“Withered Fields”

Winter Scene, 3


Dversepoets pub has a prompt about time in any of its variations.  Check out the poetry over there at this wonderful and creative poety site.

Lady Nyo….who was very cold last night where the wood stove did not draw well.




Withered Fields

Winter’s withered fields

Hoar-frost covered stalks of grain

Gives a brittle presence

Leached of color to

A shade of nothingness

Snapped and dried twigs

To be called stubble, debris.

Pale, thin air conspires

To starve the landscape

Drawing of air not enough for life

Too shallow for lungs, just a whistling down

The ghostly sound of pipes-

A frozen Pan of the fields.

The north wind a

Howling scream, sweeping

The land before it

And only those underground

Are spared its crippling caress.

This withering landscape reflects within

Age, infirmities, brings the cold inside

Where no amount of warm fire, wool

Feet propped against a blazing fire

Can stem the ravages of what

Is happening outside

As it swirls under doors and through

Shut and shuttered windows.

Hands thin and clawed

Bones reluctant of movement

Skin dry, itching –

A monk’s hair shirt

A penitence unbidden

Ours for the sin of growing old.


There is little to do

But crawl to the fire

Wrap ourselves in solitude

Obey the circle of seasons

And pray these withered fields

Reclaim its fertility in time.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted 2016



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17 Responses to ““Withered Fields””

  1. lillian Says:

    Love this seasonal response to the prompt….especially these two lines:
    “The ghostly sound of pipes-
    A frozen Pan of the fields.”

    The winter reminds us of the cycle of life for sure….that chill resides within as we watch that cold cold moon and wait for the first signs of thaw and spring.

    So glad you posted here today — Happy Wednesday to you!


  2. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) Says:

    Oh Jane this is wonderful, the parallels of natures winter, the harshness and its teeth and the aging when bones are frozen..


  3. Janice Says:

    The lack of warmth and humidity is really draining especially as the years pass. Keep warm 🙂


  4. Grace Says:

    Love the ending stanza most specially Jane ~


  5. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Grace. I was struggling to fit it into the prompt. I particular time of season, I guess. thank you for reading and your comment.


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Will do, Janice. Thank you for reading.

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  7. ladynyo Says:

    Thanks, Bjorn. I’m not really sure about this poem. Something bothers me…perhaps it rambles too much? I don’ know…but for me….a poem has to settle and perhaps that is what I don’t feel yet about this one. But thank you so much, Bjorn for reading and your lovely comment. It encourages me.


  8. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Lillian. I didn’t know if I could make the prompt, but wanted to make the attempt. A frozen Pan of the fields. Yep, that’s a good description for me. LOL!

    Cycle of life: I feed a passel of stray cats, have for 7 years now. The cycle of life can be seen in them….the live for a while, maybe two years and then they disappear….lost to the streets, dogs, rotten humanity and other things. I worry about them freezing…and noticed that where I feed them, the woman has a hose out a grate. It’s her washing machine hose , which has eroded the soil over the years, creating an embankment. I pushed on the grate and a trapped cat jumped out. It’s warm down there….and this was at least two years ago. So I left it and the cats have a place to keep warm. She doesn’t seem to notice and she doesn’t feed these cats. So…I bring home as many as I can. I have 8 here at home….living the life of luxury…and half of them come from there. I worry about them, these 7 other cats, but they come running when they hear my car and people sitting on their porches are laughing. All in all…it works. LOL!

    When spring comes….and the thaws….perhaps there will be a kitten or two to bring home? I just lost in October, Stripy….one of this pack that for 18 months I stalked and fed and his death in the street sent me into extreme depression. I need another Stripy.

    Happy Wednesday to you, Lillian. I’ll be over tomorrow…making the rounds.

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  9. katiemiafrederick Says:

    Couldn’t help to focus on your last comment
    as a cat lover and all the time i wished
    i wasn’t allergic and had to
    wait for the neighbors
    inside outside
    ones to
    over for a pet..
    and then i fell to
    illness except for the
    one part of losing my allergies
    to cats so severe inside.. feeding
    a wild cat like you talk to above.. feline
    leukemia.. and loved too much in 8 years
    of life for time
    to take
    no doubt
    it is the love
    that keeps him
    alive and thriving..
    too bad we can’t
    be human
    like that per
    the cat woman analogy
    and sure.. man too as it is..
    as it were for Love.. timeless as fur..
    for me at least.. poetry doesn’t need
    form.. just FeeLinGs.. that move uS..:)

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  10. ladynyo Says:

    Agreed. Sometimes form just gets in the way. As for cats, I love them….unconditionally. Stripy would let be pat him and then scratch me. LOL! Just to let me know that he was still in charge. I fell into depression when he was killed by these irresponsible drivers….and another one hit and his back broken right before Thanksgiving. Another ‘irresponsible’ driver who never stopped, just let this cat drag himself out of the street. Jesus…and people with dogs letting them bark at the cat. I sometimes hate humanity, though being part of this tribe. I would rather have cats as friends, which I do. Thanks for reading and understanding. And sorry about the cat with FLP. I’ve had a number of cats that died from this…and there is nothing that medicine can do….or claims them can do. 8 years old though, shows this cat was a survivor….food and love and shelter does that.

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  11. katiemiafrederick Says:

    Smiles my friend.. thanks
    For the thoughtful and
    Caring reply.. not
    Too Happy with
    Humans either..
    After the


  12. ladynyo Says:

    Well, when a section of the population has been ignored for a while, the white working class….the rust belt folk in all it’s hues….you are bound to get what we got. It’s just an issue of rolling with the punches right now for the next 4 years, but I don’t think he will make it 4 years. I think this idiot will bet bored and jump ship. We will see, friend. However, what worries me is that no one seems to be applying the lessons of 30’s and 40’s Europe, especially Germany. What comes after Nationalism (which Trump claims he is…) is Fascism. But no one listens to me, either. Hope I’m very wrong.

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  13. katiemiafrederick Says:

    I’m banking
    On the kitchen
    Being too hot
    For Trump too..
    And yes
    You are
    Fascism could
    Be next.. Trump
    Already proves
    Do this..
    AnyWay disgrace
    It is for this
    Country as
    Karma sings..
    Wars and
    Death’s Dance..
    And SinG wiTh
    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd..:)

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  14. scotthastiepoet Says:

    Powerful writing Jane – I just lapped up both its richness and delightful sensibilities too…

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  15. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Scotthatie poet. Appreciate your reading and your comment.


  16. lillian Says:

    your recounting here reminds me of the first house cat we ever had. We rescued her as a kitten, living under a dryer vent in a snow storm. The tips of her ears were frostbite and she eventually lost them (just the tips). When we picked her up to take her home in our warm car, she sat in my lap and purred soooo loud. We named her Purrsalot. Thanks for the memories.
    Sadly, just getting to all my responses now…What with 40 day trip out of the country, knitting 5 Christmas gift afghans for grandchildren, and the holidays … just now getting back to my reading and writing. Looking forward to dVerse beginning again!


  17. ladynyo Says:

    Ahhhh….Lillian, she must have been a wonderful cat. I picked up a crippled kitty, about 9 months old, yesterday. He wobbles, can’t walk, and I thought this was a new injury? Nope, I think he was bitten by a dog broke his back or pelvis and hip, leg….but I have him home here and in a cage and he’s doing fine. No pain so I think it’s an older injury. He has a beautiful personality. Named him Willow, but I LOVE the name Purrsalot! LOL!

    Glad you are back but what an adventure you have had over the past 40 days! And I am glad when dverse starts up again. I will be hosting January 9th, Haibun Monday in replacement of Toni, for she has her hands full right now with her mother. It will be on my birthday, and my haibun is also about my 13th birthday. “Childhood experiences, memories’ will be the theme. Just a heads up.

    Glad you are back, dear friend. Happy New Year!

    Hugs, Jane

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