“Cave (Cove) of Kudzu”

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Cave (Cove) of Kudzu


Mysterious dark hollow

Perfect cave in kudzu

Eternal heat of summer

Forces flights of fancy

To survive the  hours.


Cove of kudzu

Perfect harbor

A mysterious world

Green, cool, moist,

Earth Mother inseminating

Each wanderer with the

Primal comfort of soil.


Field of Kudzu

With your dark mysteries

Snakes, possums, fox, coyote

You climb to Heaven overnight

And in gentle strangulation

You change the landscape without

War or plow.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2016


You would have to live in the South to know what Kudzu is.  I have made Kudzu Jelly over the years here….and for those who know, Kudzu Jelly is one of the best jellies.  A cross between a white grape and strawberry.

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