Learn to Compose Tanka……

Learn to Write Tanka at Metropolitan

Learn to Write Tanka, Ancient Japanese Poetry

Monday, April 18. 6:30 p.m. Room B


(“Italian Sunset”, watercolor, Jane Kohut-Bartels, 2006)
In celebration of National Poetry Month, Jane Kohut-Bartels, author and longtime resident of Capitol View, will present a demonstration on the ancient and current form of Japanese poetry. Tanka is old: from the 7th century, but today is still used in personal correspondence. It  predates haiku by a 1000 years and is the form used for not only nature poetry but love letters.

Come and learn how to write Tanka as your own poetry.  It’s FUN and a great way to communicate with those you love. Open to teens and adults.

Jane Kohut-Bartels, author of five books, is included in the Encyclopedia of English Tanka Writers, a worldwide collection of poets, and also the Anglo-Japanese Tanka Society in Kent, UK. Ms. Kohut-Bartels has a lively blog at www.https://ladynyo.wordpress.com.

Metropolitan Branch
1332 Metropolitan Pkwy. SW., Atlanta 30310

For information 404.613.5722alt

One Response to “Learn to Compose Tanka……”

  1. ladynyo Says:

    It was attended by 4 people which was a good start. Unfortunately, I gave them a piece of homework: write one tanka. They left with a ‘cheat sheet’. Unfortunately none of them (all adults) came back. I prepared for the next month’s class, and no one showed. I don’t know to this day whether an announcement was sent out from the library for the second class, but I hope so. I cancelled the class because of ‘lack of interest’. This community needs more academic classes: however, the library seems to be rather muddled in its work. There are many criticisms of this new library, but perhaps it will work itself into some position of service to this community and the surrounding area. It’s ok, though. Life goes on and there will be people, hopefully, who will spring to action and do something progressive there. A number of people here who could present classes of historical or academic interest won’t because they aren’t paid for this. I think this is a bad mentality, but so it goes. Others have contempt for the bureaucracy of Fulton County and I certainly understand their sentiments. Given time, perhaps there will be a change from the top to the bottom. We can just hope. Meanwhile, I am preparing my 6th book, one of collected short stories, to be published spring of ’17. I wish the library here well.


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