Gun Control….no answers, but a Hell of a Lot of Questions…and a poem.

Cover painting for "Pitcher of Moon"

was to be the cover painting for “Pitcher of Moon” but didn’t work out.

An Update:  I’m hoping for a quiet, peaceful holiday season  here. However, ordering gifts on line has allowed me to talk to numerous Customer Service people.  We talk about the current situation:  people are afraid.  Even people up in the woods of Maine and Vermont. They are fierce about their right to keep their guns.  Though….we agree that AK 47’s, assault rifles, etc…..are verboten…or should be.

What I was hearing was that people were afraid to go to malls, sports events, anywhere there were masses of people.  The online shopping was swamping them in their work but they also saw and talked about the fear of something happening to our citizens.  Apparently this is something pretty universal, and probably with reason right now.

“Business as usual”, “Life as usual” just wasn’t.  What happened in San Bernardino had just happened a few days before, and people were spooked and uneasy.  Obama’s Oval Office  speech did little to dispel these fears. And that is what we need in this season of insecurity.  We need leadership, or we will fall to anything that speaks to these fears, even if the messenger is crazy, a loon.

Today I read that two Afghani soldiers went missing at Fort Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia, 200 miles south of Atlanta.   They were supposed to report Monday morning, but it was a no show. One was a pilot and another a support mechanic.

Apparently there is a program at Fort Moody to train 90 Afghani over the next four years.  For some uneasy reason, this seems rather risky to me right now. Talking Heads are saying that these two soldiers were ‘well vetted’, and the public is ‘to remain calm, don’t panic.’ Just hearing these words didn’t help.   I’m not impressed or relieved.

Apparently the FBI and other National Security are looking for these two men on the lam.  It’s bigger than even the local military authorities can handle.

Lady Nyo


The current wash of violence and terrorism generated violence that we are living through (and some of us not…) has raised a lot of questions for many.

Personally?  I don’t like guns.  They are loud, kill things, and rust.  I have them, but living in Atlanta, I would  have a shotgun for home defense. I am a terrible shot…skeet are safe from me.  I remember at a range expending 25 shells and only blowing apart one skeet.  The barrel of my old breech (which I bought because it was ‘pretty’ with the etching) was hot and touching the barrel burned my hand.

  Atlanta is suffering a rash of home invasions: even women with babies are not excluded from this violence. It’s seems almost every day you flip on the TV and here comes the news reports of this and other crimes while you were asleep.  I have a fence and 4 dogs so I don’t vex over where the shells are: and if I ever found them, they are decades old.  I don’t know if gunpowder has the shelf life of the Pharaohs but I wish not to find out.

All I can figure  is this: Perhaps there are three categories where gun “control” is necessary…but I think it’s not the guns, it’s the jackasses behind the guns. 

One: these young men who attack schools.  Obviously there are other issues here, and some of them are the isolation these youth feel, the anger and perhaps the teen hormones.  And neglectful parents.  I don’t know, but I did raise a boy.  Of course, then it was a bit easier for us.  Homeschool and Quakerism.  When he was first in the Navy he was given something akin to ‘marksman’ level in shooting rifles.  We couldn’t figure why because except for a summer in Boy Scouts, he had never handled a gun.  Something to do with eye/hand coordination I  suppose.

Two:  The Mentally Insane.  We have seen some of that recently.  They should not be allowed anywhere near guns….but how do you stop that?

Three: General criminals (and they are legion…) and Terrorists.  How in HELL did the Islamic Terrorists in California  (and I am not convinced at all that this was a ‘work place grudge’) stockpile AK47s, automatic hand guns and explosives?  That takes effort, money and time.  Neighbors were concerned over the past few weeks at the amount of time this Sayed Farook spent during the night in his garage.  He could have been restoring an muscle car, but he wasn’t. He was cobbling explosive devices according to police.

Obviously I have no answers, but these three categories shouldn’t be near guns.  But that seems impossible today.  Here in Atlanta gangs of black youth of the ages 12-15 are breaking into pawn shops and stealing the shotguns and rifles.  They go to older criminals for illegal weapon sales.  Many of my neighbors have unregistered guns, passed back and forth between family.  I’m not worried about them.  They have a gun for the same reason I would.  We can’t await the slow and swimming in the wrong direction of the local police when someone is trying to break in and kill us. Even the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport isn’t exempt:  a few months ago  airport employees shipped 122 illegal, stolen guns through the terminal to  New York to be sold to criminals.

Again, this hue and cry about gun control just falls flat with me.  It’s the jackasses behind the guns, not the guns. 

And with the increase of Islamic (and other????) terrorism in the US?  Well, they have guns, and are well armed.  Having an old shotgun makes me feel a little safer…even if I’m not.

My apologies to my most liberal friends:  Perhaps this living in fear of terrorism has produced a sea change in me.

Lady Nyo


Bhava Yoga


Morning’s roseate sky

Has been blasted away,

Branches now whirligigs

Swirl with a fierce southern wind

As windows rattle in frames.


A tattered umbrella

Shades from a relentless sun.

I listen to Bhava Yoga

The vibration of Love,

Where imagination meets

Memory in the dark.

Yet surrounding these soothing tones

The world outside this music

Conspires to disrupt, sweep away

Any centered down thought, reflection.


The fierce wind demands my attention.


Still, the pulse of Bhava Yoga

Draws me within,

Feeds imagination with memory,

Calls forth something as enduring as the fury outside,

And I feel the pulse of the infinite.


Our lives are lived in the spheres of


And we are like birds,

Clinging with dulled claws to

The swaying branches of life.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2012-15


“Bhava Yoga” originally published in “Pitcher of Moon”, 2014, (Createspace)

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14 Responses to “Gun Control….no answers, but a Hell of a Lot of Questions…and a poem.”

  1. Liras Says:

    You would be amiss and delusional to not feel any concern now. Between the dope-addled, the insane and the criminals running about, it is natural to feel uneasy.
    Doesn’t mean you live fearfully but you did live thoughtfully.

    I do not wish to bring out the weary trope about how it is better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6 but…it is. Not unless you have mad ninja skills or went to the James Bond school of self-defense.

    Try not to worry. I’ll join you in the effort.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Guns are a constant in our society. It’s just a matter of keeping them out of the hands of the insane, criminal and terrorists. I’m more worried about what the world is going to face in the next year….and counting. Europe might be facing civil war….especially Germany. These attacks on women over the New Year in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, Helsinki, etc. were coordinated attacks by men who have no regard for women…any woman. Muslim or not. And that Germans generally are not armed (as opposed to the Swiss….a gun in every household…I think there is a national law about that….for defense of Switzerland) . Perhaps IF there were more police in Cologne that night those women would not have been raped, molested, groped, terrorized. But then again, had German men there had guns, perhaps this would have not happened to such an extent. Who is to know? I do know, feel it in my bones….that Europe in the next year is going to continue to have these terrorist attacks, etc. And we probably willcontinue to have popcorn attacks here in the US>


  3. Liras Says:

    Guns are everywhere and will be so. It is going to be hard to keep them from those dangerous groups, as they give less than a flying fig for any law.

    Our well-armed friends the Swiss did a hand-in of guns in 2011 but over the past year, they yodeled their way back to the gun stores and bought plenty. They are voting next month on how quickly an immigrant who commits a crime get deported. The SVP is having a field day with ads and speeches, over the threat of the ‘angry hordes’ just waiting to screw up the peace of the land.

    Germany has a problem on its hands, the police are going to have to engage in ways they might not wish to do. But for the safety of the citizens, it must be done.

    Europe is going to move from “come on in everyone” to “wait a sec,hold on, now’, as they need to find places for the migrants and combat the demented that are trying to take an advantage.

    I am pleased I have seen most of Europe, as I am not in a rush to visit certain countries now, while things are in flux. I do not wish to see people struggling to reach the shore while on vacation in Greece, for instance.

    The world has a number of challenges to solve.


  4. ladynyo Says:

    ROTF~~~~ “Our Swiss friends yodeled their way back to the gun stores and bought plenty.” LOL!

    Yep, The Swiss….such a tiny country, remember all the World Wars, even if they proclaimed their neutrality. That still didn’t stop the jackboots from tramping over their turf. Mountains included.

    I agree 100% with your evaluation of what is going on. It will take some stronger power, and that usually is a matter of guns and jackboots, to get something under control, though I don’t believe for a minute that this sort of warfare that the Islamic zealots are waging will cease on its own accord. I strongly believe Europe is going to fall to Civil War….and then WWIII will be right around the corner.

    Europe doesn’t have the facilities to evaluate every migrant to its countries. And Syria, Iraq, Northern African countries aren’t able to do it either and just don’t give a damn. Some of those countries are mired in internal war and others don’t have the structure for these checks and balances.

    So it goes. And yes. Europe is nothing to visit now. And probably it will get much worse until it gets better….a long way around the corner.



  5. Liras Says:

    Have you seen any documentaries on how the Swiss have cannons in walls, hollowed out parts of mountains and ready to be pulled up from under the flooring? They weren’t playing around then and they aren’t playing now.

    Europe is not prepared for the zealots but they better get on the ball, as the right-wing groups are gaining power in their various parliamentary bodies.

    Why would any country care if the poor and dispossessed hightail it on out? Do you think Mexico cried and held a day of mourning when those people showed up in the States?

    Nobody wants the poor. And the angry demanding poor are especially unwanted. They just do not believe it yet, that they are not welcome anywhere.


  6. ladynyo Says:

    The Right wing in Europe is a response to the wanky liberalism (everything is good crap) and though it is troubling (think brownshirts) it’s a natural reaction to the vacuum and the violence. There is no accountability by Merkel as to what the Muslims are doing: either in Germany, France, UK, Sweden, etc. It effects the whole of Europe. Period.

    The Saudis don’t want these Muslims from Syria, North Africa, etc, because they are the ‘wrong’ type of Muslims according to the Saudis. Plus…..if Germany thinks for a minute that they will assimilate, they are fucking crazy. By the behavior we have read about in the refugee camps, and now seen all over Europe on New Year’s Eve, they will continue to be a pariah. Who wants people who have no respect for the laws of countries that aren’t their own? Who rape and molest women at will? This behavior is not an accident, or benign or just drunken fools of men. Their behavior is to demoralize and destroy the cultures of these countries. This is part of their grand jihad…and it has no way of being stopped until Europe has a civil war…and the ruling class of Europe doesn’t want a civil war, but that is what they will have because of their RANK STUPIDITY in welcoming these folk. Women and children….fine..they are oppressed enough in their MUslim culture, but these young men? They are lumpen. They don’t want jobs, they want benefits. However, my estimation of Jewish/Muslim cultures are the same: these men are spoiled, entitled brats and they have religion to justify their behavior. I have found Jews to be as misogynistic as Muslims in many cases.

    Of course, all this means the slide towards WWIII. If only people would get their noses out of Facebook and stupid stuff and realize that ‘normal life’ as we know it….isn’t our future anymore. We will be dragged into a war that comes from the stupidity on one side….and rank savage brutality on the other.

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  7. Liras Says:

    Lady N, you are spot on in your assessment. I cannot add more, I can only applaiud.

    Mrs. Merkel and her esteemed fellows are taking too long to deal with this problem, which is years in the making. The crushing deluge of people just pulled it to the forefront. The leadership merrily singing “Everything is Awesome” is not sitting well with the citizens, however. Because everything is getting horrible.

    Assimilation is not on the agenda. Was it ever?

    No, the NYE assaults were not the acts of boozy guys, looking to have a bit of fun. It was a push to see how much more of their self-important bullshit will be tolerated.

    True, the Saudis (and others in the region) are not in any rush to accept them. Out the bunch, there are Sunnis in need of refugee. But again, who want slew of uneducated angry young men? No one!

    Sad to say but we are mired in perpetual warfare and it looks like it won’t stop until a giant meteor strikes this planet out of orbit.

    Stay tuned-it is only going to get worse. Humans seem to need things to get pretty bad before they snap out of the fog and solve the problems at hand.


  8. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you…but that giant meteor has everybody’s names on it. And I love my pets.

    Yes, the Germans need to pull up there lederhosen, grab a pitchfork and grow a pair. I asked my husband what would be the response of American men if Cologne happened in the US, and he just laughed. “Don’t worry, dear, you have nothing to fear”. Now, my husband is more a Buddhist than a gunslinger, but I am still worried. I am worried that more and more women and children, and as you have said to me, pushing the limits. Undercutting those normal bans of civilization. Rape is a manifestation of war, and I just hope that if the Herr’s don’t get it, the Frau’s do.

    And yes, it only will get worse. As for better, better make it two meteors.


  9. Liras Says:

    Yes, Lady N. I agree. All of us will be no more post-meteor. The astronomy and physics eggheads say the Great Attractor or is going knock us off our elliptical, many many days from now.

    But since more than 2 homo sapiens sapiens gathered in one place, we have had unrest and war. I think our species prefers it. All that love and kindness get boring after a bit, it seems. *frown*

    I suspect all get it-Herr, Frau and Liebchen. They just feel helpless on how to fight it. But that will change.

    Wait–only two meteors? Let’s add one more, for posterity.


  10. ladynyo Says:

    only two meteors? LOL.

    I suspect that the German citizens are between a rock and a hard place. They are afraid to move. Something about the sins of WWII and Nazis.

    IF they are to survive, and the rest of Europe (and beyond…..) things will change, but it will be bloody. And it is exhausting to consider the end game.


  11. Liras Says:

    Yes. :-/


  12. ladynyo Says:

    I’m no expert by any means, and this is just my considered opinion, but it seems that Europe (and especially Germany) will segue into Civil War. With the behavior of Merkel and company, and the attitude of many deniers of what is happening in Germany (and the rest of Europe) I don’t see any other option.

    News reports are saying that North Africans and Arabs came to Cologne etc. for sex. Bull. They were preforming jihad on the residents of their host country. All these behaviors are part of the intentions and strategies of Islamic terror: Rape and the demoralization of women are part of these terror tactics. This is part of psychological warefare. They won’t lessen either until Germany takes serious account of what they have welcomed with open arms.

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  13. Liras Says:

    I would use this time to add a link to “Warpigs” by Black Sabbath but I suppose that i need not violate the peaceful sanctity of your garden.

    Only way that war will be avoided if the leadership stops with the head-in-the-sand agenda.

    The media will always go with the easy explanation. The do not have the strength to admit that is part and parcel of the plan–to make the hosts feel horrible and afraid.


  14. ladynyo Says:

    I agree….but I don’t think that civil war can be avoided without a radical rupture with the way things are being conducted in Europe. The media are just handmaidens of that ruling elite. The change of behavior first much come from there, but that in itself is going to be herculean task. And they are up against some real numbers: Germans, Europeans in general are not producing the children who will pay the taxes and benefits for the aging. But thinking these ‘asylum seekers’ are going to work and pay these bills through paying taxes, forget about it.


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