Some New Paintings…..

Mostly new…watercolors.  Working on some more, but it’s a crunch between writing and painting right now.  Feel restless.  Perhaps I need turkey.

Lady Nyo

this is an oil obviously.

this is an oil obviously.


I like to do marine paintings, but I need more research on these.


watercolor….somewhere in Italy


Not so new, a few years ago as I started to change from oils to watercolor.

My beautiful picture

The cover painting for “White Cranes of Heaven”,, 2011. There are 12 more paintings in that book, mostly watercolor.

My beautiful picture

No particular place, just made up. However, there I would have maybe 5 sheep, three dogs, Collies perhaps, and a passel of cats.  And they all would live in the left side of this old stone cottage.  LOL!  Quite a mess.


Another marine painting. This was actually a ship used for coal up til 1958.  Amazing.

0403Whe-R01-009 DSCF2591

I don’t know why that happened, but I’m too tired to figure out how to fix.  The first painting is a few years ago, and the second one is one I just started a few months ago.  Needs a lot of work. There are TWO birds on that plant. The hard work comes with modelling the birds, the leaves are easier. Sort of.

My beautiful picture

Blurry.  This is pup Daphne last year. She’s just 2 now. She was found, with her sister on an exit ramp here in Atlanta on the expressway.  People saw this car dump these two 3 month old babies and leave.  The people behind them scooped them up and took them to Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta.  I came in looking for a dashie, and stopped to look at the passel of puppies.  Daphne was under a bunch of bigger pups.  She had green eyes.  That did it for me and I adopted her immediately.  Went back for her sister but she was already adopted.  She’s a German Shorthaired Pointer.  Her bay is like the Hound of the Baskervilles.  Would wake the dead.  Wonderful doggie and just so affectionate.  Destroys every blanket and pillow and toy around, but now…finally, she’s grown out of that.  Naps with a cat on the couch during the afternoon.

My beautiful picture

Front of our house with Fall decoration.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted 2013

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13 Responses to “Some New Paintings…..”

  1. Caliban's Sister Says:

    What a happy post. Beautiful paintings, wanted to eat that cantalope. Daphne! Now get a pic of her napping on the couch with the cat, and I’ll be even happier! Your door looks very inviting. Just like you always are to your friends here. xo CS


  2. ladynyo Says:

    HI Sweetheart!

    You couldn’t have offered a nicer comment to me right now. A very trying day.

    I’m so glad you liked those paintings. I was bored and restless late last night and posted those just for something different. Daphne’s cat is Tsuki, who was a tiny kitten almost two years ago, and now? He’s a BIG, fluffy cat and not so friendly with Daphne. They grew together, but I don’t think that Tsuki thought Daphne would become 5 times his size! LOL!

    Some days they sleep together….but Daphne plays rough and Tsuki takes offense. LOL! The claws come out, but Daphne’s teeth are bigger.

    Talked about you, CZ and a few others with Liz today…and she is so glad I have met you bunch. And so am I. I told her we all need a mother, or a loving mother figure, and I told her as I kissed her and left that “I had the best of the bunch….but I would share her with them.” I wish I could. Liz is very interested in our discussions about N’s and she approves. What a love of a woman, CS. She gives such hope that this is how it is really done.

    Love you….


  3. pandora profits Says:

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  4. CZ Says:

    Oh, this is wonderful! You’ve invited us into your “home”, safe entry through the festive front door! Whenever an artist shares her soul, it’s an invitation to shared intimacy! I love love seeing a gallery of your paintings and appreciate your generosity, your willingness to share. Which is what Thanksgiving is all about, right?



  5. ladynyo Says:

    Yep, CZ….Thanksgiving is all about sharing…even with just one other person at the table. It’s also a time that IF WE LET IT…is fraunt with self-doubts, anxiety, etc. But I love this holiday most of all because it really isn’t ‘religious’. Or not directly so. It’s a time for gratefulness, Gratitude! Counting your blessings big and especially small.

    And it’s about the appreciation of the harvest and the labor of those who plant and feed our nation. To forget this first step is something we do….we are so tied up in this “Black Friday” , spending money we don’t have on gifts, and all this other consumer jazz.

    I think that those of us who are products of narcissistic parents have to learn that shared intimacy is a gift, and something that isn’t, or shouldn’t be expected by all. We haven’t learned early to set boundaries, and it comes only after a lengthy period of injuries. We have to grow into discernment, and give our intimacies to those who won’t abuse them. I think you know of what I am speaking. Reading your blog over the past few years has helped me so much in realizing that there are healthy boundaries. Giving intimacy IS sharing something of the soul, and this gift has many layers. We sometimes get stuck at only a few layers.

    I found a book of my (homeschooled) son many years ago. “Thanksgiving Feast and Festival” by Mildred Corell Luckhardt. It’s rather old, 1966….but good and foundational. Every year I want to sit and read this BEFORE Thanksgiving, and every year I get so tied up in the preps for this day, I forget! Today, I got up early enough to make my pies….and they will go in the cooler (our house is from the 1880’s so there are lots of cold places for this stuff…no refrigerator needed. LOL!) Now I will settle down and read.

    I think the vast majority of us lose what this holiday is all about. It’s traditions, that are built upon each other, different cultures adding theirs to the mix. And ultimately? It’s Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude for the bounty and blessings we have in this country.

    Thank you, CZ, for reading and your comment. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    Love, Jane


  6. TR Says:

    So true – the other comments; thank you so much for sharing. I prefer Thanksgiving too as you say above. I hope your Thanksgiving was good. xxoo TR


  7. TR Says:

    Oh, forgot, I love the pictures of the cranes. xxoo


  8. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, TR.



  9. ladynyo Says:

    Thanksgiving was quiet and calm. Just husband and myself. Xmas will have our son home from the Navy. Not so calm and quiet then. LOL!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was good.



  10. TR Says:

    Sounds good, ours was quiet and calm as well. Husband cooked a pumpkin pie (which is gone now:).

    Thank you to your son for his service.

    Hugs, TR


  11. ladynyo Says:

    You are welcome, TR…but our son kind of made a hash out of his 4 years of Navy. He bought two cars and spent all his money fixing them up….so…he is going back to college, and perhaps at 26 he will mature. About time.

    Hugs, Jane


  12. Steve Rosberg Says:

    Those really are some beautiful paintings. I think my fav. is the forth from the top and the pelicans too are pretty.


  13. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Steve…I like those paintings, too.



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