The Lesser of Two Weevils?

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This past year has been quite a ride.  A bad one.  I really don’t give a flip what Brussels  thinks about the USA, but I feel  great embarrassment as to what we are showing the world concerning these damn elections. Perhaps I am living the myths, the illusions about our dignity as a country, and I definitely  believe my thinking is influenced by reading a biography about John Adams.  Not to say that politics were not dirty, nasty back then, but what we see today is really gut ripping.

Two rotten, spoiled, nasty children in a sandbox that rightfully belongs to the kitty.

Every damn four years we go through  this, but this time what is happening in front of our eyes and tv sets really is disturbing. We got a frat boy on one side…and a corrupt opportunist on the other.  A misogynist who really hates and fears women and a women who says “she can’t really relate to middle class women”.

Jesu.  Clinton went on to explain: “Bill and I have worked hard for our wealth and we have a certain life style.” Well, Hillary, if you can’t relate to middle class women, where does that leave poor women on your agenda?  Oh, yeah….women are  the backdrop of your candidacy.  And why would you then have a men as vice pres?  Couldn’t you find any women that you could work with???

Trump talks about ‘bringing home the jobs from overseas” yet where are his and his wife’s clothing lines produced?  Overseas.

Now we hear that the FBI is opening an investigation on a new and just found group of emails off the computer of the underage sex pervert, Weiner.  Clinton’s top aide’s ex husband.  The corruption would gag a maggot.

With tales of misdeeds on both of these candidates coming out almost daily, what are we to think?  And for many of us….what are we to believe?  Are we to ignore all we are coming to know about these two, hold our noses and vote for one or the other opportunistic candidate?

There was a Roman emperor who after many years of conflict, attempted reform and pure idiotic behavior….retired and went off to plant cabbages.

Cabbages look a lot more honest and of greater value than these two goons running for top office.  I would be much happier if they would just do like what was done in John Adams time and duel it out with swords…or pistols.

If we are to vote for the lesser of two evils….I don’t see it.  I tried, I really tried, but I can’t do it.  This election cycle is like watching two spiders fight.  I really don’t care which one wins.

Although this is a bleak point of view, sometimes there is no lesser of two evils.  That picture on the top of this blog is my attempt to be hopeful.  The earth is beautiful, the sky and the turn of the seasons brings great comfort and solace.  Perhaps we need to just overlook these two damn fools and go plant cabbages.


Two feuding rivals

bring shame upon our country

better plant cabbages.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2016







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17 Responses to “The Lesser of Two Weevils?”

  1. hayesspencer Says:

    And then there is the alternative: the Libertarians. Of course there is also governments which include Putin, the South American dictators, the whole string of Daesh…

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  2. Brian Says:

    The checks and balances aren’t working anymore. There is no person or even institution that is untainted by this election.

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  3. Kathy Reed Says:

    We have unwillingly let our government and reputation get out of hand. The trend began in the 80’s and will continue until someone else who imbues the audacity of hope that Obama has…in spite of everything. I think cabbages are a fit personification of our two candidates…..;)

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  4. ladynyo Says:

    LOL! Cabbages indeed. I agree that we have no control over our government, and we keep electing career politicians; I also believe that Obama has his own agenda, but he morphed into something else. I think the task overwhelmed him. You know of the ‘bucket list’? He had a ‘fuckit list’. as he said. We have a congressman down here….David Scott, who has been a Demo. and in office for over 30 years. What does he do? Nothing. We only hear from him when he wants our votes…and it’s sickening the circus that the dems trot out. The people here are brainwashed to believe the manna from heaven will continue to drop in their mouths. And that gravy is more gruel than substance. The Reps. are no different. We need to do what Jefferson said: Every 5 years we need to clean house. Every time I see that pinched mouthed Mitch Connely I want to scream. We have no power. Period. When I see our dem. mayor, Kasim Reed proclaim that ‘he will deliver Atlanta to Clinton’ I think…WTF??? Nobody delivers me anywhere….but I can’t think of how to get out of this deplorable game except to go off and plant cabbages. One thing I can agree with is this: We need term limits. Period. These bastards, male and female build their career on the backs of us, the lazy and the confused and disillusioned.


  5. ladynyo Says:

    I agree. The checks and balances have been destroyed because they interfere with power….opportunism is the coin of the day. I am ashamed of the media, of the candidates and these fuckers who want the status quo to remain. It’s all about power and control of us…..and we are such stupid sheep.

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  6. ladynyo Says:

    The Libertarians would hold more respect from me if that jackass could remember what Aleppo was….etc. Smoking too much ganga I guess. And I think Putin has met he match in either candidate. I’m trying to remember the difference between the corruption of our own government and South American dictators…can’t really….and regardless who ‘wins’ we lose in the long run.


  7. Brian Says:

    I hope you don’t mind but I am going to link to this post later today w/ a political poem of my own.


  8. ladynyo Says:

    I’m honored Brian. I wrote this at 2am couldn’t sleep and I realize that many thinking people are in the same state. “Election Fatigue” it’s now called. Link away…and let me know when you post your poem.

    Thanks, Brian.


  9. whippetwisdom Says:

    Well written Jane, I can feel your pain xxx

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  10. ladynyo Says:

    Ahhh…….Highlands take me away! Thank you. I think we are all in pain…that’s those of us who are still capable of feeling pain. What destroys me is those who tell me: “I don’t care about any emails…they don’t affect me.” This from black democrats who are hoping for gravy but don’t realize that they are being fed gruel. And white republicans? Faith in a man who is incapable of making any real changes in our government. He’s more a menace declaring that he isn’t afraid to use nuclear weapons. Jesus Christ. It comes down to a mentality that believes your class status and wealth lifts you above the rabble. I saw it with my first marriage…where my brothers and sister in law were doing cocaine (this was the early 80’s) and my arrogant mother in law said that they had too much money and status to worry about any police arrests. They could pay their way out of any trouble…including media interest. Of course, her youngest son was wrapping his Porsche around a telephone poll. The unbelievable arrogance of this family would gag a maggot. It went far and bey0nd belief. Divorce was a relief. Class arrogance and privilege seems like eating breakfast to these folk…and they are legion.

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  11. playground politics | There Are More Poets than Stars in the Firmament Says:

    […] essay by Lady Nyo “The Lesser of Two Weevils” that is an essay about the presidential […]


  12. Brian Says:

    Posted my poem with the link. It you don’t allow pingbacks then it won’t show here.


  13. Brian Says:

    You can delete the comment with the link. 🙂


  14. ladynyo Says:

    Nah…why would I? Let freedom of speech ring out.


  15. ladynyo Says:

    I don’t know a pingback from gorilla. So, let it do whatever it does. I am very glad you posted this poem…and am glad to know you.


  16. whippetwisdom Says:

    From afar it looks incomprehensible that anyone would vote for either of them and the question that keeps bobbing up is ‘How did it come to this?’ Big hugs xxx

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  17. ladynyo Says:

    Exactly! How did it come to this? A number of reasons: One, we have become lazy: too engulfed with our personal lifestyles. What shoes we wear has become more important to our psyches than who we vote into office to represent us. These folk don’t represent anyone except themselves , their class, their race, their religion. It is incomprehensible that we have fallen so low, but look at the media delights that are pushed our way: violence, misogyny, more violence and we wonder why we have people rioting in different cities across the US? It’s more acceptable to riot and steal liquor and burn down your neighborhoods and stores because someone is going to come bay and say, “There, there”….we (usually Democrats) will make it all better. Keep burning down your neighborhoods.” Hillary is so corrupt and she’s had 30 years of public office to refine her opportunism and corruption. NYC police say that Bill C. is still entertaining whores in their apartment in NYC. a,ny woman who knows her husbands continued behavior and stands by him is only doing this for personal gain. She does not speak for American women. She has no dignity. And Trump? we all are getting an earful of his behavior. And these opportunistic men like Bruce Morris who write books and stump for that bastard are not different. Today, our Atlanta mayor, who was criticized for using his blue lights and sirens to go to meetings, announcements, public stuff…none emergency venues….said on radio that ‘this is the price for having a mayor’. Outright arrogance. We have seen for far too long the privilege of such entitled princes. Certainly not leadership of all of us: just cherry picking those who will keep them in office longest.

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