“Autumn Poem of mid November”,


Sunset in a Violent Sky, copyrighted, 2007, janekohut-bartels, watercolor

Sunset in a Violent Sky, copyrighted, 2007, janekohut-bartels, watercolor

Recently I had the particular joy of having Nick Nicholson in our home for a number of days.  Nick is an old friend, or at least one of 7 plus years.  We met when we both were new writers on a particular website (ERWA) and through those hard years learned something about writing.  Nick was on holiday from Canberra, Australia.  He had spent around five weeks touring Paris, Venice, Prague, New York City, and then he came to us in Atlanta.  We didn’t get much sleep over those four days.  In part it was because we were working on a new book together.  Nick has offered to do the cover and photos (graphics, etc.) of “The Nightingale’s Song”, and I couldn’t  be happier. This is the first time in 5 books that I have had a collaborator.  It’s a different experience, and it helps that Nick is someone who is so larded with gifts.  He is a musician, painter, writer, poet and also a crack photographer.  He sent some shots of an afternoon’s work in a local park in Canberra, and just about everyone of these pictures could be used in “Nightingale”.  I was overwhelmed with the riches of his imagination and camera. Nick took back the manuscript and when his part of the work is done, it will be published from Australia.  Maybe later this winter, maybe this spring.  I’m not worried.  In Nick’s capable hands, it will be a better book than with the vision and poetry of just one.

Lady Nyo



Autumn Poem of mid November,


This waning Autumn season,

That bursts upon the mindscape

Through the vehicle of landscape

And mingles dazzling elements

Of color, odors, tangled undergrowth,

Where things are lost in each other

And plausible limits vanish,

And with the passage of days,

Or  a violent rainstorm—

The Earth is transformed in scarcity,

A stretching silence

Insulated by hoar frost and later snow,

Where color is corralled

Like old black and white horses

Barely moving against bitter grey of day.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2013

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6 Responses to ““Autumn Poem of mid November”,”

  1. claudia Says:

    love the violent rainstorm… love how you capture the mood with your words but also with your beautiful painting… love the reflections of the trees..


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Claudia. You are one of the very few who ever see those paintings….LOL! or even mention them. Thank you so much for that! They usually are the well-spring for poetry, but lately, they ain’t working. LOL!

    And glad you liked the poem. It was different for me, than the usual stuff…but I’m trying to expand and reform.


    Hugs, Jane


  3. brian miller Says:

    what an interesting transition….the violent storm made me think of the monsoon…things we dont see coming…though the seasons we do…and still they creep up on us….i like the corraling of the horses as well and how you use that for the colors…

    i dont know if you need the landscape line…it scans odd on first read and mindscape would play well on mingles…

    good to see you jane….smiles.


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Brian…what is mingles?

    I know…that mindscape/landscape got me, too. It’s just that it seemed to fit then…but perhaps it can be redone. I almost never feel that my work can’t be revised. LOL!

    This poem was produced with half a brain. You know the state of mind where you are just touching the subject lightly and letting the subconscious do the heavy lifting? LOL! One of those.

    Thanks Brian…and good to see you, too!



  5. TR Says:

    That is wonderful about the Nightingale, Congrats! xx


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, TR! A long time coming!



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