“Summer Haibun”

Great Horned Owl with Moon

Great Horned Owl with Horned Moon


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Lady Nyo


The summer was beautiful, despite the heat.  Last night the moon looked like a beggar’s cup, soft brilliance glowing.  The days in the Deep South are sultry, but the wind picks up in late afternoon when a storm is coming and then these huge oaks and pecans are whirligigs high in the sky. Barley tea, iced tea and lemonade are the drinks of choice, harkening back to an earlier time.  Closed drapes, blinds at noon work to regulate temperature, though one doubts this will.

The heat brings to life the cicadas, or whatever is making a constant buzz outside.  It comes in waves, where one group, or species, competes in sound with another. A call and answer of tent meeting insects. The dogs of summer are wise: flattening themselves on the cool tiles of the laundry room, they remain motionless until the cooling of the night when they chase rats in the kudzu.  They have developed a taste for watermelon, and we sit on the back porch and share with them, while a wood owl barks from a huge oak above. We never see him, but his hoots add to the symphony of summer nights.

Sultry air disturbs

The sleep of husband and wife.

They pant without lust.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2016 all Copyright Laws Apply.




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2 Responses to ““Summer Haibun””

  1. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) Says:

    This is so very unlike any summer I have ever been through, but you capture how it goes from sight to sounds… isn’t that amazing how one sense take over. and then the haiku capture just another moment, like a different viewpoint of the sultry summer… To me that it’s important that the haiku adds something, a dimension that makes 1+1>2

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  2. ladynyo Says:

    First, thank you, Bjorn for reading and your instructive comment.

    From Sweden I would suppose that the sultry summers of the Deep South would be alien territory to people up there. How I wish I had your cooler weather right about now. LOL!
    Yes, writing with the senses. That is so important to me, though I do it without realization. It comes from some of my Japanese literature studies. It becomes something automatic I think and it takes other readers to point this out to me. LOL!

    And I am getting an idea that in haibun (remember I have just been writing them for the last week or so. LOL) so I really don’t know the full package yet. However, that I believe, is the role of haiku in haibun. It’s as you say: to add a dimension to the top prose….and within the frame of the theme. At least I hope so. There has to be a connection in some way.
    Thank you, again.



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