“Night Fire Road”



My beautiful picture

“Night Fire Road”, janekohut-bartels, watercolor, 2010

A short trip to the North Georgia Mountains gave me this poem.  Night Fire Road is an actual road up there.

Lady Nyo



Sharp right into mystery,

Down black macadam churning

Guts and apprehension,

Pot-holed surface falling

Either side into waterlogged ditches.

Hurtling towards a tunnel

Of dark, smothering trees,

Deep in the mountain.


This is Night Fire Road

Spiraling down and up

Like the dark flames of its name.


Tires dumped in the tar of night

Maybe a car or two

Stolen, torched,

Liquor bottles christening the

Games of drunken fools.


Maybe it was meant

To be named for foxfire—

Bioluminescence come down from

The borders of Heaven

A gleaming fool’s gold

Only appearing at night

To tease greed and imagination.


Or perhaps it was named

For the illicit meetings

Of furtive lovers

Who shun daylight

And go enflame passion on

Night Fire Road.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2014-2016 (“Night Fire Road” was published in “Pitcher of Moon”, Jane Kohut-Bartels, Amazon.com 2014)





2 Responses to ““Night Fire Road””

  1. Sherry Marr Says:

    This is a stunning poem, the imagery is fantastic. I have seen bioluminescence at the ocean, and enjoyed seeing it in this unexpected context, which works perfectly. A brilliant write, my friend.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    I remember seeing this bioluminescence in an woodpile down below the second story of our old house in NJ. It was like stars glimmering or glowing….diamonds amongst wood chips.

    I would like to see it in the ocean like you did. These things are unexpected and haunting, neh?

    Thank you so much for reading this poem and your wonderful comment. I’m heading back up there…the North Georgia mountains soon, and this time….I am going to go venture down “Night Fire Road”. The painting was done to try to illustrate that road, but it doesn’t give a real sense of the mystery I found just in the name of the road. LOL!

    Hugs, Jane


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