Stolen Poetry, Craven Cowards, Matthew Fox, and the Bridle of Love.

Last week  JP at Olive Garden took (without permission) three works  of mine and posted them on their site. What was especially alarming was two women, a Kora Davishen and a Henryetta Simpody on that site ‘revised’ an award winning and  well published poem “Storm Drain Baby”. The ‘revision’ was monstrous. Words in the original poem were randomly changed without any context, and the end result was …..a gutting of an important poem. I asked them through comments (which they deleted) and by email to immediately delete my poems and blog and they have refused to do so. They continue to post my blog on their main page.  This site, as I have been told by numerous other  poets and poetry groups, has a history of this display of illegal and unethical behavior. They troll the internet and steal and post without permission. However, this ‘revising’ of copyrighted work is a new low…or maybe not so new for them. This site is a pariah amongst poetry groups.  An attorney was consulted.  Copyright infringement is serious business. Illegal, too.

LET THIS POST APPEAR ON THEIR SITE. They deserve the exposure for what they really are: Opportunists, Craven Cowards who leech off the hard work of real poets.  I was warned years ago by trusted poets about their behavior and I have stayed far away from them.  As have other real poets.  They steal poetry and blogs to pad out their miserable site, to make it look like they have more ‘contributors’ than they really have. JP at Olive Garden and have no ethics, except bad ones. They are pathetic thieves who don’t have the intelligence to do right.

A few years ago I received news  another poem of mine had been ‘stolen’. Actually, a poet on an unknown poetry website (to me) had taken my poem, changed the title and a few lines in two stanzas, and published my poem on this website under her name. What was especially galling was this: she was no poet, and her revisions were horrible, awkward (shades of the two bozos at Olive Garden)…an attempt to make something ‘more’ erotic by adding cheap and tawdry phrases.  Confronted, she said that ‘she was inspired’ by other poet’s work. The webmistress contacted me and asked if this was my poem. I was surprised, because I didn’t know without the proper title how one would go about tracking the original poet. Apparently, she had her suspicions, and googled the first couple of lines and my name and website came up. This thief was banned from that website.

I am dismayed by these thieves.  Poetry generally comes from some of the deepest places in our beings: it’s an outward form of some very personal experience, or something similar. This poem was written  at a difficult time in my life. I was going through some physical and emotional changes and a year later, it received an award, (up until now, the only one….) as “Poem of the Year” on a particular website. I had left that website, but was grateful for the award.

This ‘news’ about the plagiarized poetry came at a point when I was reading a chapter about creativity. In Fox’s “Original Blessing”, this third path, Via Creativa, speaks of the hard labor necessary to produce artistic works, regardless of the medium. It is not an activity of ‘letting it all hang out’ as we have been told by certain cultural ‘standards’ but one of a deep discipline. To attempt to bypass this hard labor is not only stupid, but robs the person of a deep meditation with oneself and growth from this activity. It is hard to trust those images that come to us at the beginning of our creativity. We are very judgmental towards our attitudes of our own self-expression. We have to develop an attitude of trust, a trust that that out of our silence, our waiting, our openness, our emptiness…that these images can come. I do know that after 30 years of painting, each blank canvas, each clean piece of watercolor paper sends me into fits. I don’t ‘trust’ that I can, again, produce something that comes from that relay from the brain, through the eyes to the hand. I forget that I have 30 years of technique behind my painting, and feel like I have nothing to build upon for the next piece of work. But I do, I just don’t trust myself. It takes my ‘letting go’ of my judgmental attitude towards myself, towards my expectations, and settling down into the work and knowing that ‘something’ will come of it. But it’s always a struggle to trust myself.

One of the problems for most creative people is to pick the image that sings loudest to us. Perhaps because we fail to choose the strongest image, we give up creating anything. The (dead) Zen artist Kenji Miyazawa said this about that:

“You experience something deeply. Later, you picture it in your own mind; you idealize it; you coolly and sharply analyze it; you throw all your passion and power into it. Then you fuse all these things together into one. If you do this without self-consciousness, the depth and the power of creation will be much greater.”

In music, I have come across this ‘without self-consciousness’ terms as ‘getting out of the way’.

Somewhere Meister Eckhart talked about the ‘bridle of love’ that we need to steer our passions. Not to control or abuse them, but to make them work for us. This is discipline, done respectfully towards ourselves, for our developing and revealing creativity. We suffer enough abuse, by ourselves and society, so adopting an environment of hard work, of sweat, of exhaustion, of joy and of discipline will only push our creativity further along. This poor poet who didn’t trust herself enough to settle, look deeply within and create, is more to be pitied than scorned, but perhaps put in stocks??? She stole other poet’s poetry because she did not love or honor herself. Hopefully she will learn to love herself enough to become truly creative. Hopefully, she will not rob herself of this wonderful process.

And the same perhaps  for the two JP idiots on top? But I doubt it.  They are too stupid to understand the full measure of what they do.

The small poem below was inspired by these words of Daichi-zenji (1290-1366) “and bring back a pitcher containing the moon’. Just those words set my brain on fire. There is nothing wrong with ‘being inspired’ by the work and words of another poet: just be sure that inspiration is true to your own vision and abilities and you are not putting your chop on the work of another.

Lady Nyo

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, September 1, 2016


Pitcher of Moon

I dip into the pond

And gather a pitcher of moon.

Above, it glimmers

Smiles at my efforts,

This late- winter moon.

It is just a bowl of cool water

I am holding

But the magic of the cosmos settles

In this plain clay vessel.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2012, from “Pitcher of Moon” by the author, 2014

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18 Responses to “Stolen Poetry, Craven Cowards, Matthew Fox, and the Bridle of Love.”

  1. mother wintermoon Says:

    Lovely poem! Really beautiful work. So sorry about everything else. 😦


  2. Sherry Marr Says:

    It is a sad thing when one’s work is not only misappropriated, but changed, or posted as another’s work. As you say, our work comes from deep places. I am sorry this happened to you. As for your art, it is beautiful. I am amazed that, having produced such beautiful paintings, still you hesitate before beginning another. You have great talent. Shine on! I love the whole idea of a pitcher of moon. Wow.


  3. Liras Says:

    Good grief. Sorry to hear this, Lady N. So much of this plagiarism foolishness going on. Romantic Dominant posed about a week ago, on someone using his words with a false profile on FB.

    What happened to the days when people admired the works of others? We have a culture which has degraded from supportive to jealous.

    Hopefully, the situation will be fixed soon and the posts taken down.


  4. ladynyo Says:

    Hello Liras! Good to hear from you. Yep….plagiarism is rampant. I wouldn’t have minded them posting the three pieces, even without my permission, but this outrageous ‘revision’ was truly disgusting. If you go to JP (at a terrible restaurant that serves bread sticks that aren’t even cooked….and fake Italian food) and read this moron’s revision you will see the slaughter.
    Ah….Calgon Take Me Away.

    Nah….they are digging their own grave. I made that post as nasty (oh, I could have gone lower….) as I could, knowing they were still doing automatic feed…..but they are just gnats in a jar….irritants, but certainly not poets, and this is not a legitimate poetry site! Real poets avoid them like the plague because “Jingle’s” (apparently the chief thief is a ‘women’…) reputation proceeds her.

    Hugs, Jane

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  5. Liras Says:

    All the same, they need to stop, all of them, everywhere. To appreciate and admire is one thing, to distort is another. Hugs back.


  6. ladynyo Says:

    LOL! Thank you, my dear friend Sherry. Yep, it stinks when your work is stolen…it stinks more when it’s changed…and made awful. LOL! The lack of talent of this bozo just was embarrassing…and shocking that they called this site a poetry site? I beg to differ.
    Frankly, from what I could see…the good poets, the real poets had deserted that ship or never got on board. Anyone else probably was pressganged.

    Yep….empty canvases and especially large white sheets of paper scare me. LOL! I’ve been doing it for 30 years and though the end result can be thrilling….I have no confidence in the beginning. I just have to put blinders on and plow on. LOL!

    “Pitcher of Moon” is the 4th book of poetry, published in 2014….and that poem is the ‘namesake”. You know how many poems we write, and I had forgotten the genesis of it. That is what I mean that these thieves are no richer than before. They bypassed the whole reason to study, research and write poetry: that wonderful ‘place’ that Rollo May talks about where creativity resides within ourselves….not easily…but always there. We just have to tap into it with courage.

    Thanks you, Sherry, for reading, and your supportive and understanding comment.



  7. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Liras…I need that hug today. LOL!


  8. ladynyo Says:

    Ahhhh….it will pass. But I am having ‘fun’ exposing these bozos and their bozo site. People might think that this won’t happen to them, but just wait.

    Glad you liked “Pitcher of Moon”. It came about some study of modern Zen poets….We can be ‘inspired’ but our work from that inspiration must be totally ours and original.

    Thank you, Mother!

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  9. mother wintermoon Says:

    I love your writing style! ❤️


  10. Grace Says:

    Good for your to post and let them know that you know about them. I was with the group earlier, but soon left it when it disintegrated into all the fake and bogey bloggers posting some idiotic poems.

    Your poem is stellar and you are right, we should protect our own work and intellectual property. All the best to you.


  11. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Grace. Regardless what happens in the future, I’m getting satisfaction just bitchin’ about them right now. LOL! Since they insist on stealing my blog without permission, this will show up on their fake poetry site and perhaps other people, more honest, will get an idea what they are all about. Your experience is something that I have heard a couple of times just this week. They have quite a reputation….and it’s all bad. LOL!
    Yes, from what I have read, the poetry there is substandard. Mediocre at best. They don’t have a clue what intellectual property is because they are just pirates.

    Thanks, Grace.


  12. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you! but as for style….it’s homegrown. Didn’t take any courses and wish that decades ago I had. But I’m having fun…..and I think that is essential for writers and poets….we entertain ourselves first….and perhaps others later. Thank you!

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  13. mother wintermoon Says:

    Homegrown is the best. ❤️


  14. mother wintermoon Says:

    I had some haiku of mine published online without my permission, but they did include my pen name with it. Still… Id rather be asked first. O_o


  15. ladynyo Says:

    Yes! That’s common courtesy. That should and used to be the standard. But there are so many scammy sites out there. I was told that JP at Olive Garden….published an anthology of poems each year…poems they stole from different sites, poets, and then they try to sell these anthologies. Thieves. Regardless whether sites give you credit with name….they still should ask first.

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  16. ladynyo Says:


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  17. kanzensakura Says:

    I am so very sorry this happened to you. It is horrible when people steal your work. Apparently this JP has been a thorn in other people’s sides, paws, whatever…and don’t get me started on Bioman! A rude and crude person who when I told him he had not done a haibun, used abusive language and insulted me by asking what I diid to justify my excuse for breathing. Needless to say, this wretched man has been blocked from my website. Severely disturbed. I wish that bllog spots had a way of following these people and throwing them off the blog when they steal, lie, and swear at people and….openly admit to being disturbed. It is truly horrible that you had work stolen from you. I wish I could make it all go away. I wish that in the winter when I do a haibun prompt for snow, that you will again submit this truly lovely haibun of yours for that prompt. It moved me to tears. You do such incredible work and I just weep aat your work being stolen and tortured.


  18. ladynyo Says:

    Ahhhh, you made me cry! Well, these are the slings and arrows of life…and especially poetry. I am also sorry that this happened to you, with this Bioman. He was on my blog, too…but I think I deleted him. I;ve had to delete a few from d’verse, only because I couldn’t understand their comments. Stranged seemingly steams of consciousness….or unconsciousness. Either way. LOL!
    One thing though: I have kept away from Jingle/Jangle for years because poets I admired gave me the run down. So…this was a surprise, and they refuse to respond, stop, etc.

    So….I am being a ‘mean girl’ and with almost every post I put tack on a ‘beware Jingle’ message, which is read at their site when and if anyone reads my blog there. They deserve all the abuse they get. Though I try to keep it in check. LOL!
    Oh!~ Bioman…yes, he showed up in my spam…I deleted him because he was rather…crazy?

    Thank you, Toni for your sympathy and support. A number of the poets I used to know here on dverse (who have left) and are on that site refused to even answer this complaint. But frankly? They read as mediocre. I have found that the better poets know what is right and wrong and they don’t mess with their principles. Thank you, again.



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