“The River”

For friends and readers who don’t mind a little erotica. – The sun streams in the window like a jarring benediction from a loud- mouthed priest. It falls upon us as we spoon asleep, you…

Source: “The River”

2 Responses to ““The River””

  1. mother wintermoon Says:

    I’ve written some erotica too and I find it’s always a deeply personal and vulnerable feeling to publish it. Sometimes I do, sometimes it languishes in draft mode. Kudos to you for publishing and inviting the readers into your intimate world. ❤️


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Well, I had a lot of worry about this…as you know. And I have a problem with people who know (and don’t want to know) nothing and a chiding tone. I wonder if I was a man….that this would be the approach taken? It’s always suspect to me. For Christ’s sake! this piece had no sex at all…yet I think people jumped to that immediate conclusion n that shibari was all about that. Hah! And as for ‘tormenting’? I’ve read critiques that were more ‘tormenting’ than that little piece. LOL! Thank you, Mother Wintermoon. I have decided to only put my erotica on my blog and NEVER link it to any poetry group. LOL! Overall, it went ok, and I really appreciate those men and women (and we are supposed to be adults…) who found something in that piece to like. And what is funny, is that most people think you are publishing (in erotica) your very own behavior. There is a question of fiction. LOL! That is what we do…we are writers. I remember in a voice class, using my foil (because I was a fencer) and the teacher thanked me for not taking up archery. LOL!

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