First Snowfall

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Liras, a strong  writer and a woman who stands up to her convictions, has posted the first chapter of “Diary of a Changling”, a series I wrote  about Paris, 1940.  An Englishwoman is stranded in Paris when the Nazis march in, and her lover, unbeknownst to her, is in the French Resistance.  There are only 10 chapters so far in the novella. 

Warning:  this is a work of erotica.

Thank you, Liras.  Her blog can be found at

Lady Nyo


First Snowfall


There is such beauty in the still-night.

A sudden snowfall  pushed

The boundaries of the mundane back

And fantasy flows like outrageous mythology.

The white challenges the moon

Lights up a trampled ground

And gives a purity to all it covers.

Shadows form where  there were none

A supple mystery to something  familiar,

Now a strange, alluring world

Transformed, made anew,

Even forbidding as the huge trees

Groan with an icy burden

And bushes are split in two

With the weight of an alien gift,

Power lines  crystalized spider webs

Spun across streets.

The silence complete.

No modern noise intrudes.

It is Winter’s gag on  fretfulness,

Restlessness, all noise.

Commanded to stay inside

To read a book,

To look outside and admire

A miracle that we, with all our intelligence

Can not remake.

This is Winter’s true gift.

We are to obey the season

This enforced solitude,

Wrap  ourselves in this quilt of quiet,

Cast off our endless activity,

Finally be still,

To heal with a balm of serenity.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2014

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