Civil War in Europe?

It never stops. 

Today a priest in a Catholic Church in Normandy was killed, his throat cut and another person fighting for their life.  Nuns were taken hostage along with parishioners.  Two attackers were killed by police, a third arrested outside the church. Pope condemns the barbarism.  A little late, Pope.

 Yesterday in southern Germany, a 21 year old Syrian refugee killed a pregnant woman with a machete, slashed at others, and was only taken down when a BMW driver ran into him.  Germany is a snake pit of this violence and it will continue.  Thanks Merkel.


Civil War in Europe?

Talked to a number of friends in Netherlands, Germany and Australia this morning. Netherlands friend said that people are extremely afraid, and that the immigration of Muslims has ‘overfilled’ this country and there are no stop gates on this. Plus, there is no way for people to defend themselves against attacks. No guns.

Germany is little different. Guns were taken away in the late ’20s and especially in the 30’s …from Jews. Now? It is hard to get a gun (the country of Glock production???) but people are fed up with the present situation and all the murders of innocent citizens. And it will continue. The European authorities are white washing the terror attacks: yesterday, they said ‘that they didn’t have a motive yet for this newest one’. Bull Shit. This Iranian teen….here with his parents from Iran for 2-3 years, was like so many Muslim teens…lost, angry, and easy prey for the Islamic Terrorists recruiters. There are 1000s of young teens in the same mental place as this teen in Germany. Struggling with the hard German language, different culture and are there even jobs for them?  Calling him ‘deranged’ is just side-stepping the issues.  The issues that Merkel and company have made for Germans and the rest of Europe.

Switzerland (head of Police) is telling people to arm themselves…because this present situation is very different than what the Swiss faced in WWI and WWII. And the Nice attack was interesting. The killer with the truck wasn’t operating alone…though it looked like in the beginning. He (unemployed) sent 120,000 euros to his brother (family) in Tunisia the week before his killing 84 people. No longer do the Islamic Terrorists need planes to smash into buildings: and this is the difference between Al Qaida and ISIS: The first terrorist organization didn’t want to use deranged or mentally unstable individuals…..but ISIS does. Short way to get maximum results. People are expendable.  Especially youth.

My German friend said it was ‘not an issue of waking up the elites…they would continue to spin what was happening to disarm (in all ways) the masses. Also, the leadership knows that when the masses of Europeans wake up, that they wiill go for the ‘leadership’ first. In fact, last week a mock gallows was set up in some public square in Germany with an invitation to Merkel. It was taken down but this is just a small example of a rising sentiment.

The majority of people killed in Munich yesterday were children…teens, inside McDonald’s.  If this continues, the people of Europe will rise and there will be Civil War. Maybe with pitchforks but there will be civil war. I think that there will be many more of these attacks all over Europe and perhaps here, but people will take just so much.

Of course, it’s open as to who will lead this civil war.  Media is trying to throw the blame on this Munich attack in the beginning to right wing organizations.  There are plenty of those in Europe, but it seems this was a hopeful lie by media.  The Left doesn’t have the energy to lead, so I am hoping that IF Civil War comes to Europe, it will be by patriotic citizens, men and women who refuse to  sacrifice their lives and children to terrorism. Already some ‘leader’ in France said (something like this) that people will just have to expect more of the same, and carry on.  I can’t remember the exact words, but it was much worse, more defeatist than what I wrote here.  I guess the French are seen by this ‘leader’ as lemmings over the cliff and into the sea.  Expendable.

People here can chide and criticize Americans for their weapons.  And yes, the criminals have more weapons than honest people.  But I think the Swiss have it right.  And a pitchfork can’t measure up to what the terrorists are using.

Europe has a long and fine history of resistance towards evil.  And what they are experiencing right now….and with the slaughter of children?  I call that Evil.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2016


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2 Responses to “Civil War in Europe?”

  1. ladynyo Says:

    From a friend,Nick in Australia by email:

    The depraved slaughter of the French priest was beyond the pale. This is a turning point, to me, because it proves that the Muslims are engaged in a holy war. The terror is not about Western foreign policy, marginalisation of youth, racism, unemployment, lack of integration, mental illness, lone wolves, or any of the other cockamamie excuses that governments, media and the left have concocted. It’s about religion. That’s what it’s always been about. It’s about Islam attempting to establish dominance over all other religions and peoples. A return to the 7th century world of Mohammed, seen by Muslims as the religious “ideal”. It’s a deadly conflict of religions, civilisations and cultures. There is no middle ground with islam, no compromise, no detente. Either we win or they win. At the moment, the Muslims have the momentum. The West dithers with pathetic candlelight vigils and hashtags when we should be forcibly removing Muslims from society. Each act of jihad inspires the next, the Muslims gain confidence and become bolder. And I don’t just mean the terrorists. Everywhere in the West you see Islam pushing its way in, asserting itself in civic and cultural life. This is the difficulty, that the enemy is within. They are not grouped into distinct uniformed armies on a distant battlefield. They are dispersed around the world, living next to us, striking at the soft underbelly of our society when we least expect it, criticising our responses to terror and to Muslims as a whole, keeping us cowering with fear while pretending to be on our side against terrorism. And the left aid and abet them. That’s a huge handicap. It’s like trying to fight an assailant with a hobbled leg and both arms tied behind your back. The traitorous left, hand in hand with the Muslims, leading us to catastrophe.

    The situation has to reach a breaking point eventually. It will spill over into civil war in Europe. I think it’s inevitable. That or the continent succumbs to the mohammedans and we switch out the lights of Europe forever.



  2. ladynyo Says:

    There is so much I have to agree with Nick on this momentous issue. I see what has happened in Sweden, France, the UK, Germany with terrorism becoming almost daily attacks some place in Europe. That is not to dismiss the slaughter of innocents in Aleppo, Lebanon, and Iraq and many parts of Africa, to name just a few countries bedeviled with Islamic terrorism. It has been the policies of European govts. since the 1930’s to disarm citizens….except in “neutral’ Switzerland. Very recently a woman from Holland bemoaned the fact that they had no way of defending themselves against this violence. Well, the terrorists always seem to have a way of getting around this lack of weapons. And these people are either immigrants from these countries or home borne.

    I have friends, when faced with this onslaught of news of terrorism around the world, and especially in Europe, are overwhelmed. They no longer watch the news, they have nixed their cable connections, they now read books on the front porch in the evenings. They admit that they are sticking their heads in the sand, but they feel that the world is spinning out of control. And Europe seems to be muddling around on how to address these terrorists. People feel that they are sitting ducks. The Islamic terrorists don’t dance to the French equality/liberty/fraternity. And telling people to pray isn’t going to quell fears. France has called up men and women to be reservists. That is one step, but considering the guerrilla nature of how the Islamic Terrorists strike, it’s a long shot, but perhaps of some comfort and safety.

    Me? I’m reading the history of Europe in the 20’s to 40’s and after the war. And war there will be. Even the Pope sez so.

    Lady Nyo


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