Islamic Terror in Paris….

Marianne of France

Marianne of France

 What has happened in Paris is unbelievable.  Well coordinated attacks on sites of mostly young people, with the purpose of creating fear, panic, a macabre political ‘statement’, along with death of innocents. . Am I surprised? No, just shocked. It was bound to happen and won’t be the last time.  Open borders where people are not checked, no passports, no real history of their actions and behavior in their home countries….though at the present time it looks like these were French Muslim terrorists, home grown though probably trained in ISIS camps in Syria.

We are now informed that the terrorists were wider spread, even unto other European countries and back to Syria.  A worldwide web of savagery.

It’s not like the world wasn’t warned as to what was coming: it’s just that people put it aside, believing it would happen ‘elsewhere’, that the threat and action of this savage violence wouldn’t touch them.  But it does, and it will again. No country is ‘safe’ from this sort of violence. The terror is already here and people feel like sitting ducks.

“Sitting duck” can breed hysteria and chaos. It can breed extreme right wing movements that become part of the problem of lawlessness.  It can create homegrown militias but then again, perhaps this is a reach back into our earliest history as a nation.  There was no standing army, the militias were the soldiers.  I come from the Glines brothers in New Hampshire.  Five of them serving in the Revolutionary War. They were, these militias, the standing army.

But we do have a standing army, and we also have the various National Guards. My son served 4 years in the Navy recently, and is now serving in the National Guard.  I would guess  he would be part of the ‘standing army’ if called.  For selfish reasons, I want Peace.

I am 3/4’s of the way through “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”.  It’s taken me 3 years to complete this book.  I had no idea how important this book would be to my present understanding of what is happening today.  The 1930’s and 40’s certainly lay the basis for WWII….and I can’t stop thinking of the similarities between the invasions and terror of the early Nazis (it was to get much worse…..) and what has happened in Paris last night.

Whether Brown Shirts of  1930’s Germany, or the black clad killers of ISIS:  their ideology all leads to death and destruction in the name of what?

You can call it religion, or ideology, but in the hands of evil, it renders death.

  Our hearts are with the French people but our heads should be pulled out of the sand.  Extreme violence such as we have seen in Paris, etc. will call for extreme measures from our governments.  The safety of our citizens and country depend upon a clearer understanding of what the world is facing.  We are not an island. We are a web.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, November 14th, 2015

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2 Responses to “Islamic Terror in Paris….”

  1. sunmoonstar13 Says:

    Paris. 120+ dead. Another 300+ maimed and injured. An atrocity in the heart of the West. Prayers, pretty lights on buildings and candlelight vigils aren’t enough. The West needs to put aside its limp-wristed liberalism and take merciless military action against ISIS and the islamic terror network that has infected Europe. All immigration from the Middle East needs to stop immediately. There is no other way now.

    People fear that World War III, the clash of civilisations between islam and the west, will be unleashed in the not-too-distant future. In my opinion, WWIII has been with us for some years, we’re in it already, but the West has refused to wake up from its stupor and accept the bleeding obvious. Until we do, the terror attacks will continue and more innocent people will die.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    I agree. We are years into WWIII. Early years, but I believe it can’t be denied when you look at the turmoil the world is in.’

    Here we have an actor, Rob Lowe, who made the statement something along the lines of “”NOW the French want to close the borders.”

    He is right, though he’s getting ripped apart in the Twitter world. This unchecked immigration of over 500,000 people from all over the Middle East, Africa, etc…is bound to create the conditions for what we saw last night in Paris. We were warned about the Islamic States intentions, directly from the horse’s mouth.

    Interestingly enough, a Brit said something about acclimatizing ourselves to these Urban Guerrilla actions. How is that done? We just keep quiet and hope we don’t draw the attention of terrorists? It doesn’t work that way, not from what we have seen so far.

    I have no idea what should be done. It’s such a many tentacled issue. But I agree that no country will be left off these terror lists. And immigration should be stopped immediately: the EU has no real idea what is flooding into their countries.I doubt the US could do much better. It was a task that was impossible to do right in the first place.

    The terrorists sure didn’t take long to show their intentions upon gaining entry into Europe.


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