Some pictures of the roses starting to bloom.


This is a “Lady Banks” rose that completely took over a corner of the house.  Thorn less, but only blooms one a year.  However, the blooming is  spectacular and they last a long time.  We cut it down and transplanted it to the new wrought iron fence in the front, where it is greatly diminished.  Next year it should get on it’s feet and spread.


Lady of Shallot rose

(Lady of Shallot Rose, David Austen English Roses)

backyard with geraniums


The backyard has been an issue for years:  4 dogs don’t help, especially the two girls, Daphne and the new Mia.  They compete as to who can dig the biggest holes.

We gave up on grass until we put out potted roses and some blueberries.  Now if they want to destroy the grass, they have to maneuver around big pots.  And since it’s getting really hot out there, they rather spend the hours of extreme sun inside on the cool tiles of the laundry room. ,,,

Our great friend, Nick Nicholson from Canberra, Australia was here in March, and the backyard didn’t look anything like this.  Nick, these photos are for you.

Lady Nyo 


backyard 2.JPG

Most of these roses are potted, patio roses, except for a Coretta King rose, (second from left)  three new apricot David Austin roses ( Lady of Shallot) , and a few other English roses , names escape me.  This is just the second year we have had patio roses, and it is amazing how easy they are to grow.  They are constant bloomers, and will soon outgrow their bots.  No disease, no demands except water and fertilizer.  Since we have 8 hens and a rooster, we are using chicken poop for fertilizer.  If you look at the back of the most expensive rose food, the first ingredients are feathers and poop.  Having this fertilizer daily to distribute, the roses are loving it.

backyard 3.JPG

These  two “New Dawn” roses  are climbers.  They are a lovely rose, with almost no smell unfortunately. A very heavy blooming in the spring, and then repeat (sort of) bloom  later. These are just gathering buds and clusters of flowers that will bloom fully in about a week and a half.  These  two roses form a tunnel that is 12 feet long and 5 feet deep.  It is quite spectacular in full blossom.  I’ll take more pictures when these are in full flower. We will have to put up a real pergola  soon as they need the support.  Quite a show when they are in full bloom.

backyard 4.JPG

“New Dawn” up close.

backyard 6.JPG


With today’s deluge,  a torrent of rain that has caused  a ‘boil water’ warning, we are expecting more rain tomorrow.  With all these roses and a new (and weedy) garden, we need all the rain we can get.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2016


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2 Responses to “Some pictures of the roses starting to bloom.”

  1. Liras Says:

    Those are fantastically lovely!! Flowers are the balm of the soul, aren’t they?


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Yup. Some times flowers and roses especially are the only balm around.


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