“One Reason For The Season”, a haibun.

Sorry, dverse Bears!  I was sure that this Monday was Haibun Monday.  Please ignore but I’m not replacing this with a quadrille.  I’m still working on Haibun form which you guys introduced me to and I am dreaming haibuns all night long!


Christmas 2015 staircase

 I saw the Cooper’s hawk this morning. She landed on the chimney pot, probably looking for my miniature hen, Grayson. Four years ago she was a starving fledgling who mantled over while I fed her cold chicken. She’s back this holiday, my spirits lifting. A good Christmas present.

In the middle of the commercialization of Christmas, Nature closes the gap. I have noticed squirrels with pecans in mouths leaping the trees, hawks hunting low over now-bare woods, unknown song birds sitting on fences, heard the migration of Sandhill cranes as they honk in formation. You hear their cacophony well before they appear. Their chiding cries float down to our upturned faces.

There is brightness to the holly, washed by our late autumn rains and the orange of the nandina berries has turned crimson. Smell of wood smoke in the air and the crispness of mornings means the earth is going to sleep. We humans should reclaim our past and join the slumber party of our brother bears.

Jingle Bells will fade and our tension with it. Looking towards deep winter when the Earth is again silent will restore our balance and calm nerves with a blanket of Peace.


Winter’s seasoning

Bitter winds, branch of holly

Haunts in the attic.




Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2016






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17 Responses to ““One Reason For The Season”, a haibun.”

  1. kanzensakura Says:

    This haibun is perfection. Indeed, we should join our brother bears in deep slunber, but then we would miss the quiet beauty of Southern winter.

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  2. charliezero1.wordpress.com Says:

    Incredible haiku. Goes perfectly with the photo. 🙂

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  3. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, charliezero1. I am loving this form of haibun. And the added haiku at the end is a good challenge!

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  4. ladynyo Says:

    You know what, Toni? You are right. I didn’t think of it that way….the quiet beauty of Southern winters. Since I came so many decades ago from the north….my mind is set with the Northern winters….but our winters are just as beautiful. And gentler perhaps. Thank you so much for reading and your lovely encouraging comment.


  5. charliezero1.wordpress.com Says:

    Definitely. With all great challenges, we create such worlds of our own beauty and perfection. 🙂


  6. ladynyo Says:

    I AM REALLY SLIPPING. I was sure that today was the precious Haibun Monday. LOL! Sorry, folks….brain addled here. Ignore the haibun (but it’s a good one….I’m loving this form)

    Lady “Not so Smart” Nyo

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  7. charliezero1.wordpress.com Says:


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  8. ladynyo Says:

    Oh, Toni!!! Sorry, I was sure it was Haibun Monday. I am cuckoo today. and thank you for reading this haibun off prompt. I have you and dverse to thank for nudging me towards haibun….I LOVE< LOVE, this form!

    Also….I took out the "we should replace our fecal plugs and join our brother bears"….the fecal plug is what bears have, but I can hear the groans at that already. LOL!


  9. ladynyo Says:

    LOL!! Thank you for the ‘pass’.

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  10. charliezero1.wordpress.com Says:

    hahahaha!!! I don’t know how to write Haibun…maybe someday I will. 🙂

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  11. ladynyo Says:

    Oh!!!! It’s a marvelous form. I have a great friend and excellent poet…known Steve Isaak for over a decade….he writes haibun like he breathes….but I ignored the form….and only about two months ago at dverse…did I sit up straight an attempt it. I fart around with the form a bit, but dverse bears are lenient with me. I’m so new to the form. It’s supposed to be two tight paragraphs….of something you actually experienced….ending with a relatable haiku. You should try it….I know you can do it…and do it marvelously. Now? I dream in haibun! LOL! And the icing is the haiku at the bottom. Great Form to play around with.

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  12. charliezero1.wordpress.com Says:

    One day I shall attempt at writing a haibun form. 🙂 It’ll be a trippy poem with my own style to it. 🙂

    Say, I posted a collaboration poem. Feel free to stop by. 🙂

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  13. ladynyo Says:

    I certainly will…but don’t wait too long to attempt a haibun. It’s a great form!

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  14. charliezero1.wordpress.com Says:

    🙂 🙂


  15. kanzensakura Says:

    s’ok! I enjoyed it immensely and so glad you have come to enjoy the haibun so intensely.

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  16. ladynyo Says:

    LOL@! Don’t encourage me, Toni! LOL! I am living, sleeping and eating haibun. In some cases it’s like a bit of therapy…releasing demons, placating others, reaching deep down into memories. My husband says he hears me mumbling in my sleep. LOL! Damn haibuns again. I might try to drag myself out of Haibun Heaven and actually construct a poem…someday. LOL~


  17. Access control Says:

    Access control

    “One Reason For The Season”, a haibun. | Lady Nyo's Weblog


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