“Spring Storm”


sunrise to the east


It is  spring here in Atlanta, and nothing is usual about it.  The weather is weird, blowing from hot to cold, and this week they are predicting a big drop in temps. Today it might climb to 90 degrees.. 

Spring  brings unsettled and dramatic weather across our nation. Tornadoes are the usual fare.    The wind chimes relay the power of the wind and I jump with their frenzy.  It is an unsettled time, this spring, but also one of excitement.   Nature is in command, and our petty concerns here down on earth, those things that drive us to distraction, fade in the face of Nature’s power.  The bellows of wind, the monstrous groans of limb on limb of huge oaks and pecans, well, these things capture our attention.  Life is played out in its fullness with spring storms.

Lady Nyo




The wind howls tonight

Races round eaves,

Disturbs the haunts in the attic,

Forces wind chimes

Into a metal hambone frenzy

The clash of harmony grates

On ears, on nerves

no sleep for this night.


There is death to the west

Fear in the vanguard.


It is springtime,

No gentle embrace

Just a blaze of destruction, despair.


Is far down on the ground,

Deep as a cellar

Deep as the grave.


The moon above,

Sickly green sphere

Is in on the game.


The dogs howl

A Greek chorus

Echoing their primal fear

Over the landscape.


Each moan of wind

Heralds the apocalypse,

My eyes squeeze shut

Against grating of branches,

The rattle of panes

As I grasp for sanity

In an insane night.



I ride out the storm,

Dawn breaks,

The silence complete,

The earth placid and calm

As if the night before

Only a nightmare-

And I ridden from sleep

To the usual ground.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2014,

from ‘Pitcher of Moon”

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2 Responses to ““Spring Storm””

  1. phoartetry Says:

    Mom Nature is certainly testing our patience this spring.

    We just drove through Atlanta yesterday; heading back home to Michigan. Three months in Florida. The humidity and heat was so unbearable last week, that we decided to leave earlier then planned. Fortunately, we didn’t run into bad weather. Rain in Kentucky and Ohio. Tomorrow will finish our last leg of our drive, probably more rain.



  2. ladynyo Says:

    Be safe, Connie. A friend in Australia tells me that there is no climate change but he doesn’t live in Florida/Atlanta.

    Rain is wonderful for everything, except tonight we hear we have a boil water warning.


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