I have men here you won’t see. But anyone who approaches by foot or car will be known. These men are hunters and they know this particular prey. And you are wrong about Soffia. I would rather go up against two men than Soffia. She is a good shot, too. I will give her a gun. Hell, you can have a gun, too. Ok? Dry your tears and eat this good food.”

“Vadas, I can handle a gun. I have before.”

“What? You know how to shoot? I will sleep with one eye open from now on. Eat another piece of meat.”

Just to see if she could handle a gun, Vadas took her out behind the lodge where there was a meadow. He set up some bottles as targets and loaded a large pistol. Standing behind her with his hands around hers, he told her to gently squeeze the trigger. She missed.

“Ok, we do this again. You hold the gun steady, Elizabeth. You are jerking when it went off.”

“Vadas. Let me do this without your hands all over. Let me try, please.”

Vadas backed off and Elizabeth considered the target. She closed one eye and aimed carefully. The bottle exploded.

“Good girl! That was beginner’s luck. You try again.” Elizabeth hit the bottle but the gun was heavy. It wasn’t a light pistol, but a heavy European model. The sound scared her.

“Enough, Vadas. My wrist hurts. I have shot a gun before. I don’t use pistols, so this was hard. I have my own shotgun.”

“What? You have a shotgun? What, a lady’s gun? Maybe a small gauge? Something for mice?”

Elizabeth laughed. “No, Vadas, I have a 12 gauge for bird hunting. I have another, a breech loader, I use with skeet.”

“Oh, skeet don’t taste good, Elizabeth.” Vadas laughed and shook his head.

“Each day I learn something new about you. This is good, Elizabeth. By the time we are married I will know all your secrets.”

Elizabeth smiled. “Don’t bet on it, Vadas. I have lived a long life. I have many secrets.”

Vadas took the gun and put it in his vest pocket. He put his arm around Elizabeth’s shoulder and they went back to the lodge.

That evening Elizabeth asked him. “So when are you leaving and when is Soffia coming?”

Vadas looked up from his paper. “Are you pushing me out the door? Well, Soffia is coming tomorrow and I thought I would hang around until she got here. Then I can read her the riot act again.” Vadas went back to his paper.

When Soffia arrived, Vadas brought her into his study and closed the door. They were in there for a while and Elizabeth decided to take a walk. She would see if she could spy these men lingering about. Vadas said they would be invisible, but she wanted to see for herself. When she came back in the lodge, Vadas and Soffia were by the fire drinking whisky.

“Ah, Elizabeth darling! You look good! So much better than those first few days in hospital.”

“Hello, Soffia.” Elizabeth went and kissed her on both cheeks. “It’s good to see you again.” She sat down on a small sofa. Vadas held out his whisky to her and she shook her head.

“Vadas has given me a list of things we can do and things we can’t do,” Soffia said brightly. “But we can spend his money and that is the best thing.”
Vadas sighed. “Always you women spend my money. That is constant.”

He took a deep pull on his drink. “Now Elizabeth, I have explained to Soffia something. You two go up to the house, but always take one of my men. Better to take two. One inside and one outside watching. Soffia knows who, so she leads. You go into Eger, Soffia will drive, and you will be safe there. But I have given specific orders to Soffia and you are to obey, ok?”

Elizabeth looked at Soffia. She was met by a big grin. It was clear to Elizabeth Soffia had her own plans.

Vadas must have caught something. He clucked his tongue at her. “You remember Rule Number One, Soffia. You don’t forget it.”

That night Soffia slept in Elizabeth’s bedroom. Vadas was working on some papers and came upstairs late. Elizabeth had gone to bed and was just falling asleep. She tried to stay awake until he came up, but the day’s activities and Soffia coming had worn her out. Vadas undressed by a small lamp and came in bed.

“Elizabeth, I know you are awake. I can tell by your breathing. Now listen. Soffia has her orders. She will be good company for you. I will be gone three, maybe five days, but I will be back before you miss me.”

“Ok, Vadas”, she said with a yawn. “Soffia has her orders, I hear you.” Sitting up, she asked. “Vadas, listen to me. You made a promise about Miklos. Are you going after him? Is this why you are leaving now?”

“Elizabeth. You don’t worry about what I am doing. I’m seeing lawyers, old aunties and wine clients. You will learn I have business that doesn’t concern you. Now, you be a good girl and behave with Soffia. At least tell me you will behave.” Vadas switched off the little lamp.

Sliding down the bed he pulled Elizabeth towards him. He began kissing her neck and worked his way down to her breast.

“You are warm and soft. You eat more and the bed will be warmer this winter.” He had an erection and pulled one of her legs over his hip.


“Elizabeth”, Vadas murmured, almost asleep. “How come you never ask me for anything? You know I will give it.”

Elizabeth, half asleep, was wrapped in his arms under a blanket. The heat from his body made the blanket unnecessary. She wondered what she should say.

“I don’t need anything, Vadas. You are generous enough. What do I have to want?”

“Soffia always gets something when she asks. You know I have a soft spot for women. I can’t say no. You want a car? I will buy you a nice Mercedes. I will give you a driver so you don’t get lost.

“Vadas, go to sleep. I want nothing. Perhaps when we marry we can bring my Aunt Irene over for the wedding?”

“Of course, that would be nice. You know you can ask me for anything, Elizabeth. A husband takes care of his wife.”

“I’m not your wife yet, Vadas. I will be expensive enough when I am. Think of the cost of all those sheep and a trained sheep dog. You will howl at the price.”

Vadas laughed, a deep rumbling sound in the room. “I am thinking of roast lamb right now, with a good bottle of wine.”

“Vadas, go to sleep. You are always thinking of your stomach.”

Vadas fell asleep, snoring loudly. Elizabeth fell asleep but not before she thought of what he said. She really didn’t have anything to want for, except her safety from Miklos. She knew Vadas would not listen to her. She knew he would continue to go after Miklos. As long as she stuck close to his side, she would be safe. If he could do this, Vadas could do anything. She wanted for nothing, really. Vadas always paid.

Jane Kohut-Bartels
Copyrighted, 2007-2013

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29 Responses to ““A Kapitany”, Chapter 27”

  1. Jacquetta Jarrett Says:

    I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I’m not confident whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble. You’re incredible! Thanks!


  2. tashtoo Says:

    Okay…you took it easy on us in this post…my prude lives for another day 😉 The characters, with this one little chapter, have me fascinated…on to the next one! You weave your pen brilliantly!


  3. how men last longer in bed Says:

    how men last longer in bed…

    […]“A Kapitany”, Chapter 27 « Lady Nyo’s Weblog[…]…


  4. ladynyo Says:

    LOL! Tashtoo~! Well, there are a few more chapters right behind this one…on the blog. I’ve had a field day with this…

    The theme is international art thieves, and insurance fraud, but the underlying theme is a Hungarian Dominant (as in D/s) who fall in love despite his best efforts not to. Vadas Dohendy is a character I have known, actually, but he’s more of a composite of a number of men. Hungary is a Dom nation. They haven’t really embraced feminism yet, but it’s making strides.

    Hungarian men are a trip. I know, I’ve half Hungarian and was ‘watched’ over by relatives. You don’t get away with many things unless you move. LOL!

    BDSM is a huge topic, and 1/2 of the novel is within that context….but things change, when he falls in love.

    Thank you, Tash, for reading and your comment.



  5. tashtoo Says:

    I will be taking in those chapters…color me intrigued! 🙂


  6. brian miller Says:

    and here i was a little disappointed you saved us from the sex scene….smiles….ha…some fun interactions in this…i am intrigued by your comment and how things change for him after love..that def happens…you do have some very rich characters…probably because they are based on those you know…very nice…


  7. ladynyo Says:

    Well, Brian, I was considering the children and the chickens….My son doesn’t read my blog, but his Navy fellows might.

    There’s a LOT of sex in this book….too much I think but it flows from the original theme. Now? Things are a bit different because …well, the plot thickens…. LOL!

    When you dig down and write from what you know or are interessted in…regardless what it is, you can manufacture some involved stuff. Vadas in the beginning of the novel was a predator….a Dominant within the context of bdsm, D/s who was bored with the whole scene….there were reasons but the book had to progress before I knew what they were. He’s aging and wants the security of love…without giving over his total domination. Elizabeth is intrigued with this ‘uber man’ but at the same time, she sees the cracks. She evens the score, too.

    I think with any novel, when you have strong characters…they tell you so much about themselves: how they act, their weaknesses, their personalities are revealed…or perhaps they grow?

    Vadas is very much in command, but he’s willing to move over for Elizabeth. Somewhat. He’s typically Hungarian in a real sense…but then again, he’s intrigued by Elizabeth’s calmness in the face of his antics. Or something like this.
    Love does make all the difference. It wasn’t there on either side for 1/2 the novel, and then when it was, it was confusing for both of them. Vadas especially because he hasn’t the abilities (yet) of relaxing into it. He’s learning from Elizabeth, this ‘girl’ (in BDSM terms) and she gives him trust and he gives her respect. It’s a very slow dance…or atleast it seems to me.

    Glad you liked it, Brian. I know that many are scared off of reading something like this…not so much for the sex scenes (which are plentiful…but they change, too) but because they claim they don’t like the ‘inequality’ of the relationships in D/s….and I agree. However, that issue evens out.

    As for Chapter 23….it’s a very violent scene, and I asked a friend to read it and she claimed she was ‘sickened by violence’ so she refused to read it, but she is the first to watch Quentin Tarantino films, and I can’t match that violence. And don’t want to.

    Yeah, I love Vadas…he’s a hoot. uber man in many ways….hehehe…but he’s a softie at heart.

    Thank you, Brian for reading this and your comment.



  8. ladynyo Says:

    I’m so glad, Tash. So many people who are writers don’t read this ‘dark side stuff’..and I understand. But I fought with a lot of people to write …and to write freely. My family, friends, religious authorities, editors, publishers, etc…..fuck ’em.

    I went through a period of a few short years in bdsm…mostly for research on this book and then? Well, I got quirked and left, but after a few years absence of all this, I started to reread this book, and thought it a good story. Others did, too, and encouraged me to finish it. I am so thankful for them. One reason: being a woman and being a writer…well, we can give ourselves barriers to what to write: what is ‘nice’, proper, moral, etc. And that just closese down a lot of isuses as a woman and as a writer.

    Funny, I just got Simone de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex” and have been reading it. We share the same birthday. I realize now that she struggled so much with her writing because of male supremacy, cultural and other social issues, morals, and this book is a MUST read for all women writers.

    So glad you are intrigued. I had to kick a lot of asses out of the way to continue to write this novel. My own got in the way, too. Freedom to explore into whatever subject that intrigues you is very precious. We so many times close the door on this for ourselves because of social pressures. My husband stood with me against all sorts of people who wanted it buried. I am thankful for that.

    And thankful that you are reading those few chapters.



  9. tashtoo Says:

    You are hero! Everything you state above is a constant battle…what I want vs. what other “expect” from me…I’m working on it…fighting the good fight…and following your lead! Thank you for being such an example…and weaving such a wicked pen!


  10. ladynyo Says:

    LOL! “Wicked pen”…well, I guess some of this novel (maybe all of it…) will get me a bench in Hell. LOL!

    Tash, it’s a life long struggle to write. Period. It’s even harder when we have these social conceived issues of what is ‘good’ and proper to write and what isn’t.

    I say this: Follow your gut. Follow your instincts. To hell with everyone else. Even other writers (and especially other writers at times…)


    I have been a writer only for 6 years in public. It’s been a struggle. But the man who has championed my writing the most, Bill Penrose, (who has also formatted my 3 books and hopefully will survive to do “A Kapitany”) said this: The writer always has the last word.

    Bill is a former Canadian and one of the most careful writers I have read. He’s a classic in many themes. And a fabulous friend. When I first entered ERWA (Erotica Readers and Writers Ass.) I faced a lot of men and some women who were very chiding. Not because of the sexual themes I was so carefully writing, but just because I was a woman. There was a lot of issues. Bill championed me. I couldn’t believe it. But I seriously learned from this good man. There was one woman, Rose, who also was supportive there.

    I left after a few years, and I needed to leave. I found my own writing to be so much more expansive and better than what I had been reading at ERWA. I say this modestly. So many writers get stuck in a trap. They don’t learn to write anything else except erotica, mystery, crime, etc. I say, attempt whatever fits your fancy. And apologize to no one.


    My first book was titled “A Seasoning of Lust” because I felt erotica could be so heavily handled….sex was a ‘seasoning’ not the whole damn meal. LOL! But a woman does write differently than a man, and has a different perspective on sex, love, violence, etc. Just different. And I think we need to get in touch with that difference.

    I only became a poet 4 years ago, and frankly, One Stop and Dversepoets were my learning grounds, classrooms. I was very lucky that other international writers of great acclaim (Dr. RK Singh for example) found my writings and my blog and bought my books. That was a kick because I was nobody. I was a very, very new writer.

    Then there were other writers of international acclaim who were just….dismissive. I won’t name them here, but they showed their asses. LOL! I learned that not every writer is kind to a new one.

    You know what? Follow your heart. sometimes we follow our interests and end up in a corner…alone and deserted. But then again, we get wiser. I think the human condition is all the same….IF we write to that….sex, love, disaster, betrayal, these things that are common to all of us….we can hit a mark.

    I will never know the majority of people from around the world who are reading my work, but I know I am making that all important connection. That is validation for me.

    What you want….as a writer and as a woman, is validation. We all want that. But the most important validation is from ourselves. That is the only way we can survive the slings and arrows of life and the public. But that takes time. Be bold as a writer, and don’t take shit. It’s not easy, Tash…but what other way do we have to become writers of some interest and feel good about ourselves? That is the key thing: to feel good about what you are creating.



  11. tashtoo Says:

    I have stolen your response Jane…cut and pasted and it is my new screen saver…I will write if it kills me, and with the support of writers and mentors like yourself…I will write what I want to…I had a feeling about this evening…this was much needed…it’s a virtual bear hug back to you! Thank you!


  12. ladynyo Says:

    Tash, If I can help in any way, call upon me. We have to support each other. I have found such support with you, Brian, Hedge, Karin, and others here.

    Writing doesn’t have to kill you. LOL! It should be the greatest joy around. I rememmber when I adopted my child, back in 1990…he was three years old, and witih htat very munth, I started writing my first (and unplublished…LOL) novel. My husband took care of the kid for 5 months until it was ‘out’ of my system.

    I didn’t know that things would perk up again in such force that in 2006 I started writing the second novel. LOL!

    You persevere on because you really don’t have any other way to go. To stop it all, this ball rolling down hill, is sudden death…or later death to the spirit.

    Hugs, Jane….


  13. ladynyo Says:

    This was from the spam folder, but I thought it funny….and probably appropriate to the book. LOL!

    Lady Nyo


  14. ladynyo Says:

    Again this was spam, but it tickled me.

    Lady Nyo


  15. Grace Says:

    And here I was curious to read the sex part 🙂 Interesting update Jane and I agree on writing for yourself. There were some chapters missing between the last one, but I can put it together. Yikes though on the rape and cruelty to women ~ Men need to learn a few things ~

    Cheers ~


  16. ladynyo Says:

    Yes, Grace..men need to learn a few things: like rape and brutality to women can (and should) cost them their lives. What has happened in India doesn’t surprise me one bit. And these ‘men’ should pay with their lives….the woman was brutally tortured and died.

    There are some chapters missing just because they detail the brutality done to Elizabeth by Miklos. (A man who is the ‘boss’ of the ring of art thieves…and is from Transylvania. There is so much ‘stuff’ between the Hungarians and Transylvanians that I can get so distracted from this story…or perhaps I can write it in the plot, and have tried to do so…but on a minor scale here).

    I think Chapter 23 is the most important chapter for a reason. It shows the violence of men, confronting each other over what they preceive as an insult to themselves….the woman in many cases in just incidental. In this book, Vadas is enraged what is done to Elizabeth by Miklos, and enraged that Elizabeth wants him to ‘forget it’. That is a hard thing for Vadas to do: it insults and perverts his manhood, ego and standing amongst other men. Well, we will see. Elizabeth is a more civilizing influence on Vadas, but Vadas has the support of ‘righteousness’.

    Thanks for reading, Grace and you comments.



  17. blog Says:

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  18. ManicDdaily Says:

    Very cool excerpt – enjoyed characters and pace. The guns a bit of ouch! But all interesting. (If you go to my place – no obligation! you will enjoy the prior post more than dVerse one, I think – homing in–)

    I am so terrible about writing fiction these days! I am inspired by you but need to get to work = I can’t bear to type anything I’ve written long hand – vision too difficult for something long. Agh. Hope all is well. k.


  19. Ziibi Says:

    Yeah I found you! 🙂 Is this story published?


  20. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Zibi…Nope…not yet…not even finished! Thank you for subscribing to the blog, and I did read your poem….very nice.

    “A Kapitany” is at a critical juncture…and it will take me all winter to finish I believe….but I love the characters…of course, they also are a pain in the ass to develop. But it’s fun, a lot of fun writing this book.

    Thanks for reading, your comment and for subscribing to the blog.

    Lady Nyo (Jane)


  21. ladynyo Says:

    Hi K! How are you? Meant to contact you over the holidays and then all hell broke loose! Writing around the clock but it doesn’t help quality, neh?

    Yeah, my vision is not good and there are a lot of typos in my responses here…and there! LOL!

    i will definitely go to your blog. I love your writing…so well done and sophisticated. That fish poem is still rattling around my head.

    I am 65 today. Yikes…I am beyond Crone. LOL! And since I have time and don’t have to work ….I can dedicate my entire life to writing….good and bad. Have gone back to Belly Dancing and last night blew out my right knee~ LOL! at 3am woke up yelling and the cats scattered, the husband sat up fast, and the dogs in the laundry room started to collectively howl. LOL! Took 15 minutes to get all quieted again.

    Happy New Year, Sweetie~~~

    Hugs and love,


  22. ladynyo Says:

    I’m not sure about this, as I don’t do this…dropping an email to someone unknown. But if they continue to read the blog, they certainly can contact me.

    Lady Nyo


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  26. idebenone Says:

    “Zoltan almost lost his life. I would have had his blood on my hands. It’s the least I can do.” Vadas shook his head. The shock of seeing Zoltan in the car would not soon fade.


  27. Francesco Says:

    Post writing is also a fun, if you know afterward
    you can write otherwise it is complicated to write.


  28. ladynyo Says:

    LOL! Don’t exactly know what this means, but I am going to allow it.

    Lady Nyo


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