“Goddess Nut”, a poem fashioned from Egyptian Mythology.


My beautiful picture

“Viriditas”, wc, janekohut-bartels, 2000






I am the Temple,

the Universe at night.



I am Goddess Nut.



I spread my body over

dark, silky skies

and the Sun is born from my

yawning mouth at dawn.



Fading moon

Creeps up my bowels at break of day

as does brother Sun

when his glory dimmed

and I cradle both

within me their cosmic

glory now dulled down

like sleepy children

until release throws them

High in the sky.



I am the Keeper.



All Celestial bodies

I, the nourisher

of life and death that passes.


I, Nut, sleep at day,

my stars well hidden

by the birth of Sun

I courted by Geb, Earth God

who sucks the night dew

from my  breasts with sweet lips

reaching with stiff cock

makes the Earth fertile with love,

and the universe fruitful.



I am the River.


Water where distant

planets and stars sail

on their skyward journey,

the celestial travail.


My Houri marks time,

passage of cosmic travel

discarding veils

until naked at dawn,

retire to the horizon.

They sleep once again under

My belly,  gathered near.


My presence lends fear to man

I touch eyes with sleep.

I round out the universe

dark fulsome Night.



I am the Passage.

I am the Keeper of Souls.

I am Mystery.


I am Nut.




Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2015



(Goddess Nut was published in Pitcher of Moon, 2014, Amazon.com (Createspace)


5 Responses to ““Goddess Nut”, a poem fashioned from Egyptian Mythology.”

  1. Liras Says:

    Oh how captivating!!! Defines her sweetness but details her power. *applause*


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Thanks…..I have written another piece to Lilith. I always thought she got the worse end of the stick.


  3. Liras Says:

    Don’t forget Medusa. Abused, raped then cursed b/c she was beautiful.


  4. ladynyo Says:

    I need to do research on Medusa. I looked through a book I have about Inner Goddesses….and she wasn’t included. And this is a therapy book by a woman psychologist. Ugh.

    Women in history, and mythology….have it bad.


  5. Liras Says:

    It is hard to justify why a Goddess who knows better, would curse a rape victim. Medusa could not help her beauty.

    There are other texts that say the Gorgon sisters were always frightening. Maybe conflation of stories, perhaps?

    I have to link you a lovely poem I saw not long ago about it all.

    Of course women had it bad, be it historical or mythical. Ask Tiamat. For some reason, in certain cultures, the feminine must be overthrown.


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