Nothin’ about Much…



A beautiful Fall day, glad to be alive, (many aren’t you know….)  and just want to celebrate with my furry friends.  This is Stripy, a stray cat two blocks down the street.  I’ve been trying to entice Stripy with chicken gizzards and fresh eggs and bone broth to come live with me, but he is undecided. Stripy is running for President as he thinks he is way better qualified.  He is.  And he looks wise.


More Stripy, showing his beautiful green eyes….

Baba 3

 Baba the Pisser…..There were two kittens found under a truck by my son….Ali and Baba.  Ali disappeared overnight a few years ago….miss him, still.

Baba 1

Baba, looking holy….


Mishka is an unrepentant thief.  She owns my best friend, Nick Nicholson in Canberra, Australia.  Mishka ‘collects’ bathing suits, sponges, bras, knickers, etc  and especially socks.  Mishka grew quite a pile before Nick was forced to throw them out.  Last night Mishka brought home another sock. She ‘collects’ from the  neighborhood, but as yet,  there have been no pitchforks at Nick’s door.

chickens 2Some of my hens….mostly nameless.

chickens, rooster, xmas 2015Goofy, the one rooster.  Named after the rooster of my childhood.


A sister in law….


Another sister in law….

Mia with cap

Mia…An English Staffordshire pit bull terrier….rescued last September 2015 from the pound.  Wonderful doggie beloved by all, especially the cats.  She’s a sweetie.

,Merlin with Duck 2

Merlin, 17 years old and going strong.  He loves his toys.  We got him from our vet (long closed) right before Xmas.  An arm came out of a car window and threw this 6 week old puppy in the parking lot.  Luckily someone inside saw him.  We didn’t think any puppy deserved to be in a cage over Xmas so brought him home.  Vet said he probably was a cocker mix.  He’s outgrown that!  He’s a Chow/Golden Retr. And he is serious about his job in the front yard.  All dogs need jobs or they get cranky.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Red Tail Hawk that my son rescued from the dogs.  We put him in the chicken coop (sans chickens) for him to rest and then during the beautiful sunset let him go over the kudzu field.  Beautiful young tercel.

Mimi Cat August

Mimi!  6 years old and found under a bunch of cars at a corner.  She’s practicing her yoga.

My beautiful picture

My darling Chessie, who went to sleep October 13, 2014 at 15 years old.  Wonderful companion.  We miss you so much, Chess.

My beautiful picture

Sushi, killed by neighborhood dogs that their owners wouldn’t corral.  He was 2 years old.  Beautiful baby.  His favorite toy (Where the Wild Things Are) at the bottom of the pix.

My beautiful picture

Fall Front Door Decorations….

Halloween 2

Halloween decorated….and that spider web is sticky and hard to get off.

Gally may 5 2.JPG

Gally, Galahad.  At four months, found on the side of the road.  He was starved and had mange.  Totally pink.  The people who threw him out said that ‘he wouldn’t eat’.  They didn’t feed him.  The cosmos works in mysterious ways:  Gally recovered and their house burned down to the ground. Pity.


He’s opening a bottle.  Has dissolved into nothing but the cap.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2016



7 Responses to “Nothin’ about Much…”

  1. Brian Says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful portraits.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. whippetwisdom Says:

    Thank you for introducing us to all the special souls in your life, so lovely to meet them here. Mimi’s yoga pose is fabulous and all of them have a kind eye, including the lovely Stripy. I look forward to meeting the rest!☺ Much love to you all 💜😼🐶🐾🐾


  3. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Sweetie! I wanted to go on but the computer hung up. I’ll post more of my babies later on in the week. Just wanted them , living and dead, to see the beautiful fall day. Thank you so much.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. ladynyo Says:

    Wow! that was fast, Brian. I wanted to post more pix, but the computer hung up. I’ll do more later in the week if there isn’t a challenge or prompt to attend to. It’s so beautiful outside and cool, too. Thank you so much for coming over and seeing my babies. There are 8 cats here, 4 dogs 9 chickens, fish and of course, the strays that are more mine than anyone’s except God’s.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Brian Says:

    Happened to be in the neighborhood at the reader. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. ladynyo Says:

    Well, I am grateful! This day has been terrible for online posting…Hackers??? LOL! Hung up computer at every turn. Thanks, Brian.


  7. whippetwisdom Says:

    Hugs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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