Brussels Terror Attacks…


Hollande, who finally gets it right. Today’s attack by suicide bombers in the main airport in Brussels and the Metro, killing 34 at present count, and injuring more than 130 passengers is another (and another..) onslaught on humanity.  It is intolerable, yet we tolerate.

Yes, we should be at war.  The enemy is known, Islamic Terror, but the ‘soldiers’ of such an army, are almost invisible.  I believe that most of us around the world feel we are sitting ducks.  Wars are not won by words.  No speech, no plea for humanity will pierce the ears, hearts and brains of a people who are bent on terror in the name of their God.

So, we be better take heed of what we are up against.  If it takes collective armies to find and destroy the lairs or even whole neighborhoods, well, we can continue to sit on our thumbs and hope for the best.  This is the road towards a collective death.  If it takes the expulsion of hordes of immigrants back to their countries, then so be it.

I have a good friend in Brussels.  She is an excellent writer and a wonderful woman.  She just had her first baby, a little girl 4 months old.  I pray that she, her husband and baby are in safety. But I have had no word from her.  My heart aches.(Update:  She did contact me yesterday: they flew out of Brussels Thursday and landed in the States.  At least she and her family are now safe.  Not so the rest of Brussels)

My heart aches for the whole world, but my anger is rising and my frustration is growing.  Our TSA is a joke here in Atlanta.  Last year, Big Scandal.  Over 120 guns were ‘allowed’ through, shipped to NY where they are lacking in weaponry.  This was aided and abetted by an employee at the Atlanta Airport.

So, we will see a flurry of actions.  More police, etc. at airports, perhaps train stations, etc. but this obviously inadequate.  The solution must now be a political one where masses of people come into deportation, expulsion, what ever you want to call it.  Molenbeek is an example how a whole community can knowingly protect terrorists as the latest one arrested was there, (and apparently, others, including the two brothers who yesterday blew themselves up at the airport)  amongst residents of this area, and police were obstructed by the lack of information and bricks and stones being thrown at them.

There are solutions.  Islamic terrorists are at war with us.  When will we realize we should be, in the most open ways, be at war for the preservation of the rest of humanity.

And since I am a poet, I post one here that meets my sentiments.

Begging Bowl

With begging bowl

I will go out into the world

to seek answers, not alms

why death and life

is so random,

why some are spared

and others not

no mind to the age, condition, status,

all random, random.

And why tender Spring so violent

and why we live in the space

between joy and sorrow.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2016

Jane Kohut Bartels, black and white image

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