Incredible Lightness of Being……

Sort of.  A week ago opened a message from something calling itself “Microsoft Home Defense” and it took my whole computer down.  That was a shock.  But after a few hours I adjusted and thought…hum.  This could be different.  And it was.  For 8 days I had no internet nor email, and I occupied myself in other ways.  Read, talked to people by phone, neighbors and few friends, played with dogs and cats, started “Ulysses”, put down “Ulysses” and generally did some reorganizing.  Decided that life was so much fuller without my nose at the keyboard.  Saturday got my computer back with Windows 7 on it, and the fan kept running.  Took it back and another delay of ;probably a week. So….my husband decided that he could see some painful (for him) withdrawals, and went out and bought me a  laptop. Windows 8 which I hate.  This is going to be a steep learning curve, in part because I don’t like the angle of the keyboard nor this touch screen jazz. Fixed all this up with a book under the laptop and reinstalled my mouse.  The support tech was in the Philippines and he was patient and wonderful.  After 4 hours finally got back on line and I am told I can work anywhere with this new wifi stuff.  However, I like the solitude of my home office, mostly because I can close the door and prevent the cats from peeing on the computer.  So I don’t give a damn about waltzing around the house with a laptop.  The cats are sure to claim it when they know I am  not looking.

I was planning something for Mother’s Day for the blog, but decided to ignore it.  I had not much good to say about this commercial holiday.  I have my reasons….and suggested that others write something, but I see that they also had other ideas.  I did send 5 Mother’s Day cards to cousins and a friend but they deserved to be noticed for their compassionate nature.

Nick Nicholson called me from Australia Friday morn, thinking I had fallen off the edges of the world, and I was grateful that my dear friend even noticed. A few others did also, and I wrote quick notes tonight to explain my absence.

And during that absence I did some pretty mundane things:  Stood outside in the back yards and watered the new grass before dawn, gently raked stones bark and crap from that new grass, shoveled chicken shit onto the garden, did some cleanout of cabinets and the dreaded two-story tool box of my dear husband’s on the back porch. Didn’t rewrite a damn thing, didn’t have a poetical thought, but the roses are blooming and thriving, the chickens are laying big beautiful eggs, and all the animals are healthy.  Did sunbathe in the back yard naked every day that the sun was shining for as long as I could stand it, and that wasn’t long. It seems that it’s gone from winter to summer in a very short week.

All together, not a bad week, and perhaps the computer crash was a blessing. At least I think my blood pressure was lowered, but tonight trying to learn this Windows 8 isn’t going to help.  I did reinstall the mouse, and this is making the adjustment a little easier.  Who in hell developed this laptop mouseless machine?  It ain’t natural. But the roses are  blooming and I lingered amongst the blooms and thorns and did stop to smell the roses.

Lady Nyo

10 Responses to “Incredible Lightness of Being……”

  1. K. A. Brace Says:

    Welcome back Jane. I have windows 8 and when I got the com,puter I had the guy activate the old shell screen from windows 7 so I didn’t have to screw around with the tiles. Best>KB


  2. Caliban's Sister Says:

    Lovely post Jane. I too am too tethered to my computer. I wonder what it would be like going off everything tech (except tv) for a week. I bet everything would feel much more relaxed. I can no longer access my calibans sister email at yahoo, for some reason. It won’t accept my password, so I can’t get in there. And that’s ok. But it means anyone who wants to talk with me has to do so on my blog. Which is ok too. I hope you are otherwise well. Another ‘mother’s day’ goes by and ‘meh, shrug,’ eh? sending love. CS


  3. ladynyo Says:

    Hello,CS! Oh, I HATE this laptop! LOL! I type like an alien with it!’
    Well, it was nice and peaceful for the week, and only my anxiety came back when expectation about being able to be back line raised it’s ugly head.

    I am sorry about your email account, but I’ll reach you on your blog. And yes, Meh…Mother’s Day. Was planning an entry, but damn it…CS, when you can’t put things down immediately, they disappear into the ether. LOL! And that is probably good anyway. The roses are incredible this month….of course, they will die off with the heat and probably coming drought, but for now, them and the honeysuckle that is floating over the fence is well worth the computer crap. It’s just good to connect with you, dear friend, and also sending love back.


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Hu K.A! Oh, that’s a good idea! But I am such a stuck in the mud, and probably parts of my brain will benefit from the changes…..funny what I miss most right now is those little bumps (like in braille….O) where you can put your fingers on the keyboard to know where you are. LOL! And I have to figure out how to enlarge the damn type. I’m going blind here. LOL! Good to hear from you, KB. Windows 8 is a trip!



  5. K. A. Brace Says:

    Try 8.1. Smiles…>KB


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Evil shit all around.


  7. TR Says:

    Hi Jane,
    It is amazing what happens when we become disconnected from our usual way of life. I feel like it really can shift perspectives. It is almost a bit like ‘no contact’ ;).

    I’m glad you are doing okay and I hope the windows goes smoothly moving forward. Hugs, TR


  8. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, TR! Right now I am sleep deprived and pissy. LOL! But life can do that, neh?

    I have a contract with the Geek Squad,.,,and I will sit on their heads until I get the info I need to run this damn windows correctly. Unfortunately, the ONE thing I asked them to do….to make sure that “The Nightingale;s Song” was transferred here, and it wasn’t. It’s disappeared from my computer completely…and Nick wants to pub it next month. I do have the original episodes, but not the rewritten essays (3) that goes with the manuscript. So….I am very unhappy, but so it goes. Just don’t know how this happened. Ugh.

    Love, Jane and thank you, TR.


  9. czbz Says:

    Hello dear Jane. I kept my promise, a bit later than hoped! I posted about sadistic narcissistic mothers today and hope it doesn’t ruin people’s holidays. I must thank you for encouraging me to think about “sadism” more deeply than a passing thought and I did and this article is the result.

    On another note, I’m so sorry you’re stuck with Windows 8. We hate Windows 8. I should invest in a new desktop but prefer Windows 7 after watching family members struggle learning Windows 8, which they still hate with a passion. Some companies are installing Windows 7 on new computers which is a darn good idea. I am sorry you lost important data in the “virus mess” (or whatever caused your computer to crash). It’s happened to me a couple of times, too. Is there anything worse than computer problems? O. Yea. Nix that question.

    I’m so glad you are back. I wondered what had happened since we left off talking about a Mother’s Day post…

    My daughter has successfully detached from some of her ‘distraction devices” like television and computer games in particular this past week. And she is feeling better. She also got a lot done this week, calling people and following through on details concerning her medical condition. Her room is clean, she finished reading “The Sheltering Sky” and now she’s learning about book binding. She reminds me of the way we all used to be before computers kept us entertained and distracted. I may follow her example and set strict hours on computer time because honestly, it’s ridiculous how much time I spend online.

    Here’s a link to my Mother’s Day article but don’t expect Lightness and Joy. It’s fairly intense.



  10. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Sweetheart! I think that this “Hate Windows 8 ” is a national sentiment rightnow….until somethingworse comes along…andit will. All these apps that you can buy or whatever…and arejust so damn annoying. I amhoping to getmy old computer back this late week, unless it is another motherboard issue…and yesterday spent hundreds of $$$ to repair it already. Damn. With this new laptop (did I mention I hate it???) it was a very expensive Saturday.

    I think that is wonderful about your daughter, CZ. I do know I learned something about my own time spent on computer and all that stuff isn’t good. We do need to detach but more, life is so full of better stuff than what we are giving it. Serious lessons here for me. Good for both of you!

    I’ll take a look at your blog…you know I would. And thanks, sweetie.

    Love, Jane


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